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Robert Barnett poet Put God First by Robert Barnett Rookie - 0 Points
Put God first and always stay true
love your self and your neighbor too
0.00 0
Hebert Logerie poet Te Amé Desde el Primer de los Días by Hebert Logerie Freshman - 1,722 Points
Te amé desde los primeros días,
Dulce corazón, bella rosa, tierno amor.
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet Scales falling by Angell Afinowi Rookie - 709 Points
If only it was just a matter of shedding a few cells
Like dandruff but this sad condition from the past
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet About the Armadillo by Angell Afinowi Rookie - 709 Points
Quaintly cute in its rectangled armour with its
Pointy little ratty nose it snuffles around the
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet Leprosy at the birthday Party by Angell Afinowi Rookie - 709 Points
Through no fault of their own it happened as
They met and held hands and hugged each other
0.00 0
Alvin Mingle poet The Journey by Alvin Mingle Rookie - 11 Points
It begins at dawn,
The palpable excitement as we ascend,
0.00 0
Anthony Di'anno poet Darling by Anthony Di'anno Freshman - 1,636 Points
You are a witch, a miserable hag,
Vicious and nasty, a bloated old bag,
10.00 1
Rohit Sapra poet Bright Shades of Life by Rohit Sapra Veteran Poet - 2,878 Points
Bright shades, provide love
Love, through feelings only spreads
0.00 0
Bill Lindsay poet Tolstoy's Lament by Bill Lindsay Rookie - 0 Points
Is not
0.00 0
Rekha Mandagere poet The valley of Utah by Rekha Mandagere Rookie - 280 Points
In the saltiest lake
There is sweetness
0.00 0
Reagan A. Latumbo poet A House I call my Home by Reagan A. Latumbo Freshman - 1,193 Points
I grew up in a house made of bamboo,
with surroundings full of trees and kiddo,
0.00 0
Tony Adah poet I Do No Know by Tony Adah Bronze Star - 5,547 Points
I do not know
When the travails and the anguish
0.00 1
Ramesh T A poet Layer upon Layer Snow Everywhere! by Ramesh T A Rookie - 461 Points
Piling layer upon layer snow builds mounds;
It has created snow meadows everywhere.....
0.00 0
Panmelys poet untitled by Panmelys Rookie - 242 Points
Once upon a lLifeifetime
The best of all possible worlds
0.00 0
Lora Colon poet If Your Love Belonged To Me by Lora Colon Freshman - 2,484 Points
Are there no words that I can say,
No supplication I might pray?
0.00 0
Leonard Champlin poet She Says She can't Stand Me by Leonard Champlin Rookie - 94 Points
She says that she can't stand me when I tell he that I love her
she hates it when I say it that there is no one above her.
0.00 0
Jerry Ukaigwe poet Ethereal Wonder by Jerry Ukaigwe Rookie - 0 Points
As the snake sloughed off
0.00 0
Marizane Diedericks poet One Day by Marizane Diedericks Rookie - 0 Points
One day things will be worthwhile
One day life will make sense
0.00 0
Marizane Diedericks poet Since you have left by Marizane Diedericks Rookie - 0 Points
Since you have left
Life around me fell apart
0.00 0
Marizane Diedericks poet Fairy Tale by Marizane Diedericks Rookie - 0 Points
What would the sparkle of a fairy tale look like?
Kids playing in the park
0.00 0
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya poet Escape by Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya Rookie - 70 Points
It was a deer grazing
But his heart was in search of a shedeer
0.00 0
Marizane Diedericks poet Life by Marizane Diedericks Rookie - 0 Points
Without closing your eyes
Darkness has fallen
0.00 0
Nathan Mills poet My Love for you by Nathan Mills Rookie - 33 Points
My love for you is brighter then the brightest star, my love for you Is deeper then the deepest part of the ocean, my love for you is stronger then He
0.00 0
John Thorkild Ellison poet Nightmare by John Thorkild Ellison Rookie - 103 Points
The person who haunts my darkest dreams
Will take you away from me,
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet Evenings on the Verandah by Angell Afinowi Rookie - 709 Points
The bats are flying around outside the verandah
Whining and clicking from tree to tree and causing
0.00 0
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