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Poet Poem
hasmukh amathalal poet Spare Us Knowingly by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 96,916 Points
Spare us knowingly
Develop tendency
Paul Gerard Reed poet One Last Swig by Paul Gerard Reed Silver Star - 3,060 Points
The sun slanted through bare trees
Forming zebra-stripes on the grass
Sumit Ganguly poet Dual Role by Sumit Ganguly Veteran Poet - 1,213 Points
There was a creature called amphibian
Who ruled the land as a politician
Mark Heathcote poet Just Entre My Parlour… by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 10,291 Points
Men’s patient sighs, never wane consider
When faced with his trips to the clothing boutique.
Fernando Pessoa poet I Am Tired by Fernando Pessoa
I am tired, that is clear,
Because, at certain stage, people have to be tired.
Doug Stewart poet Dark November by Doug Stewart Freshman - 874 Points
The City of Light went
Dim when one hundred thirty
Michael P. McParland poet A Quiet Loving Morning by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 36,287 Points
Oh my sweet darling Kira having just
gotten out of a soothing and relaxing morning shower
Rodolfo Gonzales poet I Am Joaquin by Rodolfo Gonzales
Yo soy Joaquín,
perdido en un mundo de confusión:
David Wood poet Facing Winter by David Wood Gold Star - 10,717 Points
The silky afternoon sun
Bathed the river Tawe
Lawrence Beck poet For Sir Philip Sydney by Lawrence Beck Silver Star - 4,202 Points
Had I the skill to write so well as you,
My lapidary words would go to waste,
Morgan Michaels poet Like Calligraphy by Morgan Michaels Gold Star - 6,563 Points
Like calligraphy
the leaves of the wicker tree
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet A Declaration Of War Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere - ا.. by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 33,226 Points
تبدأ حرب ما عندما تعمل العقول القبيحة عليها في اي وقت و في اي مكان
DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON poet A Summer Wind by DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON Bronze Star - 2,603 Points
In the Summer heat it so hot we can, t repeated. Making wishes for a Summer wind to cool off in a summer night you can go out and
feel the cool wind
Ronald Chapman poet Bright by Ronald Chapman Bronze Star - 2,530 Points
What place is this, covered in glow?
Glowing brightly,
Chenou Liu poet Awkward Silence Tanka by Chenou Liu Silver Star - 3,717 Points
three words
then an awkward silence
Denis Martindale poet Indian Tiger! by Denis Martindale Bronze Star - 2,796 Points
The Indian Tiger looked at me
While I observed him, too,
Umar Hashmi poet Heaven by Umar Hashmi Rookie - 219 Points
Where there are hills of snow and fog,
no cut tree to be changed in a log,
Youlem Moussef poet Time To Say Goodbye by Youlem Moussef Rookie - 0 Points
I know you love me, I love you too
But I cant stand being without you
M. Asim Nehal poet Between Odds by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 39,911 Points
Some thoughts are still struggling to take off
Some doors are yet to find the keys
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet A Declaration Of War Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 33,226 Points
A war starts when Ugly minds minds works On it anyt
M. Asim Nehal poet To Make This Life... by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 39,911 Points
A swing in your arms
A caress touch
Phil Soar poet Times Square by Phil Soar Gold Star - 18,544 Points
I followed crowds through Times Square
No-one knew that I was there
hasmukh amathalal poet Peacefully At Present by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 96,916 Points
Peacefully at present
What forbids us to shun violence?
Nikhil Parekh poet Once Again by Nikhil Parekh Veteran Poet - 1,105 Points
You die; I die - Love Poems - Part 8 (173 pages) , at;
-> Poetry from my Book as above mentioned -
Talile Ali poet Living In Pain by Talile Ali Rookie - 125 Points
Life such a shame
Someone's living in pain
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