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Charlax43titlestheme43 - Poem by Charles Hice



There is no need to panic or move to the bunkers yet but please park your cars and walk to the park the store upon the corner and the rest if close enough to the bus line you become a commuter it would help ease the most worst time in this country's history for gas for gas prices is soaring more than ever out of sight to any but the thieves and rich. Please heed this please get those cars out of the gas lines. There will never be gas wars again the price is never gonna lower. Someone told me once if they raise the prices of gasoline in THIS country the way it is in Europe then eye will stop driving is what this person said to me so NOW is the time for that little brown fox to come to the aide of his country. The only way to win this war is to leave the car and walk to town if you can ride the bus or even the subway or the train please fill those berths please fill those shoes with legs not used to walking hiking moving down the sidewalk get it going save some lives and save your money the great big rushing down the highway is now over. Most of the bus companies have reduced fares for the asking. Go now and ask them. Eye am making this a please and thankzx you for doing duty to GOD and country the only Vehicles that eye want to see upon the open road are just the Eighteen Wheelers and the Governments there is no more reason to leave home the gas is costing way too much the jewelry went so long ago the men who killed to get more money just made the Jesus mad at them and they are mostly gone the dinosaurs have won when money rules the pumps and money rules the earth and money rules the hearts of men then money does not work they make the shekel larger than the piece of bread you buy and the things inside that grocery sack don't last it just won't fly. The lucky few will take there savings in that downtown bank and save it for the fossil fuel of grocery store to live. There is really not another way the bicycles in this city are all stolen now there is not another day of community left the thieves are winning they are taking and taking it all away. Park your Mercedes Benz in the packing crate it came in. And go somewhere out of sight of men and pray.

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