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Poems About: MOTHER

In this page, poems on / about “mother” are listed.

  • 193.

    Mom, Mother, Mommy, and Madre,
    All different way to say this word.
    But they all mean the same thing,
    They all mean love, caring, and forgiveness. read more »

    Sofia May
  • 194.
    My Perfect Mother Dearest

    Mother dearest doesn’t want me
    I’m never what she wants me to be
    Mother dearest wishes me dead
    She wants me to take back all I have said read more »

    Suicidal Happiness
  • 195.

    Who gave such tenderness
    And gentle genteelness
    Ma, a cub new born seeks
    Also a babe human enounces read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 196.
    An event to recall on Mother's Day - That mother is no one other than me

    Summer evening
    Sun still harsh

    Me, then fourteen read more »

    Bashyam Narayanan
  • 197.
    A Tribute to Mothers

    Greatest gift of nature
    To human creature
    Mother, mother and mother
    She is the first teacher read more »

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma
  • 198.
    The Future's Request

    I'm a child who's not yet born
    Hoping for mercy
    For a sunrise sight
    Not a land of calamity read more »

    Lorena Lalen Cruz
  • 199.
    Mother's Continue...

    Through eternity Mother's continue......
    her mother bare her
    and mother's continue.....
    WE all started out as some mother's baby boy or girl, except for Adam & Eve read more »

    Sylvia Loven Carter
  • 200.
    To English Literature

    OH! My Mother
    You are my Dear.

    OH! My Mother read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
  • 201.
    My Mother

    The person whom I wonder
    Is just a woman and nothing other
    Her love is just like a giant river
    Very smooth and always together read more »

    Sanket Mohapatra
  • 202.
    A Mother's Lap

    Thousands lie buried in the lap of Mother,
    The Mother, who hitherto, sustained her progenies,
    Went berserk, for suffocated was She now,
    By the tall jungles of concrete and steel. read more »

    Raj Rajesh
  • 203.
    A Mother

    A mother forgives the wrong.
    A mother forgets transgressions.

    A mother is always there. read more »

    Athena Goddess of Wisdom Lumis Light to all
  • 204.
    Wanted — A Theme

    THE spring is here again, mother! she bursts upon our sight,
    Like a young girl in her bridal dress, all bloom, and love, and light; read more »

    Grace Greenwood
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