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Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.

  • 253.
    The Martial Courage Of A Day Is Vain

    THE martial courage of a day is vain,
    An empty noise of death the battle's roar,
    If vital hope be wanting to restore, read more »

    William Wordsworth
  • 254.
    Whom Am I?

    I might be your friend
    I might be your enemy
    I could make your life end
    I couldmake you fall in love with me read more »

    james d nall,jr
  • 255.

    Is it human rights to have an abortion and kill the unborn?
    Is this a holocaust of hidden murders and secret scorn?
    So certain folk can stay in fashion and the secret is kept,
    Out of sight, out of mind like the baby they would not accept. read more »

    James Bredin
  • 256.
    Father Freak (1) (Took Son's Wife And Killed Son's Daughter)

    A 4-year-old daughter was murdered,
    by a 45-year-old grandfather,
    who had a love affair with his daughter-in-law,
    who is a 23-year-old woman whose husband's heart got gnawed. read more »

    U Win Kyi
  • 257.

    If mother kills her child in womb,
    And this is not a sin or crime,
    Why shouldn’t one kill others by bomb,
    Or murder innocents each time? read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 258.
    Victim Nineteen

    One gloomy late summer evening,
    huge mountains obscuring the sky,
    trees of the forest were dark and oppressive
    when we heard a human voice cry. read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 259.
    The Faithful Few

    When the few rule the many, homicide has always been a weapon
    To achieve a goal
    Sublime crime stole souls before they could behold read more »

    Josephine DixonBanks
  • 260.

    I’d kill you if there wasn’t
    An umbilical cord wedged between us.
    Gods dictate what will happen
    If I don’t murder you. read more »

    Charlie F. Kane
  • 261.
    Plent of Fish in the Sea

    Fishing in a lake full of rainbow trout,
    All that I can catch is the one and only catfish,
    After throwing it back with different bait several times,
    I devise a plan, read more »

    Steven Rowe
  • 262.
    ****Fractured Violence

    The small girl was sold like a slave
    The middle man cuddling her with a candy
    The fat house wife suffered blues
    From the riches in her neighbors read more »

    Sadiqullah Khan
  • 263.

    At the moment of conception,
    God’s miracle is sown,
    The seedlings of an unborn child,
    Within that womb are grown, read more »

    Alf Hutchison
  • 264.
    The Poison of Hate

    Hate is a poison,
    a disease with no cure.
    It has a reason,
    but leaves us unpure. read more »

    Everlasting Nightmare
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