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Searching - Poem by Marthe Claude

I look into your eyes and I look into a sea of sorrow I see dark colors reflecting off every angle hiding whatever light that there is I look into your eyes and I see a dream, a vague dream where everything is different the world is like a tree in this dream, growing slowly then dying even slower I look into your eyes and I see lighting with every flash a memory from the past, a painful memory that one cannot forget I look into your eyes and I see a reflection, a reflection of yourself how you see who you are, how u change from the to day I look into your eyes and I see emptiness, emptiness longing to be filled, filled with hope, filled with new things I look into your eyes and I see something vague something unknown something begging to be freed I see a whole new meaning to the term person I look into your eyes and I see all this

I 'm listening in deep thought to the sounds of an ocean, to the singing of a broken winged bird, I focus hard and hear voices, two voices quarreling about which way to go, who to run to, how one can be so lost to a world so clear I hear closing doors and l hear heavy footsteps dragging along like a hot, slow summer day I here dry winds pleading for rain I hear screaming people begging for pain I hear sobs from one who screams it I hear silent pleas hanging from a dead tree I hear children laughing running along to a music they knew, a music that has no sounds but the sounds of nature the sounds of everyday life I here fire threatening to hurt everyone I hear something that words can't describe like a blending of many things I hear a life story

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