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David Lewis Paget poet The Last Of The Breed by David Lewis Paget Gold Star - 5,132 Points
The old man sat in a musty room
And his eyes peered on outside,
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Total Recognition by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 100,466 Points
Enticing this mind with an energy directly from another
sphere that no one knows about, a total recognition of
Sandra Feldman poet Breakdown And Fears by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 56,189 Points
Instability, Danger, Fear
Jozef Neumann poet Photographs by Jozef Neumann Veteran Poet - 1,375 Points
we've come a long way
even distance has disappeared
Edward Kofi Louis poet J. U. D. I. T. H. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 199,973 Points
Just in time to expand your mind with love!
Under the umbrella of righteous laws;
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet A Boat Made Of Heart-Fire Floating by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 39,882 Points
Flower, flower and flower
So much flowers in the garden
King Njoroge poet Life, Just Life by King Njoroge Rookie - 141 Points
Everybody's chasing after life
Honey, why don't we do this anymore?
Gryffyn Rescorla poet Placidity And Excitement by Gryffyn Rescorla Rookie - 0 Points
If I walk into the day composed and serene,
Like a placid lake from which the vital rivers run,
Lendsy Salcedo poet The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Novel Of Stephen Chbosky).. by Lendsy Salcedo Rookie - 364 Points
Pasted on the wall,
I could see them all.
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Arrive Soon by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Gold Star - 17,816 Points
Please arrive
As soon as You can
Paul Sebastian poet By The Shore by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 12,154 Points
By the seashore, one morning I sat
Contemplating life's this and that
Lendsy Salcedo poet Tango by Lendsy Salcedo Rookie - 364 Points
Under the moonlight
You and you on my sight.
Paul Butters poet Paul B by Paul Butters Silver Star - 4,390 Points
Let me introduce myself,
I'm Paul B.
Irresistible Erato myMuse poet All Because I Drank From The Wrong Cup by Irresistible Erato myMuse Silver Star - 3,759 Points
It's all over cos I drank the wrong cup of tea
and now my Muse is no longer talking to me
Lendsy Salcedo poet L O V E by Lendsy Salcedo Rookie - 364 Points
Watching the star above,
Feeling the heart beats of love,
Jaclyn Payne poet The Survivor Of The Lost by Jaclyn Payne Rookie - 0 Points
"I am the lost one" the wanderer,
The one who's seen everything,
G. Leiok poet 14-09-16 by G. Leiok Rookie - 101 Points
One Autumn's day, the rays of
Sun shone brightly on my skin;
Eve T.M. poet It Was A Frightful Dance by Eve T.M. Bronze Star - 2,364 Points
I was working late one cold, cold long volatile and desolate eerie tombstone of night
Lucas Omar poet In Paradise by Lucas Omar Veteran Poet - 1,228 Points
I am trying too hard.
I shall relinquish paradise and rejoice in the reality of the world. Too many times I have repeated phrases in hope for the iro
Lucas Omar poet Within Statues by Lucas Omar Veteran Poet - 1,228 Points
Confined within these bleeding statues
That are grazed with oozing crimson,
Lucas Omar poet Comprehensions by Lucas Omar Veteran Poet - 1,228 Points
I am capable of great comprehensions
However, with the multitudes of illusion
Brad Brandon poet You Saw Me by Brad Brandon Veteran Poet - 1,280 Points
Some time ago
You were in the passenger
Lucas Omar poet Lines by Lucas Omar Veteran Poet - 1,228 Points
And ripe ears are raped with the genetics of conventions,
Sequenced pupils with thick iris liquid glow upon steeples
Eve T.M. poet Burnt Red Shoes by Eve T.M. Bronze Star - 2,364 Points
Burnt Red Shoes
Remembering when I was six years' old
Mihaela Pirjol poet Blissful Dusk by Mihaela Pirjol Gold Star - 19,532 Points
The garden is dispersing
Aromatic warmth, sweet odours;
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