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In this page, poems on / about “mirror” are listed.

  • 97.
    the mirror of fear

    someone told me about a mirror that people held very dear,
    it was a mirror that showed your biggest fear,
    that is when my journey begun,
    I looked in every mirror, to see whether it was the one, read more »

  • 98.
    The Mirror

    The mirror, the one thing that can show me all my pain
    The mirror, the thing I look at to often.
    The mirror, the thing I'm told by others in to see the beauty they claim I have.
    The mirror, on the wall, reflecting the pain in my eyes for me to see. read more »

  • 99.

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    what do you reflect,
    A self righteous image,
    or a deception of the soul. read more »

  • 100.
    Moments of Vision

    That mirror
    Which makes of men a transparency,
    Who holds that mirror
    And bids us such a breast-bare spectacle see read more »

  • 101.

    Mirror Mirror, who am I?
    who I was, is who I miss
    like I'm gone in some life beyond
    and a ghost roams an empty world read more »

  • 102.
    The Mirror

    That girl in the mirror, who only I can see,
    That girl in the mirror, who is she to me?
    That girl in the mirror, with golden locks and silver chains,
    That girl in the mirror, is she a prisoner full of hate? read more »

  • 103.
    Mirror Mirror

    Your eyes were not meant to see parts of your face
    Your nose, cheeks, lips or chin.
    The eye sees beauty from afar
    beauty comes from within read more »

  • 104.
    The Mirror

    I look in the mirror and don't know who I see
    I look in the mirror and no longer is it  me
    I look in the mirror but never for too long
    These eyes so hopeless so lifeless; where did I go wrong? read more »

  • 105.

    Life is a mirror so clear
    When you look at and smile
    it smiles back at you read more »

  • 106.
    Mirrors Never Lie

    Looking into a mirror, can reveal the deepest secrets a person has.
    It tells you who you really are, even if you’re trying to hide it.
    It’s amazing what people can hide, when they smile or laugh.
    They can be the saddest people in the world and no one will ever know. read more »

  • 107.
    Mirror, mirror

    Mirror, mirror
    Cracked on my wall
    Dirt is my story teller
    Why must you tell my pain? read more »

  • 108.
    Within Their Silent, Perfect Glass

    Within their silent perfect glass
    The mirror waters, vast and clear,
    Reflect the silhouette of rocks,
    Dark faces brooding on the shore. read more »

New Mirror Poems

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  6. Withering Away, Rain Gill
  7. Mirror! Mirror! (Song), Alyssa Diane
  8. THE ONE IN MY MIRROR, Marianne Soher
  9. The Mirror of the Truth, Marieta Maglas
  10. Soul, Richard Allen Beevor
  11. Vanity, Marcquiese Burrell
  12. Mirrors, Reena Puri
  13. A Small Black Mirror, David Fallis
  14. Mirror, Mirror, Jaya Jaspal
  15. Mirror, Mirror, Daniel Warner
  16. Disappeared Reflection, Deana Smith
  17. Broken Mirror, Aidin Azarkerdar
  18. Only For The Human Race, Ana Stanisic
  19. Mirror Say Mirror See, Amber Griggs
  20. A Reflection on Reflection, Claudia Moline
  21. Within Their Silent, Perfect Glass, Adam Mickiewicz
  22. A Mirror A Mirror, john tiong chunghoo
  23. Mirror, Tiff Murphy
  24. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Jose Valencia
  25. I am alone, JOBY JOHN
  26. Justin Timberlake - Mirror, opium lestre
  27. Magical Mirror, Lento Maez
  28. Fairest of them all, Sherice Malcolm
  29. Mirror On The Wall (recommended), Ridah Ellahi
  30. Personal Universe, Philo Yan
  31. SEE ME IN THE MIRROR, Goodnews mememugh Karibo
  32. Uneducated Mirrors, Rod Morris
  33. Mirror upon mirror, Emmanuel George Cefai
  35. Breaking Apart, Supratik SEN
  36. Picks, Dipankar Chakraborty
  37. Mirror, Mirror Tell Me The Truth, Neela Nath
  38. Mirror, Samuel Umana
  39. Man in the Mirror, dougie's fresh
  40. Mirror, Pam mpita
  41. Mirrors, Edward Webb
  42. Eternal Mirror, Abhay Vignesh Liginlal
  43. Turn on the light, .... Chetty
  44. Looking In The Mirror, Sandra Kelley
  45. Mirror Mirror, Madhuri Sawant
  46. Mirror, Aravind Suresh
  47. Beautiful Freakery, Richard Holman
  48. Mirror (new), Abdul Wahab
  49. Still, John Anthony Gallagher
  50. War Against The Mirror, Natali Surjan
  51. Looking Into The Mirror, Teddy temple
  52. mirror, ada niranjala
  53. mirror, ada jesuthasan
  54. Reflection, Ann Cassie
  55. Mirror-Collaboration With Unique Princess, donald kuutsi
  56. Mirror Mirror, Little King of Sorrows
  57. A Broken Mirror, Tiger Lily Love
  58. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Ruth Walters
  59. Mist on the Mirror..., Vikrant Jog
  60. Mirror, mirror, Abby Christeen Whaley
  61. True Souls Portrait Writ Within Mirrors, Terence George Craddock (Spe ..
  62. A Broken Mirror, angel plant
  63. Mirrors Can Produce Images, But not The .., Ramdas Bhandarkar
  64. Broken Mirror, adheez van der beanthz
  65. The Guy in The Mirror, Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah
  66. Behind The Mirror, Host Moody
  67. Mirror Mirror, Stevie Taite
  68. Mirror, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  69. Mirror, Dechen Doma Sherpa
  70. Total Recall, Louis Kasatkin
  71. In The Mirror, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  72. Shattering the Mirror, Vera Sidhwa
  73. The Lady Or The Tramp - a warm up poem, Miroslava Odalovic
  74. Mirror, Charles Mackintosh
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