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Poet Poem
Frank Avon poet Outside My Window Xx by Frank Avon Gold Star - 11,360 Points
A few last leaves
RIC S. BASTASA poet Balak Alang Kang A. by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 10,919 Points
musta na? bugnaw na ba kaayo diha?
lami kuno ang mga pagkaon diha?
RIC S. BASTASA poet Then The Fish Story Begins To Be Told by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 10,919 Points
POETRY is something
that you do
RIC S. BASTASA poet Nobody Wants To Read And Study The Law by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 10,919 Points
wants to read and study the law
Michael P. McParland poet I'll Always Be Here For You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 36,476 Points
I'll always be here for you
my sweet Angel dove.
Kumarmani Mahakul poet Go On Chirping by Kumarmani Mahakul Gold Star - 51,817 Points
Dear little birds be in nest
Go on chirping for next dawn
Raeldayan Aplaon poet Peace Be Still by Raeldayan Aplaon Rookie - 73 Points
The soft voice of Jesus are whispers of peace
You feel it like heart beats in quietness it speaks
Ronald Chapman poet Korea by Ronald Chapman Bronze Star - 2,530 Points
Holding on to you so tight, a dream,
Unable to part with love,
Ifeyinwa Ezenyimulu poet Give And Want by Ifeyinwa Ezenyimulu Rookie - 52 Points
We all want this and that
That and this, and that
Bhoobalan Sabari poet And It's Still You..! ! by Bhoobalan Sabari Rookie - 48 Points
A Cerebropuncture in its way
That every drop of you drain away
Maya Hanson (mye3) poet Comet by Maya Hanson (mye3) Veteran Poet - 1,072 Points
A courtyard between us
and still her flame
Crystal Pierce poet My Father No Longer. by Crystal Pierce Freshman - 963 Points
I've been put through hell.
Therefore I don't need a map because I know it well.
Raeldayan Aplaon poet God's Love by Raeldayan Aplaon Rookie - 73 Points
God’s love is a never-ending story
God’s heart is an ocean of kindness and care
Agatha Eliza poet Quand Tu Me Dis by Agatha Eliza Silver Star - 3,177 Points
Quand tu me dis que le monde entier
vit pour trouver l'amour
Michael P. McParland poet I Want To Hold You 2 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 36,476 Points
I want to hold you so very close
and just give you all of my strength
Peter Bain poet Half A Pie by Peter Bain Freshman - 756 Points
I'm sitting at their table
They're giving me my tea
Kumarmani Mahakul poet Sweetness In East by Kumarmani Mahakul Gold Star - 51,817 Points
So much love is blooming
In this orange red East
Margaret O Driscoll poet Courage by Margaret O Driscoll Gold Star - 8,009 Points
'I brought some flowers'
I said to the nurse at the desk
Morgan Michaels poet In Trutina by Morgan Michaels Gold Star - 6,563 Points
Back, forth, up, down
teeter in the balance
Raymond Sawyer poet When The Birds Sing Thus The Angel Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 24,245 Points
For when the sky is blue thus for every touch of respect for a rose shall fill a heart that wish for the touch of respect for where there happiness fo
Donal Mahoney poet Flotsam And Jetsam by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 7,012 Points
They're usually poor people,
sometimes considered
Nishi Kumari poet The Christ Never Discriminates... by Nishi Kumari Bronze Star - 2,365 Points
In the weary ragged and torn out clothes
She visits the church in the outskirts of the city
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet The Dance Of Life by Lawrence S. Pertillar
We are born to be who we are.
Some take that to enhance.
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Neither Reminisced Nor Remembered by Lawrence S. Pertillar
It is better and much healthier,
On one's mind to accept a reality.
Michael P. McParland poet You're So Beautiful 11 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 36,476 Points
Kira you're so very beautiful
and I truly adore you.
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