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Still Searching; Something - Poem by momodou jarju

From day one we have been searching
The right trend to light; for something
Those things our trade wishes and need
We BEEF, the drawback we wishes to weed
To be like others; others making it
Which the saviors have heard it
Furry, still devote to, rise to the clarion
Start anew allied, caption to fix the union
While time elapse, they keep mute about
Making we wonder and wander in doubt
The music union I mean
Our clarion rumbling drummers
Like a regiment of troops, the mouth hammers
Echoing over the airwave, agile hitting,
The ears to conceive the heart and soul calling
The quest is "SUNU MUSICO" forward
It blossom "LAWAH" to the world award.

The self proclaim pushers
Who rent patient artiste and we losers
Be apprentice to receive left over change
So such a thing isn't music damage?
Indeed, the truth always relics
We strike up with mics and our lyrics
Disclose it (I mean the right thing)
Your awake to our proficient (singing)
Talent we have unbound in length
Far better to patients, thus our creative strength
Scenic since the era of super eagles
Ours "MBALAAH" been mimic, now new hitters
We design, unique, liked by even the demon
The rouse to play music and videos we sermon
Is a fulfillment, a duty you ought to!
It's our thing, thanks though.

Have your shear you show, the fans
For harboring milk heart onto our music pans
Your patriotic and special support
Is a good demeanor aid to the music port!
To underpin the spirit to keep it tight,
The radios too, have your shear
The blossom of brothers and sisters you care,
The media pen pushers forth the music to flourish
I hail your effort, keep it tight and be cherish,
Those on media the mouth mew
Hail too, soon gains would be more than few.

The domain music pushers- the country's heartfelt
"Black Lynks", open mic platforms
Has delighting a decent artiste career now in forms,
Yes, we have taken new dimensions
With ours divers field affirmation
That we are searching; something
The recognize field felt for our thing
This crop the phylum of hearts,
The beef era that erupts feet apart
T. SMALLZ SUSO and GEE galling songs
Boxing for the choosing one from the throng
Did made growth that though sad
That each rising star want to copy, going mad
The rap "nbalaah" saga
Against the so-called states swagger
Tam 50 and Brain Craca accomplishment
And the CYFER crew mission to music fusion banishment
Thus far, forming each a fans club base
This tiny state, a case
When one called music convocation
All the fans come forth…

Now most seriously, what's our right vocal?
Of the country's made music "puruko dundal"
The pending Afro wave of ghetto boy studio
The favoring rap "nbalaah"
The melodious Afro manding
And the others few regards…
Again grave issues;
Personal witch hunt against selves in the trade
Than better push the game
To sew our solo souls! !

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