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  • 133.
    A Deathless Music!

    Music never dies!

    There's music read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 134.

    Listen to the music
    The music of the world
    It’s hard to hear at first
    But if you listen read more »

    Tsunami HiroshiSu
  • 135.

    Music is my heart, my happiness
    I feel happy, excitment, & sadness.
    Music is not my god, but it inspires me
    oh how I love thee. read more »

    chella Death
  • 136.
    'When All the Music Dies'

    I started our song today
    because the music has almost gone away
    how many songs will I replay
    before the music dies? read more »

    Kelly Zion
  • 137.

    Music is the gap between lies and truth,
    At one time you can notice one thing but the next time you can hear another. read more »

    Ben Borkan
  • 138.
    Let The Music Play On

    There is a music within me
    No one hears it but me
    No back-up soloist but me
    It is neither sang by a physical vocalist read more »

    Babatunde Aremu
  • 139.
    Lyric #3/ Music

    Can you hear that? Yeah, come on I know you can that.
    It's getting louder, louder, louder its called........MUSIC!

    Music is every thing, music is what we need, music is in my heart, read more »

    Brandie .....
  • 140.
    The Beauty Of Music

    The beauty of Music.
    Music is a short story.
    When you drown out to music it's like you never have to worry.
    Music will always be there for you. read more »

    randi ross
  • 141.
    Nothing But Wind

    Nothing But Wind

    Music the world filled with, read more »

    MBJ Pancras
  • 142.
    The Sounds of Music

    Music is everywhere and in every way
    Music is filtered sound - sweetness to the ear
    Music is the memory of every YESTERDAY
    Music is melodius - the sounds we love to hear. read more »

    John Knight
  • 143.
    That Music In The Band (Lyric) :

    They play that music in the band.
    Them boys in the band.
    That sweet playing, honky tonk music.
    We hear in the band. read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 144.
    Beauty of Music

    The beauty of music surrounds us
    Like the sands of time
    Always inside of us
    And never lost from our lives read more »

    Casey Lyon
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