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  • 325.
    Between Me and My Mirror

    quatrain, ABAB

    Mirror, mirror, the answer please
    sound it with your softest voice.
    I deal, dear Face, with expertise.
    Ask on, I fear you'll not rejoice.

    Mirror, are there gray hairs dancing
    in among my blackest blacks?
    Face, I see your foes advancing.
    They're waving little silver plaques

    in bold print, revealing loudly:
    Gray hairs never, ever quit.
    Gray is in, wear it proudly.
    Lie not, dye not, give up, submit.

    Mirror, mirror, the answer please
    What are my best alternatives?
    Face it, gray is not some disease
    for treatment nor preventatives.

    Glaring roots and ghastly color
    will leave you appalled with regret
    Let gray come, life could be duller
    thank God, you're not bald, not yet. read more »

  • 326.
    Glass mirrors and shards

    I am looking down through glass mirrors and shards
    shards of what could and would have been a better life
    As a kid I used to play with mirrors trying to get that infinite reflection
    But now I only wish i cold pull them apart read more »

  • 327.
    In The Mirror

    I place my self before the mirror
    Press my palms in reverence
    I reflect on the reflection
    My essence projected back at me read more »

  • 328.
    the metaphor of the mirror and the light

    there is this face
    in the mirror and it is talking to the body
    to remind its skin
    that it is real, read more »

  • 329.
    The Guy in The Mirror

    Who is this guy in the mirror?
    Why is he looking at me?
    Why is he staring at me?
    Why is he ogling at me? read more »

  • 330.
    Mirrors Can Produce Images, But not The object

    We all acknowledge easily,
    but almost forget quickly,
    that we are mirrors bright,
    if we are bright, it is due to light! read more »

  • 331.
    A Broken Mirror

    A broken mirror is my heart
    You shattered and tore it apart
    Now I know not what to do
    How can I stop loving you read more »

  • 332.
    A Broken Mirror

    I looked into the mirror one day
    And saw what I've never liked to see
    I saw all of my flaws that day
    And every last one of my insecurities. read more »

  • 333.
    Mirror-Collaboration With Unique Princess

    When l look in the mirror, I don't know who l am anymore Trying to find my place and forget her face, which l try to please, wanted her to stay, but she couldn't stay because she was never there Physically or metaphorically..When she looks in the mirror l don't know what she sees player or angel fell for an angel and found a player, she pushed Yahweh aside and l did the same, her love left but mine still remains for the God has given me the name...l never thought this will happen to me, read more »

  • 334.
    War Against The Mirror

    Have you ever look inside a mirror
    And cried
    Cried from horror
    Cried from disappointment read more »

  • 335.
    Uneducated Mirrors

    I thought that I was handsome but my mirror never lies,
    So when I look into it now I always close my eyes.
    If I can’t see the wrinkles and the road-maps disappear,
    This knowledge is exciting and I have nought to fear. read more »

  • 336.

    look myself in the mirror
    damn i'm looking fine
    it doesn't get no better
    checkin this hot figure read more »

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