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Malcolm Two poet Step by Malcolm Two Rookie - 297 Points
With every sun I see in every morning
I believe
Test2 test poet Dsfasd by Test2 test Rookie - 292 Points
fadsfadsfadscfxc gdrfg dfg sdf gswadfgsdfg df
Liza Sud poet You Are My Friend, Joseph Brodsky. by Liza Sud Gold Star - 34,415 Points
You are my friend, Joseph Brodsky.
I fell in love with you,
Kelly Kurt poet A Cute Angle (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 174,333 Points
Shivering and shaking at the knees
So cold, she feared some fatal disease
Ramesh T A poet An Inspiring Muisc Never To Forget! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 32,079 Points
Majestic and bold music is Bond movie tune is
That inspires one to rise and go ahead bold ever!
Ashok Suresh poet Nostalgia Of Rain by Ashok Suresh Rookie - 251 Points
Rains had come every year
Drenching earth cold and damp
Liza Sud poet The Crystal Toll. From Balmont by Liza Sud Gold Star - 34,415 Points
The crystal jingles, crystal-clear, slopes,
The shake of light in flickerings of shadows.
Colin Ian Jeffery poet Wiggy by Colin Ian Jeffery Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
(White boxer - - my first boxer)
Eight weeks old
RIC S. BASTASA poet Socrates.... by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 32,016 Points
it is nice, he did it
well, the word gnat becomes
Orlando Belo poet A Ghost Theory by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 9,891 Points
I have given further thought to the question
of spirits and their effect on our life's course.
WES Vogler poet (limerick) He's Gray With Big Ears (Riddle) - Poem By We.. by WES Vogler Gold Star - 54,759 Points
What creature is this, then, my friends?
He possesses four knees that he bends.
Robert Murray Smith poet The Mind At Seventy by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 23,921 Points
At seventy your mind's
still firing.
Amanda Jones poet To Another Sad Goodbye by Amanda Jones Rookie - 0 Points
As I stare into your eyes I find myself asking, why is this happening why? Where is the look you used to give me? Can you honestly tell me where is it
Sari Mavi poet Good Morning Hater by Sari Mavi Silver Star - 4,242 Points
Some of them like a breeze blowing gently exhaling terror, slander,
and things negatively.
Jennie Renee Sparrow poet Two Roses For Emeraude by Jennie Renee Sparrow Silver Star - 3,077 Points
Watch as she sleeps
Cursed by the company that she does or doesn't keep
Liza Sud poet To J.Brodsky. He Turns Away From Happiness, by Liza Sud Gold Star - 34,415 Points
He turns away from happiness,
He goes with a proud head.
Robert Murray Smith poet The Pobblebonk by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 23,921 Points
The Pobblebonk a frog
who sounds bonkers.
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