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A New Year’s Prayer - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Almighty God as a new year dawns and the present one
marches inexorably on to its close and inevitably
into the permanent archives of the past closely
accompanied by the revered or otherwise
best forgotten memories of events that
once, either profoundly for some or
perfunctorily for others, affected our
respective lives during their current reign, we
respectfully beseech your divine intercession
as we hope and pray communally, both nationally
and globally, that we can and will mutually
agree to work assiduously and
cooperatively to ensure a much better
future; comprising one that is more
just, equitable and realistically
offers a much fairer chance
of individual success, the
attainment of greater
prosperity, and the
reality of personal
to everyone
of us.

And that in terms of the detrimental forces of disunity
and negativity that for far too long have seriously
impaired our judgements and blighted our
lives considerably, we’ll learn to
earnestly do our very best to
effectively set about jettisoning and dispensing with
them until we’ve removed their menacing evil
from our psyche and, collectively as the
human race, ceaselessly persevere to
make quite sure that within our
midst no traces of their earlier
presence or any suggestion
that they once existed will
either be recognized,
allowed to carry
on or remain.

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 December 2013.

Laziness, cowardice and a nurtured indifference that is itself spawned by fear, whether real, imagined or contrived, that the individual might be personally disadvantaged were he or she to challenge or depart from the official and accepted narrative of how they should behave or go about doing things and then often and conveniently using that conclusion to avoid having to stand up and be seriously counted on moral, social, political, economic or religious issues is a blinkered approach which can and does impact negatively and even disastrously on the lives of people globally or those in one’s country.

And clearly knowing this to be the case yet still carry on, adamantly refusing to do anything to constructively alleviate some or all of these needlessly imposed afflictions, is an attitude that is beyond the pale; constituting in my opinion the personification of selfishness as well as the most egregious, odious and the worst kind of human betrayal there is! The remedy for which is, of course, in our individual hands.

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