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Debdeep Mandal poet Vanquished, I Lay.. by Debdeep Mandal Rookie - 42 Points
I lay on the lap of the open skies,
The darkness of night, covering my face;
Morgan Michaels poet Stop by Morgan Michaels Gold Star - 9,676 Points
'Stop the presses, notify the Nation!
The essence of charm is self-deprecation.
Olubola Adepoju poet When Will You Arise? by Olubola Adepoju Rookie - 0 Points
When will u arise?
Tulsi Shrestha poet Sublimation by Tulsi Shrestha Veteran Poet - 1,403 Points
I want to evacuate debris inside me
Dead Inside poet Games by Dead Inside Rookie - 48 Points
lost among your love
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet My Heart by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 25,078 Points
My heart like an innocent child aspires
To be in your company it always desires
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi poet Add God Factor In Your Life! ! by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Gold Star - 13,290 Points
A man died leaving nineteen horses,
and a will saying half of it would go,
Morgan Michaels poet Dog-Day by Morgan Michaels Gold Star - 9,676 Points
In the US we now have Dog-Day.
'Wretched excess', hiss the cats, and,
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Krishnamay Krishnamay...'कृष्णमय कृष्णमय ' by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 217,540 Points
'कृष्णमय कृष्णमय '
में नहीं मानती कुत्ते की दुम सीधी हो सकती है
Louis A. Borgo poet Her Presents by Louis A. Borgo Silver Star - 4,303 Points
Imperfection love scorn, tented, virtue a loose,
Sound board of like if to know of her will is that shackle
Paul Gerard Reed poet Back Then by Paul Gerard Reed Gold Star - 5,458 Points
The time back then cannot be found,
Did I ever really live in those days?
Colin Ian Jeffery poet Polar Bears by Colin Ian Jeffery Veteran Poet - 1,439 Points
Majestic hunter over snow and ice
Roaming frozen seas
Noren Bagundol poet My One And Only by Noren Bagundol Rookie - 371 Points
The first time I met you
I don't have a clue that I'd fall for you
Noren Bagundol poet You To Me Are Everything by Noren Bagundol Rookie - 371 Points
My heart was torn apart
I did try to fix it
Dr. Yogesh Sharma poet Enthuse A New Spirit by Dr. Yogesh Sharma Veteran Poet - 1,227 Points
Why do you bear curses?
Shukla go to UPSC determinedly,
Noren Bagundol poet The Gift by Noren Bagundol Rookie - 371 Points
I was once an empty shadow,
Lurking in the night,
Rahul Chakraborty poet Spiritual Elation by Rahul Chakraborty Rookie - 131 Points

There may not be a plan for your spiritual elation
Noren Bagundol poet In A Blink Of An Eye by Noren Bagundol Rookie - 371 Points
That seemed to happen yesterday
The moment you came
Dr. Yogesh Sharma poet Long Live Caste by Dr. Yogesh Sharma Veteran Poet - 1,227 Points
Look, look, at our constitution.
This is my secular nation.
Jean Bernard Parr poet Billy Is A Grass by Jean Bernard Parr Veteran Poet - 1,761 Points
They whitewashed
it on the end wall
WES Vogler poet (limerick) I Can See Your Mom Smile As She Claps by WES Vogler Gold Star - 54,982 Points
In days coming you'll, maybe, collapse
You can never be sure but perhaps
Ian Keenan poet Lights Will Guide Her Home. by Ian Keenan Veteran Poet - 1,466 Points
After the summer break,
Back home while others work
WES Vogler poet (limerick) The Bustling Throng On The Go by WES Vogler Gold Star - 54,982 Points
Clever men make good husbands. Well, no
Clever men don't BECOME husbands, so
Liilia Talts Morrison poet Mendicant by Liilia Talts Morrison Gold Star - 4,843 Points
He sits beside the sandy road
the sun is bright today
Jean Bernard Parr poet Incident At Cadoxton Station by Jean Bernard Parr Veteran Poet - 1,761 Points
I saw a boy today
a day grim with hail
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