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As The Sun Set For The Moon Light Will Shine. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

For every even for one could see the light of the moon and yet the light of the moon is the angel of respect for every star will sparkle with respect for the the family of Star bucks is the angels of the night thus one wish upon a star.

Where there is a angel there is happiness for the heart that been fill with respect but to the family respect mean a lot to the family of Star bucks for who have a good cup of fresh coffee but as the sun set for the moon light will shine.

Just to see the star is like seeing a angel of love but for the angel of the night is the angel of respect for who's heart will be touch with respect for where there joy thus there happiness in the once heart and yet as the sun set for the moon light will shine.

Night after night or every star that sparkle is the star of the family Star bucks just to hear the birds sing for the birds sing to fill once heart with respect just to feel the warm smile is like feeling the touch of a angel of respect.

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