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  • 85.
    Our Indian Police

    She is brave,
    She is strong,
    She is dutiful,
    She is friendly,
    But she has mortgaged all these qualities
    To criminals and
    tyrants for
    She is worse than prostitute,
    Anybody can get her favour
    By dint of money,
    She traps the innocent and releases
    The criminals for money,
    She extorts money from people,
    She can take even life for money,
    Hundreds of fake encounters are
    In her account,
    She is a blot on law and order,
    Sometimes she behaves like a broker,
    Sometimes like a robber,
    She is the mistress of politicians
    And criminals,
    She is the shield of thieves, smugglers,
    And murderers,
    She creates panic in the society
    By means of her uniform and stick,
    People have lost faith in her,
    She has a few honest and dutiful officers,
    But it doesn't make any difference,
    For they are harrassed and
    If she is not reformed soon,
    A condition of anarchy may erupt here. read more »

  • 86.
    Man, Machine, Money, Time!

    Matter is more important than mind or heart
    In this money world that rules all mankind!
    Machine does more than what man can do
    And man is made a servant of machine care! read more »

  • 87.
    Poem about Poetry - the best poets

    the best poets
    might never
    have lived at all read more »

  • 88.
    Abraham Lincoln

    O Abraham Lincoln,
    Where are you now
    I do not know,
    But I know your statement read more »

  • 89.

    When you earned money,
    Then money pushes you,
    Five steps back,
    You are trapped with honey, read more »

  • 90.
    Money, Money, Money, Money

    I know I have the answers
    I’m sure I have the cure
    Immaculate cars, pretty dancers
    That will thrill you right to the core read more »

  • 91.
    Money Power

    In the annals of human history
    Money is the worst discovery ever made
    Never money was found alone
    siblings called greed and lust it came with read more »

  • 92.
    Money Money Money

    Holds fast to money
    You can not do anything
    Without money
    Money gives you status read more »

  • 93.
    Money Money

    You have money
    You are hungry
    You have money
    You are not getting anything read more »

  • 94.

    Could it be possible to live without money?
    Why can’t man live without money in the world?
    Long back I saw an African movie about this;
    It is called “Gods Must Be Crazy! ” read more »

  • 95.
    'Tis In The Power Of Money

    'Tis in the power of money real fame is to be found
    And money is always involved where corruption abound
    And corruption and human greed to each other live nearby
    And why some people are corrupt this could be the answer why read more »

  • 96.

    You can buy bed with your money but not the asleep
    You can buy watch with your money but not the time

    You can buy job with your money but not the respect read more »

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