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A Progress To A Philosophic Poet! - Poem by Ramesh T A

For making impossibility possible dreams are essential;
Realities are adverse to dreams of high minds forever!
Changes in society they wait to see happen long…,
But realities are frustrating and obstructing all plans
For the intellectuals to achieve all good things of dream!
Change in society is possible by change in individuals;
Attitude of individuals, if changed, society will change….

Educational institutes never give true knowledge at all;
It doesn’t end there but begins if one goes to Nature, Arts
And Science to know truth hidden in things everywhere!
It’s not enough to spend time in day-to-day activities only;
This would make one too much to live in the world…..!

Each one should use special power within to explore Nature
And enquire principles or truth behind everything around us;
There are so many things in life man has to pay attention to;
Unless an attempt is made social problems can’t be solved!

There are a lot of drawbacks not only in education, religion,
Economy, judiciary, politics and administration but also in
Culture, civilization, journalism and arts affecting society
Unaware and making it go on in the same old beaten tracks
Without giving hope in new thoughts, ideas and change….!

So, innovation and novelty are much needed for the society
To breathe fresh and healthy air to make dreams come true!
Therefore writers have an important job to do in the world
To bring about necessary changes relevant for the present
And also for the future functions of people in all walks of life!

Education for freedom is indispensable as sans it nothing
Worthwhile can be feasible by budding individuals ever…!
In the modern world freedom is only in namesake because
Individuals have no liberty, opportunity and scope for progress
As a result of state controls, restrictions and favouritism….!

During my college days I came across all kinds of malpractices,
Favouritism, nepotism, corruption, customs and obsolete traditions
Being followed in all fields of human endeavour whether it is in
Education or judiciary, politics or bureaucracy, religion or society
Crippling the developmental activities of the people in the world!

So, I came to the conclusion that everything had to be corrected,
Reoriented and reformed in order to allow all healthy developments
To go on smoothly and congenially satisfying the sincere, good
And honest people of the world and before completing education
I finally decided to become a freelance writer once and for all….!

Indeed that profession suited to my nature more perfectly than
Anything else in order to analyze all life matters about human life,
To bring out the best things and truth in them all and suggest
Suitable solutions for all problems thereby paving the way for
A better world and in that way do a noble service to mankind!

Business tours, trainings and industrial works went on well;
Mechanical way of life didn’t suit very well for one looking for
Free way of life as birds and lovers of Nature prefer in life!
But caught as a bull tied to a cart or engine linked to wagons
To pull on days sans saying anything against any arrangement
Surely would be frustrating and monotonous to a free bird…!

Dejected, depressed and dismayed for not able to do anything
Worthwhile as a writer in the available time after daily long routine!
Sans concentration and time nothing lofty could be carried out
And with great emotional pang I uttered in words my feelings
On paper to a friend to my great surprise that becoming a poem!

Under the advice to keep on writing ideas evolving naturally
I ventured on writing my heartfelt matters whenever possible
To my great surprise once again happening as a natural poem
Or poems sans any difficulty revealed the hidden talent of a poet!

In the fast moving world there’s not much time to read serious
And sincere treatise or articles of philosophical nature going on
Pages and pages long and also a great time consuming exercise
That would be to try to write in coherence sans any bumps ever!

Poetry being better than long prose piece expressing in a nutshell
All matters sans any tediousness to any to write the free flowing
Words in verse form or free verse gave enthusiasm and zeal to go on
Inspired by Nature happening to be a perennial source of boon….!

Splendour of evening Sky is due to dispersion of light by setting Sun
Revealing the idea that Nature is the link between science and art!
Not only that but the great truth is that Nature is the living scientific art
That is lively, lovely and eternally inspiring source for all humans….!

Sans reforms in education, administration, politics there’s no redemption;
Studies of parts at the cost of the whole cannot make education complete!
In the compartmentalized subjective studies truth of whole is lost ever
And the connections are never realized and truth is never known to all!

Nature and art are very important for man because of their lasting effects
As they help to forget worries, give solace, inspiration and encouragement
To regain faith, hope, spirit and satisfaction lost in education, job and life!
Literature is an important branch of art with poetry as the best one ever…
Inspiration of poetry made me to write about life, world and Nature as poet!

Fusion of cultures by poetry broadens horizons and perspectives forever!
Poetry has the power to sway over everyone because of its echoing effect;
Poetry gives pleasure to heart and enlightens mind simultaneously ever
And also makes the complete soul get animated by the spell of its spirit!

In the dictionary of Napoleon there is no world called IMPOSSIBE, for,
“What was impossible is possible and what is impossible will be possible! ”
Man lives in dreams exploring ways to make impossible possible in life!
He only lives twice; one for his self and one for his dreams forever…..!

To satisfy himself he dreams and for fulfilling his dreams he does all in life
Because desire, dreams and imagination make life worth living in the world!
Even for Einstein imagination is more important than intelligence and also,
For poetic geniuses imagination is the only means to create all from A to Z!

Further poetry is the criticism of life to change the world for the better by
The intellect of poets like Alexander Pope, Matthew Arnold and T S Eliot!
What can’t be said openly are expressed poetically to hoodwink opposition
As was done by Milton, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron in the past!

Poetry is spontaneous over flow of emotion recollected in tranquility and…
Above all, it is the first and last of knowledge as immortal as heart of man!
Poetry is unique like painting and music because from the passing thing
It gives permanent truth producing delight, pleasure, surprise and all in one
Or from the trivial thing poetry says Universal truth amazing and wonderful!

Poetry is preferred to all writings because it is the most flexible form of
Literature and art mainly for compression of many ideas and information
Helpful for rapid reading and understanding of all matters sans difficulty!
For that it is possible to bridge the gap between prose and poetry by the
Use of conversational language of public or news media we know well!

Poetry distinguishes itself from all other forms of writing by descriptive
Beauty of words, musical sound of words of human passion and inspiring
Or exciting power of words in harmonious unity or rhythmic form having
Beauty, knowledge, passion and excitement that are lacking in prose…!

Philosophic truth or intuition or mysticism is dry and monotonous to study
When expressed in big thesis but quite inspiring when said in brief poetry;
So also, fire hidden in stone or huge energy in an atom expressed as E =
mC^2 scientifically is a puzzle but when said in suggestive poetry it’s fun!

With the suggestive power of poetry evolution of body, mind and spirit
It is possible to say better than in other kinds of writings as matter is so!
Intuitional knowledge of existence of consciousness or soul in a body is
What we say as life is nothing but the duration between birth and death!

Also of the final stage of life, only by poetic means mystical experience
Can be suggested starting from sub-conscious state of mind to conscious
And finally to super-conscious state about Universal Spirit in inner spirit
And communion of the Self with the Universal, Ultimate Reality is reached!

Self with the Universal Spirit within is like a prisoner kept in captivity!
Only when petals of lotus open, golden yellow of whole spirit is seen!
Though fire with the luminous blue flame within empty space of heart,
After many a birth, is realized and reached, it can be freed ultimately
So that part or soul can become one with the whole or Universal Spirit!

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