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Kurt Philip Behm poet Sleep Well My Love, Goodbye by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 8,400 Points
At the far end of the casket,
his girlfriend hugged his wife
Judith Blatherwick poet When She Enters The Room by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 29,207 Points
(Collaboration with Gary Liles)
The ballroom falls to silence as soon
Jonathan Bellmann poet The Mountain by Jonathan Bellmann Rookie - 37 Points
Squinting into the stare of an unrelenting red giant,
A ledge of granite, hard as a rock cracked beneath a strain;
Lawrence Beck poet Aspriring Expatriot by Lawrence Beck Gold Star - 8,197 Points
At this point, yes, I do miss Sydney,
Miss its dense cacophony, its Asian
Yuri aronov poet Shade Of Gray by Yuri aronov Rookie - 66 Points
I'll meet you in the shade of gray
Where certainty has pushed away
Yuri aronov poet Oh, Foreign Land by Yuri aronov Rookie - 66 Points
Oh...Foreign Land, Oh...Foreign Land
Your sky, your ocean, and your sand
Yuri aronov poet Don't Ask For More by Yuri aronov Rookie - 66 Points
I'm one of those who came through sacred door
To build a life as sacred as the entrance
Luo Zhihai poet The Autumn Is Late by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 76,936 Points
The Autumn Is Late
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
James Darwin Smith II poet Love, I Am Always Yours by James Darwin Smith II Bronze Star - 2,868 Points
Heart afire
Rekindled in its glory
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet Once Upon A Clockwork Destiny by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 79,793 Points
winnowing at the notion
of judgment as we ocularize
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet The Revelation At Sutherman's Bridge... (Rep.) by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 79,793 Points
Sutherman's Bridge collapsed last night,
One hundred and four cables unable to swim,
Luo Zhihai poet Daiyu Buried Flowers by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 76,936 Points
Daiyu Buried Flowers
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Issac Zheng poet Dying Soldier by Issac Zheng Rookie - 192 Points
What's worth to fighting for?
What's reason of people dying for?
Madhavi Vudayagiri poet My Voice In Verse by Madhavi Vudayagiri Rookie - 22 Points
Joy struck in a dramatic duel with time's wing
emerges victorious with its natural healing ping,
Chenou Liu poet Colorblind Racism Tanka by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 10,884 Points
heats up debate on racism
Donna Jones poet Silly Me by Donna Jones Gold Star - 20,546 Points
I woke up with
my feet back to front, now I
Francis Duggan poet The Wise Man On Football by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 54,604 Points
Where a given number of players from each team compete physically for one ball
A wise man once said to me this makes no sense at all
Francis Duggan poet Our Earth Mother Every Life by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 54,604 Points
She is and was and always will be the World's number one super power
The one who can create a beautiful flower
Louis A. Borgo poet Earth Reflection by Louis A. Borgo Silver Star - 4,420 Points
If dreaming came like a bowl of oxygen would you inhaled with me one breath at a time
Check pleasing this time money is obsoleting take context for m
Raymond Sawyer poet The Land Of The Stars Is The House Of The Angel. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 38,995 Points
The land with no name thus the angel for it's the house of the angel of respect for it's fill with respect to touch a heart with respect but for one w
Doug Jones poet Observations by Doug Jones Rookie - 180 Points
A bright bouquet is on display
Nature is a hosting a pageant today
Marieta Maglas poet Red Rose (Three Line Poetry) by Marieta Maglas Silver Star - 4,373 Points
Beyond this frozen yonder,
a rain of love and sacrifice
Nyx C Styx poet Unkind To The Kindest by Nyx C Styx Veteran Poet - 1,356 Points
I am too unkind
to myself
Yashovardhan Kulkarni poet आवाज इस रंग भूरी है - Avaaj Is Rang Bhoori Hai by Yashovardhan Kulkarni Bronze Star - 2,315 Points
आवाज इस रंग भूरी है,
हम तुमसे हैं
Yashovardhan Kulkarni poet तदनंतर से अंतर - Tadanantar Se Antar by Yashovardhan Kulkarni Bronze Star - 2,315 Points
क्या करूँ
सुगमता वास्तविकता बनती जा रही है
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