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  • 193.
    Punishment of nature.

    We humans, the disciples of nature
    Nature otherwise the great teacher
    The lessons it gives so important
    Sometimes difficult to follow to learn.

    Nature, its norms, rules and conditions
    Never allowed to be mistaken
    If notices a perpetual mistake
    Punishes the guilty in least delay.

    The great rivers, Mountains of the world
    The great mansarovar clean water lake
    Of Himalayan ranges, nature's own gift
    Not allows to disturb the ecology.

    Amazon forests, evergreen forests
    Nile, Ganga, Missori and Missisipi
    The Danube, Thems, and Brahmaputra
    Universal appeal for protection the purity.

    Nature gave us all in plenty
    But humans plunders the wealth in arrogance
    The world sees such rampant destruction
    Where we have to show a stop signal
    The punishment of nature is incalculable. read more »

  • 194.
    Child plays and nature.

    Child plays with the rubber ball
    It strikes to the near wall
    Returns in speed, the ball
    The playing child's will power. read more »

  • 195.
    The More I learn About Nature

    The more I learn about Nature the less I realize I know
    About how creatures live in wild state, about how plants and grasses grow
    About how flowers close in the evening and open to the morning light
    We learn every day from Nature and we learn from what others write. read more »

  • 196.
    Nature versus Collective Self

    they say we are
    a part of nature
    but i say nature
    is part of us read more »

  • 197.

    Love nobody rejects because it gives joyful comfort!
    Friendship everybody loves as it gives joyful company!
    Beauty everybody enjoys as it gives cheerful mood!
    Nature nobody can avoid as it gives inspiration and joy! read more »

  • 198.
    Nature She Lives On Forever

    We hear of and read of earthquakes, huge winds and huge floodings in the newspapers and on the radio each day
    And climate change is for real and happening despite what the sceptics do say
    The more money you have in such a case the more that you do stand for to lose
    To none the Nature Goddess is subservient her own ways she always does choose read more »

  • 199.
    I Always Have Loved Mother Nature

    I always have loved Mother Nature ever since I was a boy
    And a thing of Natural beauty is always a thing of joy
    And the mysteries of Nature is a mysterious thing
    There is far more to any bird than the song it does sing read more »

  • 200.

    Nature cannot be tamed and controlled ever
    For, Nature is for free will and love always!
    All living beings of Nature and children are so;
    Without freedom they cannot survive anywhere! read more »

  • 201.
    The Amazing Wonders Of Nature

    The more that I learn about Nature the less of her I know that I know
    And the more that I learn of Nature the more my wonder of her does grow
    One can only live in awe of her wonders she does seem amazing to me
    Scarce a day goes by that in Nature a new wonder one does not see read more »

  • 202.

    read more »

  • 203.
    Precious Gift Of Nature

    Parents are nature's precious gift
    That're sent for our world's uplift
    For everyuthing that they do or say
    Holds a world of affection in a way read more »

  • 204.
    Oh Sing Me A Song Of Nature

    Oh sing me of Nature's great beauty of sunlight on flowering gum trees
    And the sweet scents of Nature's own perfume that wafts in the freshening breeze
    And sing of the wildborn creatures the call of the boobook owl at night
    And the wild cry of the brushtail possum on the blackwood tree in the moonlight, read more »

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