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  • 157.
    Moon Moon

    When Moon Moon says
    In case of me
    To be a quite poet is possible
    In addition, I have to be a cool.

    When Moon Moon says
    The days have to face
    Good ways
    To begin its first hour
    To get its special power.

    When Moon Moon says
    I cannot hear anybody’s voice

    When Moon Moon says
    I can realize my age
    To do something better
    Not caring any matter.

    When Moon Moon says
    I can guess
    She says something special
    Those are needed for all.

    When Moon Moon says
    I have to face
    Some case in any case.

    When Moon Moon says
    Sometimes, no case can be found
    Without she says, like
    “Hi! How are you
    For the few
    With your near dear
    Are there any tears in your eyes?
    When she says…”

    Man can be silent
    Ocean can be island
    He can be brilliant
    You can be toys
    When Moon Moon says.

    When Moon Moon says
    All guys are nice
    To play with their lives.

    When Moon Moon says
    Everything seems to us
    Like a touch
    Of heart,
    That is a part
    Of our life
    To survive.

    When Moon Moon says
    Man pays attention much
    Because, what she says, is a touch.

    If Moon Moon doesn’t say anything
    Then for her not saying
    All will be dying.

    When she stops saying
    Everything seems to me lying.

    When she will say
    I may
    Wait for her
    Than other
    For sine-dine
    Even until I die. read more »

  • 158.
    I Sea The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

    The graveyard watch on a squid ink sea

    I see the moon and the moon sees me read more »

  • 159.
    Moon Lures Minds Souls

    moon swept clouds
    clouds sweeping past
    moon seen unseen read more »

  • 160.
    Is moon here

    Is moon here?
    Moon is the real truth fighter
    Moon is the real life enjoy-er
    Moon is the real philosopher read more »

  • 161.
    Lips To Kiss

    The moon feigns a sigh..
    Moons high lights shine..
    Rose..moon over pond..
    Moon sleeps with moon... read more »

  • 162.
    A Big Golden Moon!

    2010 Moon is revolving round the Earth bright in closer orbit
    Making Solar eclipse look like ring fire and not diamond ring!
    Often golden Moon rise lasts longer before it becomes silver
    In the evenings bigger in size than usual on Full Moon days! read more »

  • 163.
    Find The Moon


    Find the moon
    Find the moon. read more »

  • 164.
    012. I Stand On A Lonely Cliff Top

    my grey half closed eyes
    stare at nothing
    but the darkened sea read more »

  • 165.
    'The Super Moon'

    No moon can ever
    Match in size or brightness
    The moon that fills me read more »

  • 166.

    The Amaavashya comes once in a month
    the darkest night of the month
    reflects the total depression of moon
    the night when moon is not seen on sky read more »

  • 167.
    Raid of moon in fear men's walk

    Within the journey of moons
    Fear men they fear
    In their affairs
    As they go through read more »

  • 168.
    Rare Beauty

    There in the stillness of the night
    A beauty one could never know:
    The charming moon embraced the sea
    The moonbeans setting it aglow. read more »

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