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Marvin Bell poet Veterans of the Seventies by Marvin Bell
His army jacket bore the white rectangle
of one who has torn off his name. He sat mute
Ben Belitt poet Veteran's Hospital by Ben Belitt
Bringing "only what is needed—essential
toilet articles" in a paper bag,
Ronjoy Brahma poet जोनोमनि उनाव by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 11,706 Points
देर- दोखोन देर- दोखोन देरना
रायज्लायनो रोँनायनि उनाव
pragya semwal poet My Adorable Place by pragya semwal Rookie - 145 Points
when i saw you first time there,
you look restless as if lost somewhere.
Bright Kwamina Grantson poet Be Still And Know by Bright Kwamina Grantson Rookie - 26 Points
Are you the one who is down and out
Who thinks there is no way out
sarojini pattayat poet Alone With My Hopes by sarojini pattayat Rookie - 24 Points
Alone with my hopes and desires,
I am floating in the sky of life,
Michael P. McParland poet Early Morning Snuggle by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 23,016 Points
Here in the early morning before we have to rise
I would love to share an snuggle with you
Anthony Daniels poet Forever by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Someone call the doctor quick it appears my heart has come to a stop.
Hot damn could you be the one, baby baby you make my whole world stop.
Anthony Daniels poet Elemental Influence by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Like the elements that influence everyday life you influence my entire nature of existence.
Like the earth you move so graciously underneath my feet
Anthony Daniels poet Day By Day by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Day by day I used to be idolized by you now the only thing I get is the lingering feeling that I am about to be tossed aside by you.
Day by day we
Anthony Daniels poet Echoes Of The Soul by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Quiet your mind and open your eyes listen very closely and tell me what is it that you hear?
The echoes of the soul whose been broken and abandoned
Anthony Daniels poet Tangled Up by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
There are always endless thoughts crowding my mind traveling along the same narrow road getting tangled up. Every time I loosen the knot another one f
gajanan mishra poet My Earth-My Heaven by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 44,743 Points
My earth - my heaven,
My language - my nectar,
Anthony Daniels poet Freedom Wagon by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
A broken down wagon missing all the wheels after running away and finally getting all the haters off of my heels at last free from the past I feel fre
pragya semwal poet Meee by pragya semwal Rookie - 145 Points
I try to act tough
try to show m happiest f all
Anthony Daniels poet Rare Diamond by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Beautiful, sweet, amazing, Kind all words would when put together couldn't amount to the guy I've grown to know and to cherish. For on this day and th
Anthony Daniels poet Orgasmic Sensations by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
Uh-huh yeah baby time for me to make you feel some kinda special. Throw those legs up over my shoulder and let me show you how these oral sensations w
sEaN nOrTh poet 15 Blunt Crayon's by sEaN nOrTh Veteran Poet - 1,758 Points
wORkiNg oN
mE anD ThE bReakInG
Anthony Daniels poet Purify My Unclean Soul by Anthony Daniels Freshman - 501 Points
I stare down at the muddy ground where the raindrops fall around me. I close my eyes attempting not to cry I pray and hope you cannot find me. A shame
Christa Lou poet Childsplay by Christa Lou Rookie - 156 Points
When I could no longer understand the pastel language of nursery colours
or hear the whispers of the dandelions painted on my wall,
gajanan mishra poet Only To Establish The Truth by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 44,743 Points
For nothing
You quarrel with me,
Arca nus poet Till You Hit The Ground by Arca nus Rookie - 30 Points
The twist of life never fails to surprise me,
even the one's who are hidden, they all agree,
hasmukh amathalal poet Filled With by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 66,209 Points
We shall face the doom
Because answer is not found heart room
none ..... poet Traveler by none ..... Freshman - 615 Points
At the end of day
As the sun sets away
Bidindra Basumatary poet सिमां by Bidindra Basumatary Rookie - 167 Points
सिमांआ सिमांआवनो गोरोबलांब्ला
हाथासि मिजिंआ,
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