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Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.

  • 301.
    I Do Not Wish To Hear Your War Stories

    Do not wish to hear your war stories of battles fought and won
    Since I saw on t v this evening a mother grieve for her dead son
    Her son murdered by a sniper with a bullet in his back
    And I could only feel pity for this poor mother in Iraq read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 302.
    The Word Hate

    'Tis a word that's heavily loaded and not a word to under-rate
    And they should not be taken lightly those who do use the word hate
    In their reference to others those they do claim to dislike
    The word hate is like an adder with head raised ready to strike read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 303.
    Cedars Of Lebanon Cedars Of America

    The Sahara was multiplied as
    Roman shipbuilders clear cut
    the ancient trees of North Africa. read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 304.
    Definition Of Pro Life

    Prolife means no babybombing in Iraq or elsewhere.
    Prolife means not to eat animals' murdered corpses called meat.
    Prolife means not supporting state murder.. called execution.
    Prolife means not killing insects. read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 305.
    Am I really This Wicked? (spiritual)

    Am I really this wicked?

    ''For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, read more »

  • 306.
    Sonnet: Save Human Lives

    You kill a lamb and yet ’tis not a sin;
    You play with dolls but don’t worship them still;
    ’Tis murder when you kill men, kith and kin;
    Man lives a life predestined by God’s will. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 307.
    Happy Trails

    Happy Trails

    I once heard a song
    Happy trails to you read more »

    Watchful Steward
  • 308.

    Homicide or murder,
    aborting or killing.
    It just doesn't seem right,
    but people are willing. read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 309.
    Murder, In The First Degree

    He went to a public library that's quiet and free;
    Arrested, he was, for murder, in the first degree;

    Inside the library, there was a book to find, read more »

    Tony Avila Sampson
  • 310.

    The coma came and I wanted to shout,
    I want out and then they came,
    The dreams of death that made me feel ashamed. read more »

    Leigh Ladd
  • 311.

    The sun is calling out your name from a million miles away
    It’s an everyday feeling that you share with everyone
    Didn’t you see it on T.V. (our species may die today) ?
    How big is a problem when it’s seen from outer space? read more »

    Wicked Mike
  • 312.
    The Absolute Perfect Murder

    if you seek execution
    of the absolute perfect murder - rural or city
    it shall not be accomplished by flawless plans,
    in the hunt of stealth activity read more »

    Trunami ...
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