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Randy McClave poet Always On Sunday by Randy McClave Veteran Poet - 1,426 Points
I remember as a family going to church
And there we would always sing and pray,
Heritier Losembe poet Sous Le Charme De Joyce by Heritier Losembe Freshman - 669 Points
En compagnie de mes amis,
Certes j'ai sans ambages frémi.
Bill Cantrell poet Farewell Brazil by Bill Cantrell Veteran Poet - 1,684 Points
I write of love
because I know love.
Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) poet Is Tayopa The Dutchman (Bussokusekika) by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Bronze Star - 2,878 Points
Is Tayopa The Dutchman (Bussokusekika)
I've been doing math
Lilly Emery poet Gloom's Of The Mediterranean Sea by Lilly Emery Gold Star - 5,448 Points
Gloom's Of The Mediterranean Sea
By silent winter nights we sail
Rutvi Padhy poet The Rope That Binds by Rutvi Padhy Freshman - 534 Points
It's braided strands coil around my fist
As my fingers taint it red,
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet To Learn From - ان تتعلم من by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 19,672 Points
اذا لم اتعلم من ضعفي معنى قوتي عندئذ سأبقى ضعيفا ا
Musfiq us shaleheen poet Wayfarer by Musfiq us shaleheen Veteran Poet - 1,583 Points
Anamta Ali Pasha poet Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki by Anamta Ali Pasha Freshman - 747 Points
Main tenu samjhawan ki
na tere bina lagda jee
abiola olubunmi poet The Maiden Dreams by abiola olubunmi Rookie - 0 Points
It was that time of the day again
He will soon pass the bubbling street of London
Naveed Khalid poet Venus Ii by Naveed Khalid Silver Star - 3,062 Points
Love has but a cruel heart,
and no more I can bear
Donal Mahoney poet One More For The Road by Donal Mahoney Bronze Star - 2,688 Points
Booze, booze,
never again, groans Ollie,
brian naugher poet Wondering Child by brian naugher Rookie - 66 Points
As a child I wondered...
A million twinkling stars at night; where do they disappear to in the
Is It Poetry poet Myself And I And Me by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 4,522 Points
Then when it happened
there was three of U.S. by myself and only one of me
Michael P. McParland poet A Busy And Tired Day by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 16,529 Points
Yesterday was such a busy and tired one
my sweet Angel so very fine.
Cp4 The Rapper poet Independence by Cp4 The Rapper Rookie - 0 Points
When you got to depend on yourself to do things alone.
When no one is beside you to help bring you along.
Donal Mahoney poet Before He Left by Donal Mahoney Bronze Star - 2,688 Points
He left a ticket
for you and me
Aishaf Rehman poet Silver Lining by Aishaf Rehman Rookie - 475 Points
I saw the silver lining
at night when the sky was
Nassy Fesharaki poet Motorbikes by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 9,183 Points
Shirts’ skirts lifted, open and exposed
Nassy Fesharaki poet Just Ex... by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 9,183 Points
Just Ex…
On phone and busy, right after my talk,
poojitha bhat poet A Moment's Glory! by poojitha bhat Rookie - 21 Points
These spotlights
Those glaring lights.
Terry Searcy poet Dreary Day by Terry Searcy Rookie - 116 Points
The sunbeams fall recklessly to the ground thru the cloudy sky
Their beams are reflected thru the drops of rain and magnified thru the wetness
Frank Blacharczyk poet Darn Mirror by Frank Blacharczyk Rookie - 386 Points
You can run you can hide
You can have the greatest mind
Anchal Dhanush Verma poet गज़ल का शेर by Anchal Dhanush Verma Rookie - 50 Points
सूख गये हैं ख़्वाब हमारे, आँखों की नमी पर, अब खुशी बाँटने क्यों आई हो जब नहीं आई गमी पर, और मत भूल की वक्त के इस आदमी में वो जुर्रत है कि अब भी क
Pranesh Patil poet Green Wind by Pranesh Patil Rookie - 291 Points
A walk along the mountain roads,
curvy ends and hairpin bends,
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