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Poems About: MONEY

In this page, poems on / about “money” are listed.

  • 61.
    money money money

    money makes sense
    sometimes we make sense with what makes sense
    money money money
    makes this spin a little faster read more »

  • 62.
    Don't Only Focus On The Money

    When you go for the money,
    You'll be selling your soul.
    And when one goes for just the money,
    The heart turns cold. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 63.

    Money to blow
    Money to throw
    F@*K that Money
    Lost my soul had to much dead presidents read more »

    Grayson Givens
  • 64.
    Money vs human

    Humans and money,
    Is now related to each other,
    As money is in their minds,
    Anything could be done read more »

    daniella diaz
  • 65.
    Money palava

    Owo, kwudi, ego and the name is endless
    Everything we do is to get him to solve our needs
    Money answereth all things
    Many criticise this buddy as the root of all evil read more »

    tochukwu nwankpa
  • 66.

    Money! Money! all around
    all want money more
    money rules our life now.

    Money is the base of all virtues read more »

    Satyendra Pratap singh
  • 67.
    M($) NEY

    Money buys you liberty to live.
    Money buys you ability to heal.
    Money buys you symphony to create.
    Money is everything. read more »

    Erica Borges
  • 68.
    Power Conferred By Money

    It is a fact that human beings cannot live without money
    People go to work everyday because of money
    The more money we have the greater the influence
    The more influence we have the greater the control read more »

    Julius Babarinsa
  • 69.
    Sonnet - Money

    Let money be thy servant, not Master;
    So, put thy wealth in use for mankind's sake;
    Let progress come for fellowmen, faster;
    What profits come if genuine, thou may take. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 70.
    Can't Buy Me Love

    Can't buy me love... love
    Can't buy me love
    I'll buy diamond ring my friend
    If it makes you feel alright read more »

    Jojo JAC
  • 71.
    A saddle

    At back of the pound
    Just to fill your bowl
    Money as a blade
    Merely with dual edge read more »

    sallam yassin
  • 72.
    Sense Of Humor Of Time

    Time plays a game with me.
    A monetary game.
    My wife also knows how well
    time plays this game read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
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