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Malcolm Two poet True Reading by Malcolm Two Rookie - 269 Points
Read my feelings
before reading my poems
Robert Murray Smith poet Biblical Words by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 22,703 Points
Biblical words are
not of our time.
Chan Mongol poet Shame On Patriots (1) by Chan Mongol Gold Star - 10,046 Points
Shame patriots (1)
Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni poet Ticket To Deathland! by Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni Gold Star - 4,841 Points
The owner of the name tag,
lost it accidentally,
Chan Mongol poet Shame On Patriots (2) by Chan Mongol Gold Star - 10,046 Points
They rob rights and make us homeless!
JAR Poet poet Mom With Special Needs by JAR Poet Rookie - 221 Points
I'm a mom,
doctors are proficient at their jobs,
Prayash Gupta poet A War With Negative Forces by Prayash Gupta Rookie - 68 Points
When I have time to free myself
From the hustle and bustle
Robert Murray Smith poet Give Me A Date When Jesus Was Born by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 22,703 Points
Jesus a Jew must have known his birth date.
In the stable reputed, thrust out belated.
John Sensele poet Wake Up From Your Slumber by John Sensele Gold Star - 8,552 Points
Wake up from your slumber, wake up and seize your bumper
Bouquet of priceless dreams, allow nothing to hamper
Shalom Freedman poet We Are Commanded To Love God by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 9,717 Points
We are commanded to love God
Orlando Belo poet I Am Sick To Death by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 9,849 Points
I am sick to death of all your scheming lies.
When are you going to listen and realise?
John Sensele poet Personalities by John Sensele Gold Star - 8,552 Points
Sanguine personalities exude warmth and friendliness
Whose sociable and charismatic nature create an atmosphere
Kelly Kurt poet Juiced (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 173,510 Points
Initially, the grape felt just fine
Hanging in the vineyard on its vine
Asis Biswas poet Stranger One by Asis Biswas Rookie - 479 Points
Stranger one finds someone
/under the baniyan tree in a fun
Rosna Roy poet Alone by Rosna Roy Freshman - 576 Points
Alone Alone Alone
Iam always alone in every seconds
tabasom azadee poet Hell Or Heaven by tabasom azadee Rookie - 102 Points
hell or heaven
what is their Difference
Gert Strydom poet Executive by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 7,469 Points
(after John Betjeman)
I am a young urban professional wearing a tweed suit
Robert Murray Smith poet Religion And Man-Made Myths by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 22,703 Points
I puzzle in amazement at
poets, otherwise sound.
Ramesh T A poet Sports In Lieu Of Wars! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 32,079 Points
Parcipation of all nations in Olympics 2016 is over;
From Greecian time to the present it's a best event
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet Upon Deliverance Of The Doves... - by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 77,982 Points
Two doves in motion, exploring their options
in tune to life from their spire;
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet A New York Story From China To Church... by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 77,982 Points
The trip to Chinatown was symbolic
of any space communed by a culture
Farzad Jahanbani poet ! برند زدایی چرا؟ (Persian) by Farzad Jahanbani Bronze Star - 2,928 Points
به دنیای تولیدِ با کمّیت
کنارش که تضمین شده کیفیت
Debargha Ghosh poet A Water Pitcher by Debargha Ghosh Rookie - 205 Points
Oh thing of bone-dry earthling
Where trickles may never sing
Santosh Bakaya poet Who Did It? by Santosh Bakaya Rookie - 271 Points
Who did it?
Gajanan Mishra poet Where Does The Life by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 146,391 Points
Where does the life
Come from?
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