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Another Restless Dream - Poem by Jeremy Rascon

Started off at a house were I was outside with Jachin. It was Halloween and my family was at a Halloween event. I had a new phone and was takin a ton of pictures. Jachin started talking to me and the Preston and Phil showed up. The sun was going down and we all got in Phil's SUV. And he was driving crazy and Preston was in the back seat with me and he started asking me if I had read any cool end of the world books. He told me about one him and Phil read. Both of their eyes were red they were high. We stopped at a parking lot and I got out. They started to drive away and I jumped on the car door and hung on while they drove.then suddenly We were all walking and the sun went down. Mireya was with us. We went to a parking lot. We're her ex was going to fight another kid. The other kid was fat. I walked towards her ex and tried talking to him but he was a jerk and I ended up cussing him out as I walked away I passed the other keep put my hand on his shoulder and told him to kick his ass homez. They fought. Then in the corner of my eye I saw a teacher holding a tranquilizer rifle aiming at the dudes.I ran into a little ally were a big fence was, everybody was already on the other side. So I started climbing it and Mireya was helping. I finally jumped over and we all started running but the teacher grabbed Mireya's arm through the fence, I ran back and pulled her free. We ran and Mireya's pants got torn she wasn't wearing any, so we went to her house. An apartment were these zig zag stairs went up three floors, she lived on the top with her mom. You could hear her mom screaming at her'why are you always late to come home? You come home only to change then you leave again at 2 in the morning, what time is it.'As Mireya walks out slamming the door and running down the stairs her mom keeps screaming what Time is it. It's dark me Mireya Phil and Preston hang under a nearby street lamp. There's a bench but Phil and Preston are kneeling on the ground. I'm standing close to Mireya who has a new outfit on and is laying on the bench. I'm looking at Mireya as they ask what she's going to do when the world end. She says she was born in Mexico and shes going to be where she was born to die. She said yup that was her plan, she looked at me, and Phil asks me what my plans for the end of the world are. I say I honestly don't know.. Then say I'll probably be in Mexico partying with Mireya. We all laugh and talk about how the party would last a week. The were quiet and Mireya looks at me and say taco taco burrito burrito. Then I sing that song from South Park. And I wake up.

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