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New Principal - Poem by Angela Capella

It is 7: 20 at Absegami High School. Mr. Alten, and English teacher, summons his students into his creative writing class. Everyone sits in their seats to present their latest project, a three page fictional narrative about the class. The class is a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Mr. Alten stands at the front of the room and makes an announcement.
'Today you will be reading your story. Who would like to go first? '
Senior, Tiyana raises her hand. Mr.Alten calls on her and she starts up to the podium. She is inturrupted by senior, Sami Hughes.
'Do you kill anyone? '
The class laughes and Tiyana continues to the podium. Her story starts off brutal and ending with her killing off everyone in the room. The next person who comes up is sophomore, Morgan Lyons. Her story starts off on Racist Wednesday. As she goes through the story a man with long brown hair and a beard burst through the room on a motor cycle. Everyone stares at him as he takes off his helmet. Morgan's face lights up.
'Oh my god it's Jesus! '
The class burst out laughing and the guy on the motor cycle stares at her in confustion. Senior, Marla interrupts the laughter.
'Morgan, it's not Jesus! '
The class laughs again. Mr. Alten, his face red as a tomato, gets up from his chair and points to the man on the motorcycle.
'Guys, this is why there shouldn't be Racist Wednesday! '
'I wasn't being racist, I found Jesus! ' Morgan shouted.
The class laughs again. As they were laughing, the guy on the motorcycle stands up confused. He talks over the laughter.
'Wait a minute, what's Racist Wednesday? '
The class stops and stares at the man on the motorcycle. Senior, Mariah calmly walks toward the man. The rest of the class switches their stare from Mariah to Mr. Alten.
'Excuse me, who are you? '
'I. Am your new principal, ' the man said taking off his glasses. The class' jaw drops as they turn their head to Mr. Alten. He bangs his head on the desk with the same thought he hads since day one of Racist Wednesday, 'I'm going to get fired.' Everyone continues staring until Morgan breaks the silence.
'Our new principal is Jesus! '
'He's not Jesus! ' everone shouts.
'As I was saying, ' started the new principal, 'I am your new pricipal. My name is Dr. Dude.'
'Our principal's name is Dr. Dude, Duuuude.' Tiyana says mimicking Crush, the sea turtle from 'Finding Nemo.'
Dr. Dude said yes then pulls Mr. Alten aside. Outside the door are the three vice principals and nine board menbers. Superheroes, Blackman and Robin listen at the door in case there's any trouble. Minutes later, they run back to their seats and Mr. Alten and Dr. Dude walk through the door. Dr. Dude takes his motorcycle and leaves. Mr. Alten walks to the podium with his head down. The class sits down and stares at him. Mr. Alten looks up.
'I. Have not. Been fired.' The class cheers. Then the rest of the class reads their stories. The rest of the day goes on as normal and Racist Wednesday continues weekly.

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