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Shankaran Kutty poet Make Me Free by Shankaran Kutty Bronze Star - 2,265 Points
Make me free of the sinful wants
That gnaws upon the dreary mind
Ramon Rios poet Are Looking For Sanctuary? by Ramon Rios Rookie - 28 Points
I am not the peace you’re looking for
I am not the source of your strength
shemar malike henry poet Why I Love You by shemar malike henry Rookie - 80 Points
You give to me hope And help me to cope When life pulls me down You bring me around You teach me to care And help me to share You make me honest With
James B. Earley poet Robert Mondavi Memorial Hwy by James B. Earley Veteran Poet - 1,400 Points
…To the Cabernet
Alice Connally Fisk poet Gotta Do 1991 (Persian Gulf War) by Alice Connally Fisk Rookie - 79 Points
Gotta Do 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
By: Alice Connally Fisk
Shirley Loftis poet Baby You Unbroke My Heart by Shirley Loftis Rookie - 107 Points
My, heart was fragile and cold,
so hateful and cruel,
Ray Lucero poet Eva And Dexter by Ray Lucero Rookie - 193 Points
In Escondido lives a girl 'Eva T'
Quite pretty n' smart you'd agree
Masked Emotions poet Welcome To Reality by Masked Emotions Rookie - 0 Points
Welcome to reality
its a dark, dark place
Kumaara Sukeja poet Munawar, The Bard by Kumaara Sukeja Rookie - 62 Points
How could poesy thrive in the womb of a piece of tanned, smelly hide?
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Is Savitri The Opium Of Sri Aurobindo? (A Criticism) by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 11,355 Points
Is Savitri the opium of Sri Aurobindo
Who smoking in the ashrama
Shirley Loftis poet Happy Mother's Day by Shirley Loftis Rookie - 107 Points
Mom is such a special word
The loveliest I've ever heard.
Saviour Otubelu poet I Think by Saviour Otubelu Rookie - 164 Points
Behold, the heavenly stars, how bright!
I hear the clouds whisper your name each night
Saviour Otubelu poet Rhythm Of Your Love by Saviour Otubelu Rookie - 164 Points
Music of your love, sweet rhythmic music
Flows into my heart like swift water flows
Saviour Otubelu poet Thorns In A Red Rose by Saviour Otubelu Rookie - 164 Points
Look at that rose, what a bright red flower!
Sweet to smell and to the eyes a wonder
michael hagwood poet Bears Picnic by michael hagwood Freshman - 961 Points
A mother bear and her cub walk
into the woods, and soon come
Saviour Otubelu poet Children In The Streets by Saviour Otubelu Rookie - 164 Points
Brutally thrown out into the cruel streets
We are forced to stand on our frail feet
Saviour Otubelu poet Depression by Saviour Otubelu Rookie - 164 Points
Albeit I may wear a smile on my face
Though I may express no sour grimace
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Arti by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 4,265 Points
A moon in blue sky
Another on deshi boat
Kewayne Wadley poet Beggar by Kewayne Wadley Silver Star - 3,602 Points
There I stood.
Faced up right, hands stretched out.
michael hagwood poet Summer Time by michael hagwood Freshman - 961 Points
Children splashing in the pool, to keep cool,
chasing fire flies at nigh, kids saying goodbye
William Mpina poet Grandpa Is Gone by William Mpina Rookie - 90 Points
Grandpa is gone
Ajit Kanale poet Words Of A Lost Pilgrim by Ajit Kanale Rookie - 170 Points
The sun has set o’er the edge of the seas,
The night closes in with a chilly breeze.
Lakshmi Venkataraman poet I Saw, I Learnt by Lakshmi Venkataraman Rookie - 169 Points
For every Ritualistic morning run that marks the non-stop fun. To every dual matches. For every off court moment spent thinking about that moment on t
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Responsibility Of Adults by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 29,772 Points
Reasoning and logic have no meaning in some situations
in this earthly life, especially in the throes of love.
Maor Lain poet Of Love by Maor Lain Rookie - 102 Points
Of Love I know nothing
I know only of you
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