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A Smile That Travelled Time - Poem by Colin Bingham

Suddenly you were there, before a distant memory in my mind
Until now I had only had thoughts and dreams of you
There a woman, no longer the child of my memories
But you still had that smile, a smile that travelled time

You held back not sure, not sure if this was what you wanted
I held out my arms but still had to bring you to me
Brought you to me so I could hold you tight
To feel in that moment all the years of missed love

In one moment you were there wrapped in my arms
I wished that it could have always been so
But a hopeless wish that could never be realised
I wanted to breathe your very breath take your soul

All that in a few seconds, a memory to being
Emotions that cannot be expressed in words
Memory says you were tense, still unsure to let go
Difficult to read, hiding your feelings still

Minutes passed and we talked
Spoke words that could not be really heard
Missed years tried to be explained in such a short time
Feelings, fears that could not be shown

Hours passed and words were repeated
Questions asked that could not be answered
Thoughts in our minds not said
Looks analysed, considered, discarded

Days went by, too quickly
Slowly finding each other, devouring every word
Yearning, longing for more time
Stealing every moment opportunity brought

Embers caught in the wind of hope, desire
Fanned by the closeness, enveloped in a whirling mass
A mass of emotions, love, hate, jealousy, want, need
Conflagration uncontrolled

Flames burst into life, colours not mixed before
Senses felt, there but never touched
Feelings always dared to be felt but hidden
Experiences held, feared then held again

Senses of serenity, peace descended on the soul
Then turmoil, senses of loss and pain
Like some drug induced state, worlds moving apart
A blackness that could darken all light before it

2 Laws of opposites brought to bear
Joys of love, caring, laughing, smiling
Hate felt, every thought turned coal black
Every moment stretched to breaking point

Every memory soured like rotten fruit
Every gesture turned to a want
Every plea caused to be unheard
Every tear lost in a sea of despair

Heat replaced by cold
Embers once crimson red now dark
The feelings that fanned flames no longer there
Fires slowly dying maybe never to be relit

Realisation of loss
Awareness of the frozen heart, cold unforgiving
Deep aching in places not sensed before, emptiness
Dark, silent isolation

Then reaching, screaming to be heard
Longing for lost touch and warmth
Pleading in anagramatic words
Remedial in what needs to be spoken

Suddenly you were there, the memory this time fresh
This time recent thoughts and dreams of you
There a woman hurting through fresh memories
But you still had that smile, a smile that travelled time

My eyes darkened with sadness
Your heart heavy with thoughts
Both longing but unsure how to move forward
Both lost but near to being found

A realisation that things had changed
Aching that memories might not be relived
Wanting pain to ease and not to be
Longing for the arms of each other

The path ahead open but the steps have to be taken
First one step then two
One embrace then one smile
Two hearts to be mended

New days, new thoughts, new hopes
Small steps not running
Understanding more the needs both desire
Seeking happiness in each other

Comments about A Smile That Travelled Time by Colin Bingham

  • Rookie - 3 Points Sulaiman Mohd Yusof (2/4/2009 1:07:00 AM)

    A well penned heart crunching piece from you Colin.I can feel your sorrow and agony of losing someone who was so precious and worthy.Hope you had a will and courage to move i can see it.Keep on writing bro! (Report) Reply

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