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michael walker poet L'Avenement De La Lumiere. by michael walker Bronze Star - 2,782 Points
Meme aussi tard qu'a ce point-lail arrive:
l'avenement de l'amour, l'avenement de la lumiere.
Madrason writer poet Sterren Geroofd by Madrason writer Bronze Star - 2,690 Points
Men kocht er een
om heel dichtbij te zijn
Marilyn Jean poet So Sleepy by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 4,908 Points
Now, I go to sleep, quitting this day
A hug is sent with all my love your way
Sandra Feldman poet Formula by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 15,563 Points
If everyone left,
Everyone else alone,
Bill Galvin poet The Song Is Sung; The Dance Is Done by Bill Galvin Veteran Poet - 1,677 Points
I am open to distraction,
As long as it doesn’t take me too far away.
Pearl Walden poet Q by Pearl Walden Rookie - 155 Points
Quaver: the note that splits
a beating heart in
Elizabeth Padillo Olesen poet I Wish For Star And Sun by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Bronze Star - 2,858 Points
When the nights are cold
when my sobbing blends
Christian Hudak poet Passion, Purpose, & Legacy by Christian Hudak Rookie - 392 Points
passion, purpose, and legacy
they're all in the sky
Marilyn Jean poet All Is The Same by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 4,908 Points
A day is a day
This one is gone
Frank Blacharczyk poet Where Am I by Frank Blacharczyk Rookie - 209 Points
Sometimes I wonder...where am I
Am I in somebody's dream
Swamidhason Francis poet Dreams And Reality by Swamidhason Francis Rookie - 41 Points
I met her in the Book-Fair, three days the fair lasted
And she was spotted on all days, browsing and buying my books
Gina Borrebach poet Try! by Gina Borrebach Rookie - 309 Points
Try as hard,
And as best as you can.
JJ Evendon poet Journey by JJ Evendon Rookie - 486 Points
A star filled night gives way to dawn
a coyote is heard howling in the distance
Royston Allen poet 07 Battle For The Eternal Destiny Of Humankind by Royston Allen Veteran Poet - 1,377 Points
VII - Satan and Death are defeated
Three days and nights without respite He fought
Abhilaaj poet She Profusely Bled And Crumbled.And Loudly The Clouds Thu.. by Abhilaaj Rookie - 324 Points
He was her cousin,
She took him as her brother.
Pijush Biswas poet The World Is Destroyable Because by Pijush Biswas Bronze Star - 2,443 Points
1.Hate is more than Love
2.Pretension much
Ronald Chapman poet Song From My Dreams (Regional Korea) by Ronald Chapman Veteran Poet - 1,202 Points
Standing on a hilltop,
Singing a song from my dreams,
Aidan Cost poet 2k15 Election, A Short Summary by Aidan Cost Rookie - 269 Points
Politics, such A dirty word to the youth of our generation,
the distrust of our democracy furthers their hesitation,
Arta Krasniqi poet You by Arta Krasniqi Rookie - 64 Points
You are
the rain
sanjay kumar maurya poet Tanha Hoon by sanjay kumar maurya Freshman - 724 Points
तनहा हूँ और घर का खाली एक कोना है
और छुप-छुप कर बस पलकों को भिंगोना है
paul bamberger poet A Crime Against Humanity (Work In Progress) by paul bamberger Freshman - 967 Points
nothing so compelling as the shadow of social injustice
sweeping across the grasslands of give nothing away
sanjay kumar maurya poet Teri Bharose Par by sanjay kumar maurya Freshman - 724 Points
तेरी भरोसे पर जिया जाये कब तलक
सब्र की भी हद है किया जाये कब तलक
Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) poet That It Is Where You Find It (Bussokusekika) by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Bronze Star - 2,131 Points
That It Is Where You Find It (Bussokusekika)
There is a saying
sanjay kumar maurya poet Ek Bnega Chaman Muhabat Ka by sanjay kumar maurya Freshman - 724 Points
एक बनेगा चमन मुहब्बत का
जब सबको सब समान दिखेगा
GRANT FRASER poet Skin by GRANT FRASER Freshman - 766 Points
The heart
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