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Poems About: MONEY

In this page, poems on / about “money” are listed.

  • 133.

    Hurry is the word I hate
    hasten I dislike
    everyone is always running, is this our fate read more »

    Sylvia Frances Chan
  • 134.

    Poverty is the curse of life
    but some time it is gift for life
    if you have no car
    you cover your distance read more »

    ramesh rai
  • 135.
    Money Fever!

    There's a great disease spreading
    It's coming to us
    That's where it's heading read more »

    Bradley Dean
  • 136.
    Money Is Most Important

    At the top of people's new year's wish list you won't find poverty
    For money speaks every language as most would agree
    A lack of money in people causes low self esteem
    Money is the most important thing to most it does seem read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 137.
    That Money Speaks Every Language

    That money speaks every language has often been said before
    And what also applies to money is much always wants more
    And that moneyed people rule the World is something we all know
    The more money they accumulate the more their power does grow. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 138.

    A five letter word
    But it is a devil’s sword read more »

    nader baheri
  • 139.
    Money is a necessary thing

    Without money or if you lack money, then The whole of your life will be up -side- down, read more »

  • 140.
    Money Always

    Armed with a dollar sign,
    Sugar daddies are dancing a jig-saw dance,
    Stamping the sweet sixteens down to thirteen,
    Blinding them with a pound sign, read more »

    George Dumbarton
  • 141.
    The One With Heaps Of money

    The one with heaps of money his or her friends in numbers grow
    And the pauper is the person only the kind of heart wishes to know
    And money speaks more of one than words can ever do
    And if you are short of money I can only pity you, read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 142.
    Man, (Money) or God

    Money can bring a lot of happiness;
    Money can be the cause of man’s woes too;
    Money can’t give the peace on earth you want;
    Money can’t fetch a place in God’s abode! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 143.
    A Disappointing Year

    (a la Alex Jones!)

    Everything is a lie and a cheat
    And a steal. read more »

    warner treuter
  • 144.
    $$$$Money Money Money$$$$

    Money Money Money
    You're just a a thing in itself
    But why is it your controlling me
    Bit by bit you consume my sanity... read more »

    Mary Joy Lumanog
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