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Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.

  • 325.

    Cold blooded evil,
    poison bleeding on the brain,
    heart made of stone,
    eyes with a shifty expression, read more »

    emily summers
  • 326.
    After Murder

    its like looking at your reflection in the glazed eyes of your dead lover
    from the stained knife in your hands to the fading rage thats over
    its then you feel your body cringe inside itself
    still feeling the vibrations from their cries of help read more »

    Kathryn Garner
  • 327.

    the south of it, quick and
    ruined up to streetlamps cold as ice
    make it slower than, read more »

    Scott Stevenson
  • 328.
    Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

    It was a mystery right from the first
    A murder had occurred you understand
    It happened right in the Bissell mansion
    A sight that is beautiful and grand read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 329.
    The Murder (Benazir Bhutto)

    It happened last evening
    Here, in my city
    Near my home....
    Murder. read more »

    Waqas Naeem
  • 330.
    Fur Crying Out Loud

    For those who wear fur-A protest poem
    Furious and I want you to know why
    Unable to stand by one minute more while you murder my kind just so you can look good read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 331.
    In Good Company

    We sat in the kitchen all night drinking Irish tea
    and talking till first light about women in literature
    Kate, Cordelia, Wyfe of Bath, Antigone, Lady Mac
    shrew, fond daughter, lively bawd, tough chick, bitch! read more »

    Michael Pruchnicki
  • 332.
    The Last War

    I came to join a 'Peace Force,
    To stop fighting, murder, war.
    But now the war has started,
    The 'Peace Force' is no more. read more »

    Christine Andrews
  • 333.

    Homicide or murder,
    aborting or killing.
    It just doesn't seem right,
    but people are willing. read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 334.
    Newspaper Headlines

    Boy Found Dead in Local Alley
    Jewelry Heist Turned Massacre
    Drive-by Kills 5, Injures 9 read more »

    Jennifer Sol
  • 335.
    Murder, In The First Degree

    He went to a public library that's quiet and free;
    Arrested, he was, for murder, in the first degree;

    Inside the library, there was a book to find, read more »

    Tony Avila Sampson
  • 336.
    The Red Sky

    One who cannot see,
    cannot seem to be,
    will not accept a life unworthy,
    cannot be who he is not, read more »

    Stephen Rogers
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