New Poems


Title Poet
V.Tushnova, I understood, you wanted... - translation (rus.)
To warm light, to my paternal threshold
Wistful sigh of your's pulls me as a rein old.
Lyudmila Purgina poet by Lyudmila Purgina
on 7/23/2014
Contour Of Life
Topics of importance don't concern me when I'm in a certain
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet by RoseAnn V. Shawiak
on 7/23/2014
The Second Day We Met
You get on with life as a dreamer,
You're a bright kinda person.
Ronald Chapman poet by Ronald Chapman
on 7/23/2014
The Summit
The ladder I carefully held
for you to touch the summit
Pankajam Kottarath poet by Pankajam Kottarath
on 7/23/2014
British Big Cats
It seems that there were lots of private zoos
in the 70's and animals were released
Cynthia Fielding poet by Cynthia Fielding
on 7/23/2014
Window to Eternity
Oh Death!
Thine time hath come..
Anita Sehgal poet by Anita Sehgal
on 7/23/2014
She is in love...
I`ve given her a gift
and she`s gladly taken it.
on 7/23/2014
Please Say It
My heart you have made teenage fragile
It no longer is as agile
David Munene wa Kimberly poet by David Munene wa Kimberly
on 7/23/2014
The scorching August rays fell fast,
As through a Western village passed
Kate Harrington poet by Kate Harrington
on 7/23/2014
No Bigger than a Pepper Flake
I could kill him but I won't.
This tiny spider
Donal Mahoney poet by Donal Mahoney
on 7/23/2014
Ugly World
There is no more love in this world
And I've no more faith in humanity
Fareez Nasir poet by Fareez Nasir
on 7/23/2014
Reptile Ghosts
You are reptiles and ghosts,
Goblins that master their kin
Naveed Akram poet by Naveed Akram
on 7/23/2014
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