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Mark Heathcote poet A Thought Is An Idea In Transit (Pythagoras Quote) by Mark Heathcote Silver Star - 3,875 Points
The world is living memory without thought
Music has an unlimited number of percussions
Andy Brookes poet Baggage by Andy Brookes Bronze Star - 2,454 Points
Too late to recycle our love,
The old cliches you summon are tired.
ZeGaLa Nobody poet By My Side by ZeGaLa Nobody Rookie - 156 Points
Salty lake
true above life
Pijush Biswas poet One Summer Night by Pijush Biswas Bronze Star - 2,528 Points
Summer night, bright stars and the Moon;
All, in tiredness, look into where their secrets lie
Brendan M. Rumney poet Decades Had Went By And Hence My Soul Had Grown Into An Ol.. by Brendan M. Rumney Rookie - 11 Points
Decades had went by and hence my soul had grown into an older somber state. For now I had raised myself as an old cuss from what was a simpler concede
Ruth Walters poet No Fixed Abode by Ruth Walters Freshman - 512 Points
She was raggedy,
she tramped the streets,
Kenneth Maswabi poet A Brief Statement About Love by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,390 Points
Love is an activity
Just like a hobby
Lilly Emery poet Ugly Dogs Bark by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,417 Points
If There was Love their would be no fuss
Then no one would have to give in
Lilly Emery poet Hunting For My Soul by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,417 Points
Hunting for my soul
The hunting of lust, and greed is his seed
Tom Zart poet Faith, Wisdom & Courage by Tom Zart Bronze Star - 2,242 Points
Anxiety is the result of when our desires are anything
Short of Gods will for us to heed and transform.
Abdulmajeed Soladoye poet If Only... by Abdulmajeed Soladoye Rookie - 0 Points
Beclouded by the thickening darkness, he wobbles towards his hand - knitted mat layed on the raised plank, snuggles his feather-stuffed pillow and
Lilly Emery poet Losing Faith by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,417 Points
I sit in silence of a darken place
where I started losing my faith in love
bakuli bhakali poet My Shadow And Me by bakuli bhakali Rookie - 191 Points
I had a shadow.
Ya, a shadow.
Tiku akp poet Stale by Tiku akp Veteran Poet - 1,647 Points
I know you will leave me
You will forget me
Lilly Emery poet Let Our Love Last Forever by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,417 Points
Let our love last forever
Never let what we have go weary
MITHNA S NATH poet Life-Like by MITHNA S NATH Rookie - 108 Points
Sacrosanct busts
Unroll the yarn
Martins Akhoeneto poet I Remember You by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 247 Points
I remember you In every of my dream In every passing hour Down within my deepest mind You paint my day with smiles And litter every fading second With
Steven Federle poet Storm At The Wheelwright Museum by Steven Federle Rookie - 219 Points
Up the narrow, foothill road
we hear thunder and see tall clouds
Saiom Shriver poet Gray Grace 2 by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 5,283 Points
Don't like
gray paint
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Prasadam by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,455 Points
One year of my training completed
I scored only fifty percent in Math.
Paola Degli Esposti poet The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill. Part.Two.Chapter Twentyfo.. by Paola Degli Esposti Freshman - 605 Points
what a sensation! Legs are cool and sore. Arms are around Pete's arm and they are holding tight, he is frightened for a second because if only he imag
Saiom Shriver poet Lightpour by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 5,283 Points
Pours Your Light
from all stars in the sky
Saiom Shriver poet Forking Mercy by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 5,283 Points
He ripped open
the clouds
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet The Disease by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,455 Points
I don't like to talk about disease
Never discuss the illness
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet When I Go by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,455 Points
When I go to the sea
On the sand I write my pains
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