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  • 217.

    Read some old poems of mine yesterday
    Earlier I was determined
    Also did have a spark
    Now, I am fading into darkness
    It is like the starter of life, has refused to ignite
    No determination remains
    Just a washed out creature I have turned into
    From where will I find that strength to stand up again?
    I left her and she left me too
    I said to her that our long lasting love is dying
    That was the end of it all
    It was the last I ever heard from her
    Honestly, that was when I got murdered
    My heart and even I lost this fight of life.
    Nothing remains to be said, I am no more me
    Her, I have completely lost
    It all is a crime scene now
    My heart keeps on getting murdered again and again
    Lost, I have the spark to live
    Determination to survive is gone
    No more I belong to myself and cannot be of anyone else
    See, I am not a liar. read more »

  • 218.
    Hokum Smokum 2 (Fun Poem 140)

    Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf the English Apache
    was so excited one day.
    He announced he was going to appear on TV
    and the crew from the BBC arrived read more »

  • 219.
    Murder In London! !

    Murder! !
    And, 'Cain killed Abel';
    Muder in London! !
    And, two men killed a man; read more »

  • 220.
    I Had Been

    Gazing dreamily at the huger clock,
    An article of the paper wounded me;
    Doubling my eyesight, kneeling before the king
    Was more precious, since they were goats. read more »

  • 221.
    I, Sarah Malcolm

    I am Sarah Malcolm -
    yes, the one they call “the Irish Laundress”
    and the jury found me guilty of the murders
    (the Infamous Murderess) read more »

  • 222.
    Your Choice!

    stop the senseless killing!
    right here, right now!
    murder is murder. read more »

  • 223.

    Yes, I was a transgressor
    And I have broken all nine
    Except the morbid one on murder
    For I cannot stand the sight of blood read more »

  • 224.

    What you do is not exactly murder
    You could not be for murder penible
    Yet I die and still you surely kill
    This indifference carried any further. read more »

  • 225.
    There Are Those Who Have Known Daily Horrors


    I have had a relatively easy life-
    There are those who have known daily horrors read more »

  • 226.
    Genesis and Exodus

    Genesis says the first act of murder
    Was birthed from the Sin of Jealousy
    Its venom spreads, that poison can conquer
    The heart of anyone, even family. read more »

  • 227.

    Darling what love are you talking? ,
    When you saw me dead with a knife
    Stabbed on my stomach yesterday
    You shouted out of fear of your life read more »

  • 228.
    The Pathetic Plight of Children Today

    Born in squalor, neglected
    Kept as slaves, used and abused
    Forced to beg, steal, lie and kill
    Raped and murdered, burnt alive read more »

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