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Today's Journey
Today's Journey
My soul sings with glory abounding
Cathy Hodgson poet by Cathy Hodgson
on 7/29/2014
Why Do People Sometimes Self Suicide?
sticks and stones
can break bones
Terence G. Craddock poet by Terence G. Craddock
on 7/29/2014
Unknown Qualities
Up and down the violin of life, my bow pulls deep emotional
music out of depths of inner composition.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet by RoseAnn V. Shawiak
on 7/29/2014
A Prayer For Peace
My heart just a little fragile boat
Filled with love and care so-
Savita Tyagi poet by Savita Tyagi
on 7/29/2014
गोरबो इसिँनिफ्राइ -73
दिनै जुब जुब अखानि थरथिँआव
दिनै गोगो गोजोँ अखानि बोहैनायाव
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/29/2014
Flashback of a Comrade
Memories crowd in on me,
who valued humanity in life and art.
Barisan Chatterjee poet by Barisan Chatterjee
on 7/29/2014
Is poet
Is poet really helpless?
I think often yes,
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/29/2014
It just is (Spoken word poem)
Life isn't always so easy, this is what we're told almost everyday,
but we aren't told why or how, 'it just is' is what they always say.
Fiona McCullough poet by Fiona McCullough
on 7/29/2014
The body, poignant
leaned on the lamp post
Birgitta Heikka poet by Birgitta Heikka
on 7/29/2014
Tranquil Place
Man's world's
Filled with chaos
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet by Tirupathi Chandrupatla
on 7/29/2014
बबेयाव थांनो?
आय' गुफुर दावथु! सोरांनि बन्जारखौ लानानै खोमसि लामाखौ सौब्ला सौब्ला बबेनिफ्राय फैखो? आरो, बबेयाव थांनो नोँ खिन्थालां नोँ आंनो दान्दिसे गोजोनै जिराय
Bahadur Basumatary poet by Bahadur Basumatary
on 7/29/2014
I remember the old
Orders that left us
Tony Adah poet by Tony Adah
on 7/29/2014
I Hate You
There will come a day when you will pay
For the wrong you've done against me
Hafeni Nghidinua poet by Hafeni Nghidinua
on 7/29/2014
Form matters
but this poet is surprised that,
after 3 full days
douglas scotney poet by douglas scotney
on 7/29/2014
I see you in the evening
My sight waning
John Shea poet by John Shea
on 7/29/2014
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