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  • 133.
    Written In September 2000

    A year on in east Timor and they are re-building Dili Town
    The houses and the businesses that the Indonesian militia burnt down
    These so called emergency soldiers poor East Timor did destroy
    Whilst the Indonesian military to stop them did not try.

    A year on in East Timor but what's to celebrate?
    It came at such a heavy cost the birth of a New State
    They can replace the houses and life goes on they say
    But they can't bring back the murdered innocents in unmarked graves they lay.

    They can't bring back the murdered innocents they are gone forever more
    And the poor of poor East Timor no better off than before
    Their separation from Indonesia they are still in poverty
    Is this the price for freedom for so called liberty.

    A year on in East Timor and all is far from well
    And the poor traumatized survivors have been through living hell
    And though they can replace the houses the dead forever gone
    And not much use to them now if their names are living on. read more »

  • 134.

    If mother kills her child in womb,
    And this is not a sin or crime,
    Why shouldn’t one kill others by bomb,
    Or murder innocents each time? read more »

  • 135.
    Charlotte Corday

    For murder in death by guillotine she had to pay
    The legendary woman Charlotte Corday
    With a knife she stabbed to death Jean Paul Marat
    Whilst he was relaxing alone in his bath, read more »

  • 136.
    On The Beijing Olympics

    The Chinese Government never should have got the Olympic Games their culture to celebrate
    News of crimes against humanity filtering out of Tibet of late
    The Chinese Government ordered their troops against unarmed demonstrators with the orders of shoot to kill
    As human rights go nothing has changed in China and suppose it never will. read more »

  • 137.
    Victim Nineteen

    One gloomy late summer evening,
    huge mountains obscuring the sky,
    trees of the forest were dark and oppressive
    when we heard a human voice cry. read more »

  • 138.
    The Criminally Inclined

    Men murdered Thomas More and Oscar Romero and Jesus of Nazareth crucified
    And many good people through history at the hands of their own kind have died
    Of the criminally inclined good people become targets and remain as targest today
    They never did warrant bad karma but that's life as some are known to say read more »

  • 139.
    Suicide Is Forbidden By The Koran

    There are war profiteers and warwagers of other faiths
    who are either ignorant of the Koran or intentionally deceive...

    Many of the socalled suicide missions have been acts of murder accomplished by kidnapping or by drones. read more »

  • 140.
    Reconciliation Day

    A long, long walk,
    More than A Long Walk
    To Freedom. read more »

  • 141.
    Father’s Wife

    My father worked a day and night with reason,
    Telling his wife not to hurt any of his efforts.
    Yet the burden of the work was higher every day,
    Barely spent in happiness, but only miserable. read more »

  • 142.
    From pools of blood

    From pools of blood bushes, trees
    and aloes grow in the veldt
    where British soldiers
    fired on my countrymen read more »

  • 143.

    Is it human rights to have an abortion and kill the unborn?
    Is this a holocaust of hidden murders and secret scorn?
    So certain folk can stay in fashion and the secret is kept,
    Out of sight, out of mind like the baby they would not accept. read more »

  • 144.
    On The Threshold Of 2010

    Days blend into weeks, and weeks into months,
    Months make years, and years compose centuries.

    I stand on the verge of 2009: the threshold of 2010, read more »

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