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Life Changes, & So Can We - Poem by Jessica Elizondo

When the stimulating coversations
turn into screaming, she hides her
eyes and hugs her knees. When
everything seems to be her fault,
and she can't seem to catch a break,
she screams and covers her ears and
puts her headagain hugs her knees
just to hug something and calm herself.
When her heart is broken, she puts her
hands over her heart and says 'ouch'
then again hugs her knees. And when the
obvious screams and nobody hears it
but her she drops to her knees and
can't take it 'God, please guide
me I can't take it. My mind is so deep
in thought and at times it scares me.
I can't seem to forgive myself and for
many years now it's been the same.
God push all of that way. my heart is all
the pian that produces my screams. Jesus,
please make me change. Please help
me be a new person. pull me hard towards
You. I'm so lost at times and I hate it so
much, please make me change. I love You
and thank u so much. God, please. Amen.'

She wakes up the next morning and learned that he parents almost

died. Her mom tells her that her dad was driving and there was a tree

down in the middle of the road and her dad didnt see it when he came

around the the corner. One of the branches had went thru the pick-up's

grill, through the radiator, and almost thought the fire wall. If it had went

through the fire wall then her dad would've died. Then her mom tells her

that if it would have been her mom in the car that her mom would've

died bcause her mom went through the same way that her da does

and if she would have been 10 minutes earlier her mom would've died..

the girl is dumbstruck. she can't believe it. She thanks God right away

and realizes that all of her prayers have been answered and some

from previous nights. One reason being, her family fights alot and her

and her mom and her dad fought last night. and this was a fight bigger

than any fight that they've ever had and the girl cant take it and goes in

her room and cries. later her mom comes in crying and hugs her and

apoligizes up and down and she keeps doing it and the girl says shes

also. shes never seen her mom apoligze like this before, then later her

dad also apoligizes. so the girl prays to God that He'll bring her family

closer to God like she is because they aren't really close to God and

she prays this prayer everynight. even before this incident happened

and she also prays that she can be a great example of God's love so

that they can see God working through her and want a part in that.

Another reason being that she hasn; t really been feeling close to God,

like she can't really feel his presence and so she prays to God and

askes God to bring her closer to Him and to restore her faith and her

strength. And now she realizes that God has answered her prayers,

because now shes going to try her hardest not to take things for

granted and to be a great example of God's love for her family. she

knows that shes truly blessed. 'Thank You God' she says, 'thank You


This is a true story and it happened to me. I wrote this poem/story to

share with you that anything can happen and to not take things for

granted today because they might not be there tomarrow. Don't worry

about being rich or your next boyfriend/girlfriend. Consentrate on the

more important things in life not the things you don't have. Don't fight

with others or hate them, cheerish them because they might not be

there the next day and you might not get a chance to say your sorry.

Have faith, God is with us. And know that even if we don't have the

things that we exactly want, that we are still blessed, because God

gives us the breath we will brethe next, the people we meet and love

and the oppurtunities that we get to share with them, the universe in

witch we live and the knowlegde that we are forgiven. I'll be praying for

you all and i hope my experience has moved you as much as it has

me. maybe even more. take care, God Bless.

Comments about Life Changes, & So Can We by Jessica Elizondo

  • Rookie Serenity Prayer (10/31/2009 4:58:00 PM)

    God does work in amazing way, doesnt He? im very glad your parents are alive and well. and im glad God answered your prayers and that He's shown you how Hes working in your life. Praise God for everyday He gives us. (Report) Reply

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