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Those Trying To Be You - Poem by Ellen Ni Bheachain

Those that see you when busy you be,
Moving in places and working to get there,
Where you are and where you be,
That brings you out and about so to gain,
The needs and wants of what is yours by choice,

Yet those that see you out and about,
When happy and known till,
Something happens and goes wrong,
It will take you to a far off place,
And while you are gone,
Someone else claims your place,
Your place in time,
Your place in mind,
Your place of knowing,
You place of good memories,
Showing concern in misleading ways,
In order to settle in,
And take your place,

For what took you out,
And to a far off place,
Leaving others to replace,
And tell your loved one,
Any story that will surfice,
To make them believe,
You left at free will,

Enters in the one,
That comes in with letters first written,
Saying they are you,
And with the posion pen of false hand,
Writes the farewell letter to the loved one,
Leaving them believing you left for good,

The one sent to replace you,
And trying to be you,
Going into the ear,
Of the one you still love,
What and where they assumed,
Assumed you to be,
He not relating to it at all,
You are gone and life goes on,
So going on is the name of the game,
When money too tight to mention,
And homestead is at stake,

What is wanting to take you place,
Will do till ya come home,
When you yourself wake up for the snappers stealth,
With lose of the memory,
Of that time and that place,
Only what shows in care to help restore,
Restore of what is left from the past,
So as to get back up and start again,

The memory of that time is losted,
And your love one gives up,
On you go to work, rest and play,
With what was restored or data filed,
With film to back up,
So staying where is new to begin and renew,
While back where you had settled,
Is a story or fuzzy picture,
That has been distorted and torn,
Not even making sense to,
What you are and what was known then,

Then when you go back to see,
Where memory of pictures,
Are scattered and not in perpective vision,
So not sure what to say,
Or even believe,
Knowledge and knowing cannot be explained,
And what is there now is a bigger threat,
That what took you away,

With what is what,
And what is done,
What is best,
Is how it is done,
It is easier to handle the facts,
And put the jigsaw of your life back,
Is wanting till the head wont hurt,
So you let the memory of that time return,

Then and what is,
Tis best to just write on,
For what care and medicine says,
It will return but things wont be the same,
For in all those years away,
Not returning because no memory of that place,
To write,
Send a card,
Or even return,
Was trying to be you,
Must have become you,
Was better than none there at all,

Care and understanding will help you get there,
So you can put the jigsaw back yourself,
With the missing time period replaced,
With where you were,
In dreams of dreams,
And when awoken from such deep sleep,
Back to where you were before,
What happened and caused you memory laspse,
So even the place where you were at,
Happy to be,
Before the fact,
You did not miss for you dont remember,

Someone did,
For they did not want others to know,
What really happened,
And not a story just to tell them,
For what puts you in deep slumber,
Is a tragic tale to tell,
And sometimes when your memory returns,
Sometimes best just to place together,
What memory has returned,
Safe in care with medicine,
So time is kept for good time well spent,

For what back then were,
Two people struggling,
Both in Love,
With a place and in a place,
That in time,
Would have worked,
It is just,
Those trying to be you,

Where you were at,
There and of that place,
With all the trials and errors,
Of starting over again,
They too were,
Just trying to be him,
If everyone would,
Just try and be,
At least themselves,
Then in truth,
They would be true to themselve first,

They would then know,
What they want,
If only,
They would just try,
And be,
Themselves first,
And be happy again,
So we all could be,
Ourselves again.

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