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Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet The Dirge Of The Deluge. by Bazi alis Subrata Ray Veteran Poet - 1,636 Points
A foggy face half hides the sun,
The forest-inmates are back a step,
Raymond Sawyer poet To Catch A Falling Star Is To Be In The Arms Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,634 Points
For every beautiful blue sky thus there i a clear day just to feel the sun shine on once face and yet the more one see the sun the more one will feel
Ramesh T A poet North Or East Or West Or South, Poetry Serves Best! by Ramesh T A Bronze Star - 2,402 Points
North or East or West or South, Poetry Serves Best!
Due to Computer coming into vogue, Poetry flourishes;
Alex Adeoye poet How To Die by Alex Adeoye Rookie - 10 Points
I know how to die,
Come close, let me tell you
Pijush Biswas poet I Praised Your Sister's Brow by Pijush Biswas Silver Star - 3,383 Points
I praised your sister's brow
When I loved you, or didn't know-
Saiom Shriver poet Sandlines by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 7,846 Points
In the sand
animals leave tracks
Dónall Dempsey poet Going Caveman by Dónall Dempsey Rookie - 98 Points
Here, in country dark
the black so thick
Ajita Pandey poet Facing Challenges by Ajita Pandey Rookie - 95 Points
Be strong and do it,
You have to face this one too,
Dr John Celes poet Dear Comrade… by Dr John Celes Gold Star - 5,863 Points
A man so helpful rarely have I seen;
A man quite cheerful, he has always been;
Raymond Sawyer poet The House Of The Family Is The House Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,634 Points
When one enter the house of the family for one will feel the lovely warm smile but yet when one see a star in once eyes for it shall sparkle with resp
Valentine Mbagu poet Love Her Till Death by Valentine Mbagu Rookie - 170 Points
In loving her for whose heart my heart beats, I let go
An empire with her, I dream not to build without wealth,
Raymond Sawyer poet The Star In The Night Sky Is The Star In Once Eyes by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,634 Points
When the star is in the night sky thus the stars will sparkle in the the night air but yet when one see a star in once eyes for every star that one se
Nassy Fesharaki poet Food by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 11,709 Points
Food was served on table, cloth spread on ground
Chase Clute poet Night 2 Day Lacks You, I'M Safe by Chase Clute Rookie - 209 Points
~Script being flipped constantly, knowing nothing else I've fought, getting tattooed in ink 'I'm all that you got, '
~If existence could be so easy
Amitava Sur poet What I See by Amitava Sur Gold Star - 10,536 Points

Truth is victimized
Eva Tortora poet Sunlight And Love by Eva Tortora Freshman - 691 Points
I count down from 100 and drift asleep in poems and I sat next to the skyline and said I love you 1,000 times....thank you for your p
Eva Tortora poet My Challenges by Eva Tortora Freshman - 691 Points
my challenge
is not telling you
Kelly Kurt poet Mind And Heart by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 25,404 Points
The intellect is a wonderful thing
Analyzing, comparing, anticipating
Ekaterina Polischuk poet Three Closed Doors by Ekaterina Polischuk Rookie - 61 Points
Before I`ll go inside my sleepy soul,
I have to open last three closed doors.
Nassy Fesharaki poet Learning In Poverty by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 11,709 Points
Learning in poverty
Though money came in rare
hasmukh amathalal poet Intense Struggle by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 54,746 Points
I am in dire situation
It threatens life and relation
Dexsta Ray poet How I Was Raised by Dexsta Ray Silver Star - 3,376 Points
I was raised to be respectful of the human beings
Which is God's will
Nyota Yasulwe poet Fearful Bride! by Nyota Yasulwe Veteran Poet - 1,428 Points
The bride is afraid but desires it
She feels the fear of the unknown
Michael P. Johnson poet Walking Forward by Michael P. Johnson Silver Star - 3,535 Points
Walking forward with Jesus Christ
Striding upright and true
Ramesh Shrestha poet Life by Ramesh Shrestha Rookie - 192 Points
When I sit alone by the side of lake,
And ponder about the life and death,
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