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Poems About: MIRROR

In this page, poems on / about “mirror” are listed.

  • 97.
    the mirror of fear

    someone told me about a mirror that people held very dear,
    it was a mirror that showed your biggest fear,
    that is when my journey begun,
    I looked in every mirror, to see whether it was the one, read more »

    silke m..
  • 98.
    Moments of Vision

    That mirror
    Which makes of men a transparency,
    Who holds that mirror
    And bids us such a breast-bare spectacle see read more »

    Thomas Hardy
  • 99.
    Within Their Silent, Perfect Glass

    Within their silent perfect glass
    The mirror waters, vast and clear,
    Reflect the silhouette of rocks,
    Dark faces brooding on the shore. read more »

    Adam Mickiewicz
  • 100.
    Every Time I Look In The Mirror

    Every time I look in the mirror
    The tragedy keeps coming back
    The echo’s from her pain
    Creeping up inside my bones read more »

    Emma Reid
  • 101.
    The mirrors here

    The mirrors here
    They reflect my deep desire...
    And what it aspire...
    The mirrors are tears read more »

    Ianne de Angel
  • 102.
    Mirrors Never Lie

    Looking into a mirror, can reveal the deepest secrets a person has.
    It tells you who you really are, even if you’re trying to hide it.
    It’s amazing what people can hide, when they smile or laugh.
    They can be the saddest people in the world and no one will ever know. read more »

    Rachel Brewer
  • 103.
    Mirror, mirror

    Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
    A girl like me?
    Have you ever met someone so disturbed… so profound, are you at a loss for words?
    Mirror, mirror read more »

    Gigi Guerrier
  • 104.
    Wisdom from the Mirror

    It needs light so that mirror can reflect
    Remove the darkness in your life
    For you to shine and goodness can reflect read more »

    Champs Ulysses Cabinatan
  • 105.

    Mirror Mirror, who am I?
    who I was, is who I miss
    like I'm gone in some life beyond
    and a ghost roams an empty world read more »

    Pam mpita
  • 106.
    The Mirror

    That girl in the mirror, who only I can see,
    That girl in the mirror, who is she to me?
    That girl in the mirror, with golden locks and silver chains,
    That girl in the mirror, is she a prisoner full of hate? read more »

    Alex Vargas
  • 107.
    Mirror Mirror....!

    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    Why you show me the face of this girl
    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    Dont you know that she is no more...! read more »

    Rowving Smith
  • 108.

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who’s the fairest of them all? ”
    “only you, ” her reflection replied
    “only you, it cannot be denied.” read more »

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