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Praveen Kumar poet God Don't Make Mistakes by Praveen Kumar Veteran Poet - 1,047 Points
God don't make mistakes,
God don't judge actions,
George Quasha poet words under pressure bleed original sense by George Quasha
The trouble with paradise is you never want to be away from home.
I make what calls me out.
George Quasha poet makeup sculpts by George Quasha
I'm feeling by ear.
Consider them gods and not cruel but ecstatic.
Paul Warren. poet Childhood - Being Home Before Dark by Paul Warren. Gold Star - 19,996 Points
When I was a kid I liked to ride my bike
I used to go everywhere pedalling as hard as I might
George Quasha poet Being Partial by George Quasha
I was a man
and I was trying to save a woman in danger.
Lalitha Narayanan poet Story Of A Beggar Maid by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 13,635 Points
she was hungry
the beggar maid;
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto poet American Elections - Campaigns by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Bronze Star - 2,796 Points
American elections campaigns
they begin one year in advance
Josey Alfred poet The Agent by Josey Alfred Veteran Poet - 1,965 Points
In or around each hospitals,
Where emergency, facility exist
hasmukh amathalal poet Pichhe Chhod.. पीछे छोड़ जाता है by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 168,696 Points
पीछे छोड़ जाता है
सैलाब आ गया
Charles Olson poet Variations Done for Gerald Van De Wiele by Charles Olson
I. Le Bonheur
dogwood flakes
Charles Olson poet The Songs of Maximus: SONG 2 by Charles Olson
Charles Olson poet The Songs of Maximus: SONG 1 by Charles Olson

colored pictures
Charles Olson poet Maximus, to Gloucester: Letter 2 by Charles Olson
. . . . . tell you? ha! who
can tell another how
Charles Olson poet The Librarian by Charles Olson
The landscape (the landscape!) again: Gloucester,
the shore one of me is (duplicates), and from which
Charles Olson poet The Kingfishers by Charles Olson
What does not change / is the will to change
Charles Olson poet I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You by Charles Olson
Off-shore, by islands hidden in the blood
jewels & miracles, I, Maximus
Charles Olson poet As the Dead Prey Upon Us by Charles Olson
As the dead prey upon us,
they are the dead in ourselves,
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Simple Task by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 83,362 Points
Life is to be lived freely and equally, we are never to
be bound by limitations or boundaries of another, for in
Ed Ochester poet What the Frost Casts Up by Ed Ochester
A crown of handmade nails, as though
there were a house here once, burned,
Ed Ochester poet Fall by Ed Ochester
Crows, crows, crows, crows
then the slow flapaway over the hill
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Perfect And Total Sense by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 83,362 Points
Racing through this life, tempted constantly, wanting
to see everything for I am curious to find out about
Michael P. McParland poet Very Early Morning With You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 54,898 Points
A very early and beautiful good morning to you
my most treasured and beautiful dear.
Ophelia Liberty poet The Sound Of Love by Ophelia Liberty Rookie - 0 Points
Do you hear that peaceful sound?
That more and more blossoms in my ear.
Luo Zhihai poet Accompany You For A Thousand Years Of Ageless Feeling by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 47,798 Points
Accompany you for a thousand years of ageless feeling
Luo Zhihai poet I Am Pursuing Wind(Two Pairs Of Couplets) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 47,798 Points
★ I Am Pursuing Wind(Two Pairs of Couplets)
☆ Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)
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