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Francis Duggan poet The Young Danny Boy by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 49,810 Points
It does seem he will never grow old Danny Boy
As long a life as Methuselah he will enjoy
Ron Stock poet Bullies Of A Feather Fly Together by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
This is the story of two young bullies. One big, strong. The other, bigger, stronger. The location, a small Mexican seaside pueblo. Our first bully is
Kelly Kurt poet Lost In Translation (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 174,333 Points
I'm on a strange missing-persons case
Magician's assistant to replace
Ron Stock poet An Old Rosewood Cane by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
1947. The sky was blue, the sun hot, the clouds white, the water cool.
Short, squat, Dr. Chicky,71, was sitting on a beach of fine white sand, on
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Wanting To Comprehend by Lawrence S. Pertillar
If many are not listening,
With a wanting to comprehend.
Vida Nenadic poet Myth by Vida Nenadic Rookie - 83 Points
Bill Darrah poet Love Requite by Bill Darrah Rookie - 178 Points
Take your pick because what you see is what you get, but don't ever forget the indescribable way we met and how we put our trust on the somewhat secur
Ron Stock poet My Dysfunctional Baggage Clearance Sale by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
I've had two recurring dreams in my life.
One: I'm in a large house, always in an attic,
Vida Nenadic poet In This Life by Vida Nenadic Rookie - 83 Points
In this life
I came to meet you,
Govind Ramakrishnan poet Pitch For Pay (Senryu) by Govind Ramakrishnan Gold Star - 9,419 Points
stepping to the mound
i deliver a fast ball~~
Ron Stock poet The Unforgivable Sins Of Sodom And Gomorrah by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
A clanging bell in the steeple of a small, white clapboard Southern church invited folks to worship for an hour or so. The knell resonated in the cool
Haruna issa AlHassan poet What We Lost To Civilization by Haruna issa AlHassan Rookie - 127 Points
Our parents complain of bad attitude
They lament on our fashionable dresses
Ron Stock poet Exploring The Dark Side Of The Garden Of Eden by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
Roger,35, is a tall, blond, thickset, redneck handyman, and as strong as a buffalo. He's dressed in a green-checkered shirt, brown safari hat, tattere
Raymond Sawyer poet The Light Of Happiness Is The Light Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 38,175 Points
A lovely night and yet the moon raise to touch the night sky with the light of life yet for one who see the moon shall feel the touch of a star that t
Raymond Farrell poet A Feeding Frenzy by Raymond Farrell Gold Star - 20,526 Points
I never thought one loaf of day old bread
would cause such a feeding frenzy
Vida Nenadic poet In The Murky Water by Vida Nenadic Rookie - 83 Points
In the murky water
Warren Falcon poet Decry The Fetish Of Normality, After Reading 'sonnet Of Th.. by Warren Falcon Veteran Poet - 1,101 Points
'its musky trough, its tear-filled nest'
Artur, Paul, ravenous I clumsily preen
me poet yeps poet poet Humm Ayeye Toe Sahee by me poet yeps poet Gold Star - 10,527 Points
Humm ayeye toe sahee
humm woh roshni hain
Hope Franks poet God Called You Home by Hope Franks Rookie - 113 Points
God called you home today
you are in a better placed now
ARUNA LAKRA poet Memories by ARUNA LAKRA Rookie - 66 Points
Oh Pigeon!
The doors of my house has been shut
me poet yeps poet poet Scrap Space 'tis Rat Race by me poet yeps poet Gold Star - 10,527 Points
Beautiful poetry ensues
from hearts
ARUNA LAKRA poet I Am Here by ARUNA LAKRA Rookie - 66 Points
I am Here
The wind gushed passed me
Barry Middleton poet Chango by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 42,441 Points
Chango coco jambo
everywhere that I go
Naveed Akram poet My Long Road by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 15,942 Points
The road is longer than a small continent,
It purges and crashes with dutiful sounds,
Barry Middleton poet Gravity by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 42,441 Points
long before that fateful apple
struck Newton on the head
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