New Poems


Title Poet
Shall I Wake Up No.2
The branches of my life
present a tree of wonder
Amy Edson poet by Amy Edson
on 7/20/2014
the truth about this fiction is your struggle for the release of your bad self from the chains of so much iron clad realities
and thus releasing yo
on 7/20/2014
गोरबो इसिँनिफ्राइ -20
सोर सोरजिनायनि
गोमोथाव सावगारि बेलाइ -?
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/20/2014
Communication Technology
Computers are at the cutting edge of the information age,
although books have a much longer history and they are still
michael walker poet by michael walker
on 7/20/2014
Planning Our Garden
I breathe the same painted blue sky
under a canopy of pointed leaves
Howard Steng poet by Howard Steng
on 7/20/2014
Flickering Gray
Of the day spent in art,
Holy thoughts,
Saint Chuck poet by Saint Chuck
on 7/20/2014
Butterfly Kisses
As I sit here by the water so still, the air so crisp and clean I hear them
They sing with their wings and love with their flight
Lori Palazzo poet by Lori Palazzo
on 7/20/2014
Tex & Rita (to Memorex)
Upon a great continent cursed masons have placed an indelible hex
identified by Ike as the military-industrial-congressional complex
Richard Thripp poet by Richard Thripp
on 7/20/2014
Water is Transparent
When sun sank deep in the arms of darkness,
Love-eyes blinked with joy, gazed with brightness,
Aftab Alam poet by Aftab Alam
on 7/20/2014
Modern Samaritan
The former green beret
turned author
Bill Grace poet by Bill Grace
on 7/20/2014
Rape of Rivers
A river is a fall from a mountain of glaciers,
Its breasts are full of wealth and treasures,
Akhtar Jawad poet by Akhtar Jawad
on 7/20/2014
Slaughter of Samba
Neymar Clubbed
Brazil drubbed
Barisan Chatterjee poet by Barisan Chatterjee
on 7/20/2014
the log in my eye
is too heavy to lift
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 7/20/2014
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