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  • 349.
    D.M.V. - Department of Muddled Verses -or- My Mother Is The Only One Who Will Read It Without Curses

    Like a door, I'm poor at metaphor, and very bad with simile.
    I'm more than just a little off on my rhymability.

    My mother, the existentialist, has never cared for meaning. read more »

    Steven Silent Wolf
  • 350.
    Before The Hour Of Ten

    A few minutes
    Before the hour of ten,
    I sit on my armchair
    Writing bits of poetry read more »

    Dennis Go
  • 351.
    a happy poem (2)

    a baby poem grows into
    a lady poem
    and one day at the port
    she disembarks read more »

  • 352.
    we argued....

    she said the whole of it was metaphor....I said it wasn't.....
    refine, I wasn't his way to be other than interspersant ....

    we left it at that........each unconvinced.... read more »

    delilah contrapunctal.... yes, that's how I intended to spell it.........
  • 353.

    I may not have had an acual near death experience
    But i no how it feels
    Death is my metaphor for how i feel about him
    Death, Death and Darkness all around. read more »

    Haley cox
  • 354.
    A Dream 2

    A dream that I have found
    From in my heart alone
    Comes here again around
    And feels like weighting stone read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 355.
    All You Can Do Is Ask

    The phone rings,
    a voice answers, .
    Your going to die today
    He says. read more »

    Daniel Yetman
  • 356.
    The Park On 16th

    I want something to scream aloud,
    And I want there to be someone who'll listen.
    On the edge of a great compass I sit,
    Waiting to be pointed onward. read more »

    Benjamin Feliciano
  • 357.
    the beginning of philosophy

    i agree
    and that will be completely
    that the beginning of
    philosophy is wonder, read more »

  • 358.
    and left them

    each a partial metaphor....
    glad....with a gentleness of eye.
    ...truer in misalliance
    than those read more »

    delilah contrapunctal.... yes, that's how I intended to spell it.........
  • 359.
    No self-justifications for an exclusive

    No self-justifications for an exclusive

    Every face so beautiful in photoshop,
    But for the truth all metaphors are vain, read more »

    Tsira Gogeshvili
  • 360.
    Prayer To Sappho

    Aphrodite is yours
    to soak thru with passionate words
    the drift of ancient continents
    pulls your presence into my world read more »

    Harlequin Rose
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