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Poems About: MOON

In this page, poems on / about “moon” are listed.

  • 85.

    Moon of leaves,
    Moon of the falling leaves,
    To you I bring the slippers
    of the sun.
    That you may dance upon the
    floor of sun, read more »

    Harry Crosby
  • 86.
    Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

    The sun gazed in silence upon the silver moon,
    Jealous and angry that the moon shone every night.
    In silent envy, she impatiently waits
    For the moon to move, and for it to be her turn to emerge. read more »

    Katie Jensen
  • 87.
    The Moon Is In Love

    What a beautiful night
    The moon is up there above
    Shining around
    Rending delights read more »

    Sossi Khachadourian
  • 88.
    Teach Me O Moon

    Teach me O moon to be just like you
    Teach me O moon to glow brightly as you do
    To glow so strongly more than any shiny star
    Teach me O moon to be so beautiful as you are read more »

    Jawad Al Harake
  • 89.
    Like the moon Like me

    Like the moon and the star
    staying there in silence
    A star falls is a single tear
    the moon turns into shadows read more »

    sarah frank
  • 90.


    The moon so often applied as a metaphor
    in a poem that murmurs of Love and Desire. read more »

    Garry Burdick
  • 91.
    Dream Moon

    A source of inspiration.
    A research centre for years.
    A religious belief.
    A friend in the darkness. read more »

    ajay srivastava
  • 92.
    Season Come Season Go

    Season come and season go

    Tis the moon change in the
    Season read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 93.

    She embarrassed too much the moon,
    And for the fact she enjoyed it the dawn,
    Watching secretly not to open the truth,
    But to open because of denials the moon, read more »

  • 94.
    The Two Moon Junction

    I want to be there in the ‘Two Moon Junction’ For Ever.
    Where these two moons are competing with each other. read more »

    IndraNeel SatyaNaga
  • 95.
    Modern Love XXXIV (sun and moon in love)

    enamored moon rides a saddle of tears
    wearing a belt of silver pistols
    on a black star drenched stallion
    tender sun wears four bodices of dawn read more »

    Liberatore Suffoletta
  • 96.
    me and the night moon

    since i was achild i was looking for the sky and see the moon in the night and asking my self what is this?
    and when i was in my youth and my heart started to be mature i was asking why lovers always speak about the moon?
    but suddenly i met her
    suddenly i loved her read more »

    ayman ghamry
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