New Poems


Poet Poem
Michael Burch poet What Would Santa Claus Say by Michael Burch Rookie - 14 Points
What would Santa Claus say,
I wonder,
sheena blackhall poet Liverpool/ Shanghai by sheena blackhall Freshman - 848 Points
The U boat story, Slave Trade, Mersey beat
Junks, sampans, memories of the Opium Wars
Tony Adah poet Master Of All by Tony Adah Gold Star - 9,250 Points
Man loves to hate man
That is why he is the master of all
Ramesh T A poet No Full Stop! by Ramesh T A Bronze Star - 2,702 Points
No Full Stop!
Friends and all are very careful to deal with him;
Satish Verma poet Fake Encounters by Satish Verma Bronze Star - 2,406 Points
When the surveillance increased,
the curtains started
Lois Read poet Season For A Shawl by Lois Read Rookie - 0 Points
The out of season cool
this mid-August morning
Kavya ... poet Positive Frame by Kavya ... Bronze Star - 2,414 Points
I chose to remain happy
I want to fly,
Michael Field poet Where The Blessed Feet Have Trod by Michael Field
NOT alone in Palestine those blessed Feet have trod,
For I catch their print,
Ishtar Trismegistus poet Silver And Gold by Ishtar Trismegistus Rookie - 28 Points
I am just a silver, and you are gold.
You are a fiery star, while I am cold.
Tony Adah poet Going To Where I Do Not Know by Tony Adah Gold Star - 9,250 Points
I am going home
To where I do not know
Frank Davis, Sr. poet Dark Sense Of Humor? by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 5,569 Points
Sign on the littered lawn
of a metropolitan satanist church:
Ronald Chapman poet Clouds In Front Of Me by Ronald Chapman Veteran Poet - 1,503 Points
White cotton clouds,
Blue, blue sky,
Robert Williams Buchanan poet The Tree Of Life by Robert Williams Buchanan
‘I have planted the Seed of a Tree,
Frank Davis, Sr. poet Silent Affliction by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 5,569 Points
The curse of being unloved
devastates. You are that person
Robert Lynnn poet Once Upon A Time by Robert Lynnn Gold Star - 12,078 Points
Once upon a time
a boy wen to phuket
Pijush Biswas poet On Going To Country House by Pijush Biswas Silver Star - 3,438 Points
I shall go and back, but neighbours' love must remain
As the old Jabas' beauty takes rebirth in new
Mary Elizabeth McGrath Blake poet The Master's Hand by Mary Elizabeth McGrath Blake
THE scroll was old and gray;
The dust of time had gathered white and chill
Lois Read poet The Charm Of The Nearly New by Lois Read Rookie - 0 Points
The little wren seems delighted
to u[-grade, to raise her chicks
David Lewis Paget poet Mirror Image by David Lewis Paget Bronze Star - 2,547 Points
The mirror was there when we moved in,
Full length, and stood in the hall,
Asma Khan poet Everything Will Be Okay! by Asma Khan Veteran Poet - 1,055 Points
Don't run behind the shadow
the root may stay, but the borough
Lois Read poet I'Ve Become A Convert by Lois Read Rookie - 0 Points
The Yellow Chinese Tree Peony
a Mothers' Day gift for my garden
Lois Read poet Prima Ballerina by Lois Read Rookie - 0 Points
I was moved today to paint the woods
dormant still, but showing signs
Amgad Samy poet Seclusion by Amgad Samy Rookie - 283 Points
Time wasn't an issue to mention
He had already lost his intention
Asma Khan poet Before You Said Good Bye by Asma Khan Veteran Poet - 1,055 Points
A little bit of me is left
out of the right and best
Seema Chowdhury poet Don'T Dwell In The Past by Seema Chowdhury Veteran Poet - 1,504 Points
Walk on the path of life
And be present in those moment
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