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Enchanted Soul poet Dilemma by Enchanted Soul Rookie - 11 Points
As a daughter, I always knew I’ll be leaving your home
There’ll be a new place waiting for me, a new road to roam.
Stanley Plumly poet Ground Birds in Open Country by Stanley Plumly
They fly up in front of you so suddenly,
tossed, like gravel, by the handful,
Naomi Shihab Nye poet Lying While Birding by Naomi Shihab Nye
Yes Yes
I see it
Stephen Loomes poet A Gentle Man by Stephen Loomes Rookie - 129 Points
A Gentle Man
What a pleasure it is
Ima Ryma poet Hillbillill And The Too Old by Ima Ryma Bronze Star - 2,492 Points
'Bill - the right wing is hinting that'
'I am too old the Prez to be.'
Mark Jarman poet Dispatches from Devereux Slough by Mark Jarman
Black Phoebe
Highwayman of the air, coal-headed, darting
Robin Robertson poet Albatross in Co. Antrim by Robin Robertson
after Baudelaire
The men would sometimes try to catch one,
Alexander Wilson poet The Blue-bird by Alexander Wilson
WHEN winter's cold tempests and snows are no more,
Green meadows and brown-furrowed fields reappearing,
Sir Toby Moses poet The Poor Shepherdess by Sir Toby Moses Veteran Poet - 1,170 Points
A poor shepherdess, Days of yore
If her sheep bleats at grains' store
Alexander Wilson poet The Fisherman's Hymn by Alexander Wilson
THE osprey sails above the sound,
The geese are gone, the gulls are flying;
Michael P. Johnson poet Flying Higher by Michael P. Johnson Bronze Star - 2,485 Points
I’m flying Lord, soaring higher
Wrapped in infinite love
Rutvi Padhy poet The Silence I Know by Rutvi Padhy Rookie - 393 Points
That silence,
It sheds no tears at souls in shrouds,
Kapil Basnet poet Your First Sight by Kapil Basnet Rookie - 55 Points
I was never so much closer
To anyone such intensely
Paola Degli Esposti poet Near Me by Paola Degli Esposti Rookie - 434 Points
near me
wall of resign/
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet St. Crispin's Day... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 39,332 Points
A Senryu with Traditional
Haiku Syllabic adherence.
Marco Bo poet The Path Of Love by Marco Bo Rookie - 33 Points
the way of love is not a highway without limits or barriers
the path of love is a crossroads of old country lanes
oskar hansen poet Kathmandu by oskar hansen Veteran Poet - 1,776 Points
a quaint, romantic name,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Thoughts Like Clouds by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
Thoughts are like clouds
Decorating our mental sky
Margaret O Driscoll poet Garretstown by Margaret O Driscoll Freshman - 716 Points
Garretstown, in a cloudy June
Windswept beach with stones strewn
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Distant Wishes by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
I picture you sitting in your kitchen
Listening to something sophisticated
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet The Death Rattle Echoes From The East... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 39,332 Points
Who knew about Isis, ten years ago?
We knew, but we didn't know their name.
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Try by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
Try to remember that I’m delicate.
Try to keep in mind that I’m feminine.
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Rise Like Fire by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
When a phoenix immolates herself,
What does she light the pyre with?
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Love Me by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
Love me when I’m grumpy.
Love me when I’m curt.
Suzanne Hayasaki poet He Sits by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 0 Points
He sits silently under a tree,
Not waiting
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