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'Poverty Verses Welfare' - Poem by Angel JacksonAbner

Time is running out, only to find out, you have to kiss ass to survive in America. Wish I had a better life, instead I'm stuck kissing Welfare ass in order to survive, Free is what the rich believe, When the ones who struggle trying to find a way to eat, The rich whites has no worries, They can survive, pay bills, live the nice life, Keep their families fed, When I look through the eyes of the homeless men, women and children, I ask how can anyone turn them away, What if it was you and your babies out there? You don't begin to understand, because you and your babies aren't here! The poor can't find no job, because of skin color or for what their beliefs are, When you in your up to date car, you will never see past your riches for just a moment to see what your doing to my loved ones and me. Material things don't make you, It's what you do for those less fortunate than you. Come and live our life for a week, I bet you would get so weak you wouldn't even begin to know how to speak I live on not that much, just enough to to pay some of the rent, I have a baby and don't know where I'm going to be the next day, America is a big slave country, they want to ship all jobs over seas so they can make they Chinese slaves by paying them less, for us the ones who needs a job badly do without, so they have a good reason for us to rob, murder, sell dope, so they can through us in jail and make us work for the government for FREE, Well isn't it just one big mess? You live everyday trying to make a way, One thing though the rich is not immune to that kind of living, we the poor are. We know how to hustle and pan handle hard, Where the rich don't know anything by far! Stay strong, and don't get weak ever, that's what they want. Stay positive alright.

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