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Poems About: MIRROR

In this page, poems on / about “mirror” are listed.

  • 61.
    The Mirror

    The mirror said the truth.,
    desperate i wanted to look young.,
    gracefully the mirror revealed my age.,
    the fine lines on my face read more »

    renu Vig sharma sharma
  • 62.
    Broken Mirror

    broken mirror, broken mirror
    scattered on the floor
    consist of thousand faces
    from our life pieces read more »

    adheez van der beanthz
  • 63.
    Mist on the Mirror...

    When I saw in her eyes,
    That day I recollected,
    Recollected the time,
    I had spent viewing me, read more »

    Vikrant Jog
  • 64.
    Broken Windows Shattered Mirrors

    Broken windows shattered mirrors
    The tiny slivers fall like tears
    They cut me till my arms run red
    They make me wish that I was dead read more »

    Anonymous Ghurl
  • 65.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who is the prettiest of us all?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Cant you say something at all? read more »

    Lovely Girl
  • 66.

    Have you ever wonder if there a whole another world beyond those mirrors every time you look in the mirror that question always seems to go through my mind

    Even through that world is the opposite of our world what if on the other side hold the secret of everything that doesnt make since from relatively read more »

    Candymarie Nevin
  • 67.
    Lookin the in the Mirror

    Am looking in the mirror try to see or find something beautiful
    Am looking in the mirror and not reconizing what i see
    Am looking in the mirror and seeing a scared lil girl
    that need help to carry on read more »

    Ari Castillo
  • 68.
    Beautiful Freakery

    Everybody runs the day runs away from time
    waits for no man is an island life a day in
    the beginning of the end of the beginning to
    fly so high light white and heat read more »

    Richard Holman
  • 69.

    I found a
    weed read more »

    Adryan Rotica
  • 70.
    Useless mirrors

    read more »

    Anirudh Induchudan Anirudh Induchudan
  • 71.
    Mirror Mirror On The Wall 2

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who is the ugliest of them all.
    And the mirror replied:
    'One who thinks ugliness read more »

    Saiom Shriver
  • 72.
    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Why cant I see myself at all

    A lifeless reflection, read more »

    Mandi Hinderson
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