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Long Tooth poet "You Are No Longer A Friend" by Long Tooth Veteran Poet - 1,579 Points
Wow! I am blown away!
My roof is truly gone!
Alek Lenth poet L'abeille by Alek Lenth Rookie - 154 Points
All the buzzy way
Will dance rustically
Brian Johnston poet Ph: Life: Understanding Human Limitations by Brian Johnston Gold Star - 11,407 Points
I suspect there are many things I'll never know
Mind of God in my mind truly such a huge part,
Rebecca Navarre poet In His Daze... by Rebecca Navarre Veteran Poet - 1,354 Points
He's in the barn, watching the golden rays of sun
stream down. He's climbing the big, old oak tree, that
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi poet The Wooden Boat.. by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Gold Star - 14,506 Points
The boat is so small, rifted from the house top,
A lonely child, sits there quiet and in dread,
Onuora ilodibe poet Travel Light by Onuora ilodibe Veteran Poet - 1,418 Points
We all sojourners in this place called earth
Experience has thought us not entirely enough
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi poet In Modern Internet Age! ! by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Gold Star - 14,506 Points
Come in boys and girls,
This hive is not the worst,
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Randy's Call On Ego by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 26,750 Points
R-andy's call on ego
A-rrives at everyone's ears;
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Anne's Joy Shall Gladden by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 26,750 Points
J-oy of Anne shall gladden
O-n twenty-sixth September;
Ramesh T A poet Source Of Miracle Love Is! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 33,284 Points
Love is the beautiful behaviour of human life ever;
That is the best culture and human civilization and
Orlando Belo poet Words Of Love by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 10,581 Points
People say it is impossible
to express what is on your mind,
Neal Beightol poet Song Of Solitude by Neal Beightol Silver Star - 3,629 Points
Down in the granite rocks
Down where the fire of the sun
Shalom Freedman poet I Searched For A Poem I Could Not Find by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 10,267 Points
I searched for a poem I could not find
I had an empty useless mind
Pranab Kusum Dutta poet Nothing Is Finished by Pranab Kusum Dutta Rookie - 0 Points
One's heart is not made of stone
Hence it's a subject to death,
Ross Vassilev poet This Is How Our World Will End! by Ross Vassilev Rookie - 0 Points
How is our mad world going to end?
With a deadly bang or a whimper?
Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti poet Ode To River Indus by Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti Freshman - 798 Points
O, dear Indus, the witness of millenniums'
History, traditions and culture
Manoshi Sinha poet I Bow To You, O Teachers Of Life! by Manoshi Sinha Rookie - 25 Points
On this day, every moment, every day,
I revere you, cherishing fond memories.
Haven't told
Anyone yet
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet Factors That Help Success. by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Gold Star - 17,323 Points
When to fight and when not to fight,
Where to fight and where not to fight,
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Stunning And Seductive by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 27,009 Points
My sweetheart you are so stunning and seductive
With a lovely attitude, to come and get me please
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet What Is Value? by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Gold Star - 17,323 Points
Value is a type of illusion
Formed of emotion common
Douglas Scotney poet After Past Carin' by Douglas Scotney Gold Star - 22,469 Points
From Right
to Resolution
Manoshi Sinha poet The Battle Between Body And Soul by Manoshi Sinha Rookie - 25 Points
What the verve! What the gaiety!
When the soul and body were attuned;
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet I Love To Lose Relations. by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Gold Star - 17,323 Points
I have some relations on father's side;
I would like to lose them.
Douglas Scotney poet ... Writing by Douglas Scotney Gold Star - 22,469 Points
Nothing quite so
intensely satisfying
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