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Martins Akhoeneto poet My Nightmare by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 274 Points
Come back home, take a nap Was her constant repeating calls That held bound our neighbourhood Almost staring folks to day-flight Though it made me but
SALINI NAIR poet Terror by SALINI NAIR Gold Star - 6,661 Points
This way leads to the summit
There dictate the law of all time
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet An Exit by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,525 Points
I came in this world silently
Nobody clapped
Lyn Paul poet Indigenous, So Be It! by Lyn Paul Gold Star - 10,437 Points
Living Today
Why is there still Racism?
Ishita Kumar poet Mother's Final Warning by Ishita Kumar Rookie - 0 Points
Heard once, it was by me
What you reap is that u sow
sally moran poet My Circle Of Thanks by sally moran Rookie - 54 Points
Thank You God for Your creation of earth,
There's no way to measure its value and worth.
PAUL WARREN poet Go Out And Seek The Light by PAUL WARREN Freshman - 570 Points
Go out and seek the light
Don’t let the darkness bring night
Ishita Kumar poet A Letter To My Mother by Ishita Kumar Rookie - 0 Points
I once wrote my mother a letter
But I should have known better
Pijush Biswas poet এ দেশ by Pijush Biswas Bronze Star - 2,567 Points
একটুখানি চেয়ে দেখ ভাই
সে যে মস্ত বড় দেশ
Raymond Sawyer poet Night After Night The Stars Of Respect by Raymond Sawyer Freshman - 716 Points
For when the day slip away for the stars of respect shall twinkle in once eyes thus respect is special to the stars of Star bucks for when one wish to
August W. Landing poet When I Am Earth's by August W. Landing Rookie - 11 Points
When I am Earth's,
And tempests rise,
Virginia Williams poet Smiling by Virginia Williams Rookie - 14 Points
I wonder why,
I even try,
Martins Akhoeneto poet August Rains by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 274 Points
I remember those cold days
That usher the year to exile
sally moran poet No Way Out by sally moran Rookie - 54 Points
What's real, what isn't?
I can no longer tell.
Luo Zhihai poet Touring Fairy by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 8,606 Points
★ Touring Fairy
☆ Poetry by Wang Zhenbai (875-958, Tang Dynasty, China)
Aran Kasrawy poet Naked Fact by Aran Kasrawy Rookie - 28 Points
Time passes by furiously
I'm getting older and older
sally moran poet Our New American Heroes by sally moran Rookie - 54 Points
Our new American heroes,
are different than before.
rohan bendre poet The Inportant Step by rohan bendre Freshman - 629 Points
The Mighty Step paved the Way for Initialization
Such was the Importance in taking the Drastic Step
Marco Bo poet May Heaven by Marco Bo Rookie - 149 Points
May heaven
it is spring outside and yet
Francie Lynch poet Lake Orion Philosophy by Francie Lynch Silver Star - 3,778 Points
I returned from three days of golf
At Lake Orion, with a philosophical man.
Shalom Freedman poet I Have Come Back by Shalom Freedman Bronze Star - 2,142 Points
I have come back
Dimitri Jagodinski poet Has America Just Gone Plum Nuts? Crazy! by Dimitri Jagodinski Freshman - 662 Points
What happened to us
Has America just gone plum nuts
Phil Soar poet Weather by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,134 Points
From the purest of white, to the darkest of grey
The clouds tell a story of rain on the way
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Hämlöst Hjärta by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Freshman - 828 Points
tro hopp och kärlek
söker hjärtat
hasmukh amathalal poet With Real Smile by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 38,812 Points
O lord, grant me such a vision
That includes no confusion
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