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  • 73.
    The Story of a Poem (Narrative Poem)

    Prepared to ridicule himself, this fool
    Is guarded against the jibes
    Of those he thinks less inclined to self-criticism.
    How then is he to gauge his faults
    And turn them into something worthwhile?

    How can he define his foolishness
    If uncertain as to the extent of his limitations?
    How can he begin to accept the advice of others -
    'Go jump! ' 'Take a good hard look at yourself! ' 'Grow up! ' -
    If he isn't prepared to be objective?

    Unprepared to accept objectivity as objective
    'I know what I know', he spouts
    Ill-mannered, inconsiderate and obstinate.
    How is he to assume the more demanding role
    Of the one being spoken to?

    No words, it seems,
    Can convince him of his stupidity.
    No words, that is,
    Except his own.
    Um.... ah.... um.... a poem takes form.

    Ironically, loneliness is his theme
    Nothing else can say what he wants to say.
    Happiest is he, when miserable
    Exposing his misery for all the world to see.
    No one, it seems, is quite as miserable as he.

    He takes care not to say too much
    In case,
    To make his point
    He admits (in the mode of a tragic figure)
    That there is nothing to say.

    Logically, 'there is nothing to say' explains
    His actions
    Although failing to describe
    What bothers him.
    It seems that that can only be other people.

    In them, real feelings express themselves
    And a challenge presents itself for him to understand them
    No matter
    It is they not understanding him
    That concerns me.

    As querulous as it may sound
    It is their obsession with 'reality'
    That he objects to.
    No amount of persuasion can convince them
    That his feelings are real.

    'Such as absurd notion demands an explanation'
    He hears them say, but he is only prepared
    To go on dreaming -
    Observing others observing him
    Observing them.

    His sincerity
    Isn't expressed in conventional terms.
    Unbeknownst to them, he cares
    And unknowingly they add to his suffering
    As they refuse to acknowledge his feelings.

    His suffering -
    A product of a trivial pursuit
    For universal meanings -
    Is compounded by those who think him


    Lacking in those human qualities
    He most desires
    He turns to someone, who,
    Without her knowing,
    Possesses them for him.

    Kindly, she admits him -
    Herself lacking the assurance
    To comprehend the extent of his need.
    She feels for him
    As one would a child, an innocent, a poet.

    His feelings exist in her eyes,
    And his failings form
    His 'uniqueness' -
    A reason
    For loving him.

    Sufficent reason, in itself,
    For him to love her.
    Nevertheless he feels
    An even greater need
    To justify his feelings.

    Their differences,
    His reliance on her
    And, equally,
    Hers on him
    Need explaining.

    As others see it
    Their differences contain the germs of disunity,
    And in their interdependence, signs of submission.
    Again they see things in 'real terms'
    Neglecting to take into account the power of the imagination.

    She isn't what she appears to be
    Her beauty transcends experience
    With all pain absorbed in her -
    He shares in her happiness
    And is privy to her sensitivity.

    She instills in him a new faith,
    Another reason to write -
    A belief in humanity.
    This is what he must explain
    To those who think him foolish.

    But he remains aloof
    Barred by a certain quirk in his character -
    Whenever he tries to be serious
    He gives the impression
    Of being insincere.

    When he tries to explain his feelings
    It's as if he is the one
    Who needs to be convinced -
    His new found faith seems void
    Without someone else to believe it.

    Yet people want to listen
    And give him the chance he's been looking for -
    The chance to prove himself to them.
    They're not heartless,
    And would rather not judge anyone unfairly.

    The truth is, however,
    That he is such a fool
    That he needs to hear his own words
    From someone else's mouth
    Before he can believe them. read more »

  • 74.
    The Brown Dwarf of Rügen (From Narrative and Legendary Poems )

    THE pleasant isle of Rügen looks the Baltic water o'er,
    To the silver-sanded beaches of the Pomeranian shore;

    And in the town of Rambin a little boy and maid read more »

  • 75.
    The End..... The Beginning

    The End.....

    She sits in the dark, staring at the moon,
    A love so fragile died today, read more »

  • 76.
    Ballade d'amour

    (dedicated to Mr. Krystian Zimerman, a great pianist)

    a rich ethnographic
    a vaulted ceiling read more »

  • 77.
    Taylor Swift- Narrative Poem

    Listen my children and you shall hear,
    The life story of Taylor Swift loud and clear.
    How she touched the hearts of many,
    With her amazing songs plenty. read more »

  • 78.
    ~My Book~

    It's a one of a kind tale...
    An unbelievable, kind of adventure saga...
    My life-story, kind of fiction, novel -
    A non-fiction, sort of auto-biography! read more »

  • 79.
    Lily Is Truly Beautiful

    Lily was my co-league,
    Never tired of fatigue,
    Strong with her pen,
    One female, while others were men. read more »

  • 80.
    Brief Statement on the Snow Leopard

    Let it be known that on page 12 where the
    description of the snow leopard begins, an
    egregious error was made in its description.
    In no way does a snow leopard resemble all read more »

  • 81.
    What Could It Be?

    At birth it is a rather small
    and barely visible at all
    identifier for the folks
    and butt at times for silly jokes. read more »

  • 82.
    american narrative

    i grew up with the promises
    sweet, golden, yet never fulfilled
    i worked the meaneal jobs for livin wages, only there wasnt much to live on, merely exist
    from sad ghetto windows read more »

  • 83.
    Twilight the poem

    A narrative poem about the book Twilight

    Mountains of rain pouring down.
    Slapping hard against the ground. read more »

  • 84.
    To C.C.C.

    Oh for the nights when we used to sit
    In the firelight's glow or flicker,
    With the gas turned low and our pipes all lit, read more »

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