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In this page, poems on / about “narrative” are listed.

  • 289.
    nostalgia ***** WHEN I GO HOME TO PALILAN

    (written a night before I go back home, Manila to Palilan, Jimenez, Mis.Occ. circa 2000)

    When I go home to Palilan I would hurriedly walk on the long road to home.
    I’ll throw my warmest smile and look straight thru their eyes who surprise prettily about my unpredictable journey from somewhere they never know as I come back without crown they expect. read more »

  • 290.
    gusto, brio and panache

    Gusto, brio and panache
    happy writers have, who dash,
    while those lack élan and verve
    scribe slower, fearing they may swerve, read more »

  • 291.
    rajku capers

    (the series is an experiment in various forms of short verse or micro-verse; the parts may be read as discreet units or as a sequence with one’s own narrative) read more »

  • 292.
    unreliable narrators

    In novels most narrators are reliable,
    the version of their stories undeniable.
    In life, however, stories we relate may vary
    from the facts considerably, for truth is scary. read more »

  • 293.
    A Murder in Chatham

    St. Patrick’s Church was sparsely filled
    For Friday morning mass
    The seniors getting restless-
    the clock read a quarter past. read more »

  • 294.
    Israel At 50 Years Revival

    I was there when you, a dream so distant
    An old narrative, a wish of a people so ancient.
    You were defunct yet alive in their mind every instant,
    Fanned and revived by lives so enormously patient. Two thousand years, turbulent and mostly tragic, read more »

  • 295.
    The Ancient World

    Today the Masons are auctioning
    their discarded pomp: a trunk of turbans,
    gemmed and ostrich-plumed, and operetta costumes
    labeled inside the collar "Potentate" read more »

  • 296.
    The Castaway

    Obscurest night involv'd the sky,
    Th' Atlantic billows roar'd,
    When such a destin'd wretch as I,
    Wash'd headlong from on board, read more »

  • 297.
    No Excuses and Well, No Results

    Is it that time again
    Is it time once again
    for me to stand before this jury
    and repeat the words I'm sorry read more »

  • 298.
    A French Narrative Poem, Translation Of 'Narration Française' by Rene Etiemble

    A French Narrative Poem: A wren comes to rest on a reed after the storm – Dialogue between the bird and the shrub. Translation of Rene Etiemble’s poem: Narration Française

    (The very first poem composed by Etiemble while a student of Class 5A at the Lycée de Laval on Octobre 14,1921, i.e., when he was only 12 years old. The poet provides the two pages on which they were written in his school exercise book. The poem is rhymed abab, cc, dede, afaf, agag, hihi, ff, ajaj, kjk, flfl, each line made up of eleven to thirteen syllables. Amazing maturity! In a footnote, he states that in 1983 during a fit of rage against the university he burned a great many of the exercise books he had preserved until then. T. Wignesan) read more »

  • 299.

    Small provincial town
    in 'my' fathers' land
    at creation's edge -
    border post deserted, read more »

  • 300.
    Mind Arena

    Mind is very short. Very big, the world of the mind is. Mind world is so cute and gentle. To live and to be alive the mind world demands a market. Eventually the mind market is born. Mind market deals in feelings. read more »

New Narrative Poems

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  44. Alankar(Decor) -175, Indira Renganathan
  45. I Open A Vein And Rain, Linda Marie Van Tassell
  46. That's The Writing Bug!, Denis Martindale
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  62. A poem like letter to my faraway friend .., nimal dunuhinga
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  74. Portrait, of i, Owen Bittner
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