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Dark Mirror - Poem by Ofentse Mercy Hajane

Tied upside down the world
I gave a smile unto my invisible reflection
Tie tied fastened
My chocking smog of death
My mirror of darkness has shown me the future
Bleak it seemed
I painted a gloom of bleeding heart
Bitten by demons yet warm with love
My skin shines like unto crystals
Beauty my capturing essence of life
Ghosts come not close to it
For yet I would try to muse at my reflection on my dark mirror

Hackling are the fluids of life
My goblet filled with thus red paint
my carnivores instinct shot hide rear tip of the scale
To feed upon it
But still a reflection I have not on my dark mirror
I would with every dusk hatch from my slumber
Merry-make under the bare dusk sky
Broken by buttons of light
They assured me not to give a gaze
Upon my dark mirror again

But the odds I would dare
If the souls of the night have scared me not
Why would a mirror do?
But yet again i would see not my reflection
How can i
When it is as dark as the night
And stabbing as the sword of pain under the light
My dark mirror once more,
showed me not my reflection.
It ha once more granted me
an ability of invincibility...

! ! ! A.L.U.C.A.R.D! ! !

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