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In this page, poems on / about “nature” are listed.

  • 313.
    You Who Say You Do Not Love Nature

    You who say that you do not love Nature I wonder about you I do
    'Tis sad to think you are not a rare one there are many others like you
    You claim that Land for Wildlife should be developed for houses and the old growth trees on them cut down
    We are in need of far more houses to add to the size of the town read more »

  • 314.
    A Sunny Day In Winter

    A sunny day in Winter in the coastal city with the slightest chill of Winter in the breeze
    The pale eyed ravens in the parkland cawing and none could mistake the song of the pee wees
    So good to be out of doors on such nice Winter weather just five weeks from the first day of the Spring
    For to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nature such joy that Nature to so many bring read more »

  • 315.
    The Beauty Of Nature's Wonders

    The beauty of Nature is all around me
    And every day in Nature such wonders to see
    Within view of land above the sea the gannets fly
    For their small marine prey they plunge down from the sky. read more »

  • 316.
    We Do Not Own Nature

    Of Nature's ways we will never be aware
    If the World with her creatures we do not wish to share
    We dispossess the birds and animals when we cut their trees down
    To make more room for development on the outskirts of town read more »

  • 317.
    A World Without Birds

    In years from now will the children of the future on warm evenings in the prime of Spring
    On trees and bushes in groves, woods and parklands when flowers are blooming hear the wild birds sing
    For a World without birds would be sad to live in and sad to learn that they are becoming rare
    These are sad times for people who love Nature and who for Nature's creatures genuinely do care, read more »

  • 318.

    Iam a part of nature, and nature is a part of me.
    We live together, on this earth in sweet harmony.
    Iam a living specimen, just not botany.
    Iam a part of nature. read more »

  • 319.

    Nature is a living scientific art God enjoys best;
    Nature’s artistic evolution is God’s grand creation
    Of algae, plants, fish, reptiles, birds, beasts, man and divine! read more »

  • 320.
    From Our Every Walk In Nature

    From our every walk in Nature we learn every day
    And though many of her secrets from us she hides away
    She often does surprise us she always surprises me
    And every day in Nature there's something new to see read more »

  • 321.
    Each Creature Within Nature

    From the great whales of the ocean to the garden snail in his shell
    Each creature within Nature does serve it's purpose well
    And the creatures we dismiss as vermin are not vermin at all
    They contribute to Nature in some way though their contribution may seem small read more »

  • 322.
    When My Heart missed a beat

    While walking though the land of solitary pastures
    from one meadows to another filled with rapture
    Nature at such a perfection i thought it never was
    splendid beauty spread though miles without a flaws read more »

  • 323.
    Our Wonder Of Her Only Does Seem To Grow

    The artists and poets by the beauty of Nature inspired to sketch and to write
    Their drawings for others to look at and their poems for others to read and recite
    And in Nature there is always great beauty to see
    In paddock and parkland and on every bush and tree read more »

  • 324.
    Y..... Don't touch it

    Have you seen a fire?
    I mean a big one with high flames?
    Any human touching it
    Will suffer intense and lasting pains read more »

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