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Ugly Truth - Poem by Kurt Kacich

The ugly truth, the shadow that wonders alone,
It’s the dark space in the corner of the room where love isn’t shown,
The ignored people whose personality is ignored and unknown,
It’s the face in the mirror that cracks on sight,
The same mirror where society reflects beauty and glamour where self loathing ignites,
Anorexia, plastic surgeries, implants, anabolic steroids, self destruction, and despite,
The natural beauty of humankind destroyed by artificial cosmetics,
Similar to drugs that induces the nonexistent pain from anesthetics,
It’s the poisonous salt induced in self healing known as tartar emetic,
Invisible, pain underlined the surface to project beauty from self destruction inside to route the beauty out,
But the ugly truth is, cosmetics is the bud in plants that doesn’t sprout,
It’s the mirror that humanity looks into every day with doubt,
The doubt that induces perfection from the outside,
It’s the disease inducing shallow emotions from humans worldwide,
Victimized is the people who will never know the pleasure of someday being a groom or bride,
It’s that same cracked mirror that reflects self loathing and the tears we cry,
It’s the anxiety induced from outside the mirror in the room where in the corner we hide,
The smile that is looked as a broken masterpiece from the finest art,
The ugly truth, where beauty from inside the heart is ignored from the start,
It’s the puzzle of human life, where natural beauty of personality is ripped apart,
Embarrassed to be seen by others all they see is broken reflection of self,
In a glass of bottled that they store on the shelf,
Even through glass the reflection stands still where they can see themselves,
Through the smile beyond the face it’s a silent weep of pain and fear,
From the eyes to their ears every night they shed bloody tears,
Not the typical blood made of red matter, it’s the tears bottled up in emotion that’s crystal clear,
The self loathing from the inability to find love, the cause when the end draws near,
Can’t escape the matrix of cosmetic pain, every waking minute outside with others they experience fear,
Unable to identify how to look human, Halloween is every day,
Awaking out of a dream to be perfect, the costume of that beautiful angel in the dream they put on with a closed mind they display,
Where the reality results in a drought in from mixing a blowtorch and hair spray,
The event that causes a ring of fire around the Earth burning everything in sight,
The manifest of when the walls close in, but the mirror stands still cracked but upright,
A masquerade ruined by the drought caused by spite,
The parade rained on by the precipitation of lightning and fire combined,
But forever the broken mirror inside the closing rings stands inclined,
The broken cracks in the same shape as the lightning in the night,
The ugly truth, bottled emotion correlated with the mirror that’s upright
Self esteem is the iron grip that can twist off the top of the bottle,
We dig down deep and can’t project the good inside even with momentum in full throttle,
Even still the personality inside is covered by a towel,
Where the ugly truth lies within an open mind,
The mirror will set fire forever within due time,
And the ugly truth through personality will turn beautiful and shine,
The broken cracked mirror will rebuild itself into a reflection clear like waters in the most beautiful stream,
Our mouths open with the most beautiful voice that we sing,
As opposed to opening the bottle of emotion through hoarse screams,
The same waters that carries the world once set fire moves upstream,
Something as an epiphany is what it seems,
Beauty projected through inner beauty with self esteem it brings,
The iron grip that opens the bottle releases the toxins into the atmosphere,
And a bright light of the once burned down the world appears,
And everything once seen as ugly is seen as sincere,
The bottle of closed mind opened with iron grip engulfs with positive emotion as the force of kindness perseveres,
And the pain from the ugly truth disappears.

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