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Poems About: METAPHOR

In this page, poems on / about “metaphor” are listed.

  • 229.
    Dawn of Night

    When is darkness companion -
    Oh sparkling twilight's
    Last presence of the sun,
    Yielding to the progress of time; read more »

    Kelly Vinal
  • 230.

    Starting over fresh, isn’t like starting.
    The fear is the same, but less.
    So is hope – NOT like getting
    Your first apartment meeting read more »

    Byron Headrick
  • 231.

    What be metaphor?
    If not a way to help explore

    Wonders of Collective Mind read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 232.

    I’m looking at white paper, lined
    Pen in one hand, loaded gun in the other
    By the time of dawns gray
    Words or blood will spill read more »

    Joe Howell
  • 233.
    The Principle

    The Principle stood up;
    He's grown in stature over time
    It's not like he wanted to, you know, but
    his forced tribulations have caused this read more »

    J.I. Stuart
  • 234.
    i am here to represent my mind

    Im here to represent my mind
    Why do we live inside our mind?
    Never wish for the wrong
    You could've had it for long read more »

    Bradley Downs
  • 235.
    Against the Weave

    The Crack of Dawn
    Rent the sky’s heavy grey winter greatcoat
    From seam to boring seam,
    Tore it the hard way: read more »

    Tony Jolley
  • 236.
    'P' is for Therapy

    I don't cry into the darkness
    I write poetry instead.
    I write what comes into my head—
    Sometimes it's light, like helium read more »

    Fred Babbin
  • 237.
    Unabashed Emotions

    Have I lost it?
    Am I going nuts?
    One minute I am spewing
    Pain, carnage, and death read more »

    David Joaquin
  • 238.
    Inspiration: Step-by-Step

    I caress the paper, my pen the tongue
    A bit of time later and my poem is done
    I charm metaphors from within the lines
    Wreaking havoc on words from the depths of my mind read more »

    Wilson Braham
  • 239.
    Dark Faery on Halloween

    I clothe myself in darkness
    I picked blackness for its starkness
    And many a spidery metaphor
    Being mysterious isn't a chore read more »

    Phoenix Rory
  • 240.

    Only the door
    stands now.

    The house has to be imagined read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
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