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Raymond Sawyer poet The Hearts Of The Family Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,328 Points
When there a heart that is full of respect and yet the eyes will twinkle in the night for it's the family of angels that light up the night sky with r
Gerard Woods poet Theater Of War by Gerard Woods Rookie - 260 Points
In a theatre of war
on a cold, cold day.
Kumaara Sukeja poet Them Versus Us by Kumaara Sukeja Rookie - 62 Points
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet I Then Did Not Know by Lawrence S. Pertillar
I've decided with hindsight shown,
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet An Eye Opener by Lawrence S. Pertillar
When people are given positions,
To perceive they have become...
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Left Less Effective by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Many are living to experience life,
To worship the value of things to obtain.
Raymond Sawyer poet To Fly By Night Is Like Flying With A Star Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,328 Points
For a beautiful summer day and yet the sun warm once heart for every min that one feel the touch of the sun for one feel the touch of respect when the
Frank Avon poet Simple Sonnet by Frank Avon Gold Star - 9,374 Points
Every day
there comes a moment,
Cecelia GrantPeters poet My Addicted Friend by Cecelia GrantPeters Rookie - 92 Points
Jake told me that “back in the day it was cool to be HIGH”
He bragged to me about his glory days, then told me more about the night when
Pen anthony poet Love Costs A Thing by Pen anthony Rookie - 373 Points
Forget anything you've read
Anything you've heard too
Gerard Woods poet The Battle Of Good And Evil by Gerard Woods Rookie - 260 Points
I awoke in a cold,
Cold sweat,
Jacson Gelato poet Correction - A Necessary Step. by Jacson Gelato Rookie - 263 Points
I hit a stone
and you asked me
Raymond Sawyer poet For One Who Sit Under The Family Is One Who Wish For Respe.. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,328 Points
Today is another day just to hear the birds sing is like seeing the beautiful sun shine that touch every rose with respect but yet for every cherry tr
Hailey Stump poet We'Ve Known Each Other For Awhile by Hailey Stump Rookie - 185 Points
We've known each other for awhile
And we always seem to make each other smile
Hailey Stump poet I Need A Hero by Hailey Stump Rookie - 185 Points
I need a hero
A hero who can show me who to be
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Touch Of Respect Is The Touch Of The Angel Of Re.. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,328 Points
When the morning sun touch the beautiful blue sky thus it been fill with respect but when one feel a warm smile thus one feel the smile of the angels
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto poet Your Own Accountability! by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Freshman - 763 Points
Many dreams assemble in the corridors of the mind,
some that take imagination up in a hurricane of hope,
Angela Wybrow poet Snow In Summer by Angela Wybrow Rookie - 440 Points
Whilst we in the South are enjoying the sun,
Way up in Scotland, they have none.
Hailey Stump poet Wall Of Protection by Hailey Stump Rookie - 185 Points
When I'm poking you
I'm just joking
Sudipta Bhattacharyya poet Beside The River. by Sudipta Bhattacharyya Freshman - 849 Points
I saw that day a man
Sitting alone beside the river,
Dr PJ Raj Kamal poet We Desire To Rule by Dr PJ Raj Kamal Veteran Poet - 1,658 Points
From a molecule
In this mighty universe
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet The Dejection by Bazi alis Subrata Ray Veteran Poet - 1,489 Points
The Dejection.
He wished to be a causeless Fool,
Michael P. McParland poet Life Without You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 18,723 Points
I miss you dear, my only one,
life without you is far less fun.
Asher Breuer Weil poet Is The World Too Much With Us Still? by Asher Breuer Weil Rookie - 406 Points
Is the world too much with us still?
And are the flowers still asleep?
PARTHA SARATHI PAUL poet What To Say...? by PARTHA SARATHI PAUL Veteran Poet - 1,828 Points
What to say when you know everything?
Description is the job of an experience.
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