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Akhtar Jawad poet The Spanish Wine by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 38,829 Points
Habits easily developed,
Difficult to give up,
Michael P. McParland poet I Want To by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 23,397 Points
I want to spend everyday on earth with you,
I want to sit and talk about everything.
Donal Mahoney poet Something Is Wrong by Donal Mahoney Silver Star - 4,246 Points
“The job should pay what the job is worth. You know that, ” Bill told Fred. The two of them were at the same table in a nice restaurant awaiting deliv
Udaya R. Tennakoon poet Hopeless Hope by Udaya R. Tennakoon Freshman - 965 Points
A wave
That breaks softly and
Sandile mngadi. poet Picture Perfect by Sandile mngadi. Rookie - 345 Points
Picture Perfect
I had visions of having a home with you
Bharati Nayak poet My Friends by Bharati Nayak Gold Star - 8,524 Points
Many friends do I have
How do I describe them
Chenou Liu poet Snowy Days Tanka by Chenou Liu Bronze Star - 2,661 Points
the doctor said,
'one day at a time ...'
Robert Dummett poet No Tears For Me by Robert Dummett Rookie - 128 Points
Stare not at tongues of flame and cry.
I do not burn nor did I die.
DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON poet The Life We Have. by DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON Freshman - 721 Points
the we have should be glad. then why are we sad in this life i know it not easy. but it all we got so don, t said a lot. but there a word that come
Phil Soar poet Lost And Found by Phil Soar Gold Star - 12,137 Points
They tore the countryside apart
Looking for a sad and broken heart
Phil Soar poet She Passed by Phil Soar Gold Star - 12,137 Points
“sleep well” she said as her kiss connected with my furrowed brow
“sleep well, sweet dreams, as worry leaves you now
A K Rajagopalan poet I Lost My Ego! by A K Rajagopalan Rookie - 50 Points
Long long ago I lost my ego
Because I learnt I've nothing to forego;
Raymond Sawyer poet Summer Night For The Stars Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 12,149 Points
For one to see the stars in the night or one wish for the summer yet for every star that one see is the angels of respect but yet to the family it's t
DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON poet Can We Share? by DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON Freshman - 721 Points
Can we share what we got here.? do you know this is all we got. so we treat like it not. we all on this ball. why do you want it all there is no rac
Jaey Peele poet Abstract Beings Concrete Dreams by Jaey Peele Rookie - 355 Points
Abstract Beings Concrete Dreams
Alternate continuum
PAUL WARREN poet Night - On The Edge Of The Light by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 4,927 Points
What do you miss on the edge of the headlights?
Are there things that wander that would give you a fright?
Sunprincess poet Blue Skies And Butterflies by Sunprincess Gold Star - 22,834 Points
if high on top of a mountain so magnificent
I would wish to be a wildflower, maybe blue
B. Sven Telander poet Libido Scienda by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points

The boy drinks a phantasmal
Satish Verma poet A Revival by Satish Verma Bronze Star - 2,858 Points
Patenting the human genes;
B. Sven Telander poet Eye Bank by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points
That damn affinity for automatons,
liberating window open for valid
Phanice Wamukota poet Getting To Zero - Retold by Phanice Wamukota Bronze Star - 2,056 Points
By now you are aware that AIDS is a killer
Yet reviving your memories remains my hobby
B. Sven Telander poet Apotheosis by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points

All those tales told in
hasmukh amathalal poet Pick New Leaf Always by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 67,392 Points
We have become slaves
And behave
hasmukh amathalal poet Pick New Leaf by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 67,392 Points
We have become slaves
And behave
gajanan mishra poet You Are Doing Everything by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,954 Points
I am not alone,
You are with me.
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