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The Illuminated Stone - Poem by Michelle Melody

Once there was a rock
holding onto a Blackened sky

'Twas one night when
moon said to Rock
Let me light you...

'No' said rock
'this can not
for I am but a stone,
that was thrown
and landed in the sky.'
'It frightens me here Moon
for see' said Rock 'I cannot fly'

'A Stone? ' laughed Moon 'You need not fly
for you rock, you are a star'

'NO said Rock
this I'm not
I'm ordinary by far'

Moon shone bright
and shed his light
on Rock
and in no time it appeared
that rock might just be
the star Moon predicted,
so here was Rock
still in shock
for everyone started to stare.

'Moon stop that light'
asked Rock
'for you don't understand
I really am just a stone
and a ugly stone I am'
Rock knew of all the
sharp edges and holes and shreds,
caused by much erosion,
for stones are not pebbles
small and smooth,
that lays in soft riverbeds.

Moon grew fond
of Rock
and spent night after night
talking to Rock,
all the time shining his light.
Rock looked past Luna's flame
and found there something plain
this made Rock feel safe with Luna
and started feeling lighter night by night
and as time passed by
Rock and Luna became one
outshining even Sun.

Moon as all man knows
is a bright shining fellow
full of Romance for lovers
and a light for a traveler's road...
he even turns the tides,
but a little known fact,
is that Luna is the cause,
of mental Lunacy.
If this you doubt,
just walk on a full moon's eve,
into a Looney house,
for there you'll perceive
just what happens,
to many who have
one to many times to much,
by Luna's light been touched.
Ask even the howling wolf
who warns, on full moon nights
his fellow wolverine canine,
not to much at full moon stare.

One day perchance,
Rock found this little factling out
and realised how so many, many
laughed at Rocks illuminated faults,
so Rock tried with all Rocks might
to get out of Luna's pure light,
but everywhere that Rock tried to go,
Luna would send his burning flame
illuminating more and more
of Rock's stone of shame.

Rock tried for the longest time
to get away from the Luna once so dear,
but one day Rock began to fear
that Luna will never stop
and that day by day,
Luna's light was not just
illuminating mistakes,
but eroding even more
ugliness into the already unsightly Rock.

One day after much wiggling and fight
Rock came loose from
the blackened sky
and down to earth
Rock tumbled
Rock back to earth did fly,
a hump of burnt out
starlight stone,
and came to rest within
a selfmade crater.
Rock cried and cried
for Moon she missed
but knew that Moon's light
was deluding, not just everyone else
arround it, but most all
the Lunatic man
living on the moon.

Comments about The Illuminated Stone by Michelle Melody

  • Rookie - 63 Points John Raubenheimer (1/20/2009 4:11:00 PM)

    My sympathies are with the rock, holding onto anonymity in 'a Blackened sky'... she suffers a kind of stage-fright when made to shine by the wayward moon. Good storytelling. (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 196 Points Dr.subhendu Kar (1/20/2009 2:21:00 PM)

    wonderful story of moon and stone, love still untold by the light of moon that enlightens the rock, hopefledges inn the rock by the time, yet darkness drips by inadequacy in the room of narrow reason, and all that happen to to happen by erosion, , , , , , , , , , , on and an....a luscious craft just a shadow speading over the sky yet with imagery, wellenned,10++, thanks for sharing (Report) Reply

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