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Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.

  • 73.
    The Ballad Of Oscar Romero

    His only crime was to live good and decent
    And the day he was murdered a dream was destroyed
    He stood by El Salvador's poor and downtrodden
    And he lived for the people and for them he died. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 74.
    The Young Soldier

    It is not death
    Without hereafter
    To one in dearth
    Of life and its laughter, read more »

    Wilfred Owen
  • 75.

    Yielding clod lulls iron off to sleep
    bloods clot the patches where they oozed
    rusts crumble
    fleshes slime read more »

    August Stramm
  • 76.

    A thousand
    the villages read more »

    Dr PJ Raj Kamal
  • 77.
    The Perfect Murder On The Perfect Day

    The Perfect Murder…..,
    On The Perfect Day……,
    No one would find out……,
    No possible way……, read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 78.

    He was sentenced to life
    Murder, they said
    In a fit of jealous rage
    and blind anger read more »

    Carsten Thomsen
  • 79.
    Roses And Thorns

    Roses and thorns
    Love and pain
    Blood and knives
    Murders and fate read more »

    Bittersweet Music
  • 80.
    For the first time not

    For the first time
    I was part of authorities
    Being an ear at them
    Debating about my sisters read more »

    zama ashley helebe
  • 81.

    Murder courses through my vains
    You put me through so much pain

    And know i want you dead read more »

    Ashley Young
  • 82.
    Cat Among The Chickens

    Through ocean of feathers,
    The murder would be soundless, read more »

    Nick Hilton
  • 83.
    Methodist Priest

    A sudden speed
    delayed by a sudden deed
    leaving my mind weighted
    and my body wasted read more »

    Bridget Bush
  • 84.
    Lonely Funeral

    An unforgiving memory conspicuously brought back to existence
    The beginning of the end has only begun
    You can douse the corpse in cough syrup, but your timing’s a little off
    You seem to have murdered your own heart read more »

    Manny Negron
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