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Joshua Guillory poet Few Poets Today Are Philosophers! by Joshua Guillory Gold Star - 11,581 Points
There are today few poets that are philosophers;
They who read books, but live not the life, are impostures!
Susan Lacovara poet Irrigation by Susan Lacovara Gold Star - 4,806 Points
You run hot and cold
A showerhead's dousing
Byju Vijayan poet Rain by Byju Vijayan Rookie - 177 Points
summer rain -
the boys jump
into the song
Cigeng Zhang poet My Chopsticks by Cigeng Zhang Gold Star - 5,472 Points
I've bought a pair of bamboo chopsticks
There is a small painting on the chopsticks
Deborah A. Bonner poet The Very Essence Of My Mind by Deborah A. Bonner Rookie - 89 Points
The Very Essence Of My Mind
By Dr. Deborah A. Bonner
Amrit Pal Singh Gogia poet चेहरे पे चेहरा by Amrit Pal Singh Gogia Veteran Poet - 1,600 Points
चेहरे पे चेहरा 25.4.16—6.19 AM
चेहरे पे चेहरा जो चढ़ा रखा है
Michael P. McParland poet Please Come Snuggle Sweet One by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 54,812 Points
Please come snuggle with me my sweet one,
I feel so very tired and I am deeply aching
Maya Hanson poet Toxic by Maya Hanson Bronze Star - 2,273 Points
I'm following your footsteps
I'm addicted to your skin
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Sexual Mysticism/ The Fire Of Sex by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 29,784 Points
Sex, the mythic base of it
And the application of mysticism,
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Karmayogin, Your Karma Is Your Dharma/ The Song Of Karma by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 29,784 Points
Your karma is dharma
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet In The End by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 68,617 Points
All insistence is displayed and when so-
All resistance will unveil Suns tomorrow;
Electric Lady poet A Rare Diamond Doesn't Play Games by Electric Lady Gold Star - 12,894 Points
Constant love spells make me dizzy
Is my name Lizzy?
Steve A. Politte poet To Know You Is...! by Steve A. Politte Rookie - 473 Points
I don't really know -
why it happened as it did.
Francis Duggan poet What Is Life About At All by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
What is life all about at all why otherwise pretend
Since it is just a journey that does have an end
Jesus James Llorico poet If I Have The Chance (Tanka) by Jesus James Llorico Gold Star - 6,207 Points
'If I have the chance
I will build you a rainbow
Francis Duggan poet What To Him Is Home Ground by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
He had been in distant Countries from his first home place far away
One who had witnessed many a sunrise and sunset distant from where he had first s
Francis Duggan poet I Do Love This Land Australia by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
Though i was born and raised by distant mountains from where i now live far away
I do love this Land Australia more than words can ever say
Tapan M. Saren poet An Advice To A Foe by Tapan M. Saren Silver Star - 3,534 Points
I'm a man, tiny man
A very precious life I've,
Francis Duggan poet Margaret by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
On our life's journey for us many a dawn
When Margaret left Claraghatlea for Tooreenbawn
Madrason writer poet Ash Struck Soles by Madrason writer Gold Star - 8,414 Points
Our farewell rituals decay
like trodden paths of mud
Bud Taylor poet My Quill Has An Edge Exciting by Bud Taylor Freshman - 766 Points
Hello, hello find you days fair
while we race days exacting
Francis Duggan poet Duhallow In Mid February by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
The cold wind of February from the mountains do blow
In the fields of Duhallow where the Blackwater flow
Francis Duggan poet I Hope To Go On Rhyming by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
My rhymes not considered to be poetry and i'm not much use at writing prose
We all cannot be above average as one would have to suppose
Francis Duggan poet Does It Matter Anyway by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 24,857 Points
A friend of mine did tell me of what a sort of former friend was saying of me
One who by his own admission is now my sworn enemy
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet Where The River Breaks...(An Amatorial Metaphor) - by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 68,617 Points
Standing 'side th' riverbreak,
water streaks like lightening,
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