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Tony Hoagland poet A Color of the Sky by Tony Hoagland
Windy today and I feel less than brilliant,
driving over the hills from work.
hasmukh amathalal poet Stones Are Blck by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 34,455 Points
Stones are hard
Touch and feel their words
Alberto Ríos poet A Small Story about the Sky by Alberto Ríos
The fire was so fierce,
So red, so gray, so yellow
Lavinia Greenlaw poet Zombies by Lavinia Greenlaw
1980, I was returned to the city exposed
in black and white as the lights went on and on.
hasmukh amathalal poet I Love Philipine by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 34,455 Points
Even Though I have more to comment
But alas! I was not present
Robert Kane poet Being A Bee by Robert Kane Rookie - 266 Points
To be or not to be a bee?
Now that is the question,
Ronjoy Brahma poet आंनि आय आंनि आफा by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 8,547 Points
आंनि आय आंनि आफा बेसेबां अनो गावनि आंखौ बेसेबांदि अख्रा अब्लाबोदि आं। आंनि गोरोन्थि आयै आंनि नंखाय दाख्रायनाय आफा नोँसोरनि दुखु बिजिरख'नो हायैआ नोँसोर
Archan Mehta poet Existence by Archan Mehta Rookie - 167 Points
I do not know
who I am,
Indira Renganathan poet An Inconclsive Syllogism by Indira Renganathan Rookie - 398 Points
'Food is God' father tells his child
'So don't waste, He 'll get wild'
Anu Shraddha poet Stages Of Life-Haiku by Anu Shraddha Veteran Poet - 1,260 Points
A young child plays alone
watching from behind the baby swing wondering
Tony Adah poet The Dung Beetle by Tony Adah Gold Star - 6,516 Points
The dung beetle rolled
Rotting cow dung along
Phil Soar poet My Mind -The Parking Lot by Phil Soar Gold Star - 5,331 Points
My Brain is like a parking lot
Sectioned, where I leave my troubled mind
Soul Watcher poet Love by Soul Watcher Bronze Star - 2,562 Points
You obey, as much as you love.
Faustina Marie poet Transformation by Faustina Marie Rookie - 50 Points
I spent the summer wrapped up
Safe in my cocoon and itching in my skin
Terry Collett poet Another Childhood Day by Terry Collett Veteran Poet - 1,226 Points
We're on the grass
around Arrol House
Jack Abdallah poet Failed To See by Jack Abdallah Rookie - 193 Points
My words are short
My actions tall
Kelly Kurt poet Despair Iv by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
Extraordinary, encompassing, everlasting
Oh, the infinitely static apocalypse
Archan Mehta poet Nature Beckons by Archan Mehta Rookie - 167 Points
I wonder how I
ended up so poor,
Kelly Kurt poet Despair Iii by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
Here I sit, alone, like time in space
Memories, living collages of moving colors
Jack Abdallah poet Lost You by Jack Abdallah Rookie - 193 Points
I want you
I feel you
Kelly Kurt poet Despir Ii by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
Stare at the stars and try to see
If there is a purpose for you to be
Kelly Kurt poet Despair I by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
Deep in the back of my mind
And down in the depths of my soul
Kelly Kurt poet The Plan by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
Upon reflection, no answers came
The number of questions grew
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet S T I G M A T A {contrassegno Santo Della Crucifissione} by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 36,910 Points
Church doors ablaze, who be there...?
Seven Souls lost, in embers cloak,
Kelly Kurt poet One Segment by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,254 Points
A man did march from dawn to dusk
Each day since he was born
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