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Innocence Killers - Poem by Mustafa Ghuneim

It was five am in the morning,
I didn’t know what was going,
I heard a child's scream,
And a noisy point in the misty steam,
A murderer attacked the neighbor's home,
They were a child and his mother all alone,
The bullet fire I heard in noise,
A child's scream was silent in the void.

I ran all the way from my house to theirs,
There was weeping, there was blood,
Shattered glass and a body on the ground,
A killer got away with murder,
Took the woman's money and baby's mother,
All in a sight of a bullet;

I didn’t caught the blood scene,
I dialled Help, fast it would have been,
The mother was dying, the blood was going,
The child is at his mother's feet,
Pouring tears from his innocent eyes,
Sirens in the air were out the door,
But for a baby the time was so poor,
The lady died, and the baby cried,
For a murder done so pure;
The child felt in his mother's dead eyes,
The kiss he wanted his mother to pass by,

Why did anger mad that man?
For this reason, to eternity he was damned,
Living in fake wishes, he thought he needs,
But haven’t thought of the mother and child,
The anger he feeds, His worst of all his deeds,
Bullet fires to kill our lovers, to kill the mothers,
The child's innocence, our little brothers,
Rape the pure in souls, sour in human spirits,
Plant anger that they will once gather,
The Contamination they did.

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