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veeraiyah subbulakshmi poet Cauvery, The River... by veeraiyah subbulakshmi Gold Star - 5,552 Points
I was angry looking at Cauvery,
At the junction of barren boundaries,
Brian Taylor poet Squaring The Circle by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
How glad I am
that I am here
Brian Taylor poet Guys And Dolls by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
Simon is painfully shy
Brian Taylor poet Gulliver by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
His body’s wracked with fever
his mind enwrapped in thought.
Brian Taylor poet Pensées by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
Le coeur a ses raisons
Que la raison ne connaît pas.
Brian Taylor poet Expensive by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
Life is short
but it is dearly bought.
Paul Sebastian poet Father To Daughter by Paul Sebastian Silver Star - 3,538 Points
God-sent you as gift-daughter
It‘s His choice I be your father
Michael McClure poet The Mystery of the Hunt by Michael McClure
It's the mystery of the hunt that intrigues me,
That drives us like lemmings, but cautiously—
Suresh Dogra poet Excuses by Suresh Dogra Freshman - 785 Points
Why blame poor men
for passing the buck
Mark Strand poet Mystery and Solitude in Topeka by Mark Strand
Afternoon darkens into evening. A man falls deeper and deeper into the slow spiral of sleep, into the drift of it, the length of it, through what feel
Elliott Arnold poet The Apache Wedding Blessing by Elliott Arnold
Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other
Ramesh T A poet Fate Of The Great! by Ramesh T A Veteran Poet - 1,941 Points
Fate of the Great!
Identities of really great are kept in the dark;
Dean Meredith poet She Asked The Right People by Dean Meredith Freshman - 673 Points
So what's better
He asked her
Akhtar Jawad poet Absence Versus Presence by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 31,288 Points
When beauty is in the arms,
I inhale all its charms,
Chief Seattle poet This we know by Chief Seattle
The earth does not belong to man;
Man belongs to the earth.
Todd Mcduffie poet Love Cripples Us by Todd Mcduffie Rookie - 4 Points
Trembling like a frightened dog
Quiver like an old man in a nursing home
samer manzoor poet The Miseries Of Sympathy by samer manzoor Rookie - 94 Points
The miseries of sympathy
Perhaps the worst thing of life is the miseries of sympathies
Andy Brookes poet 'The Past Is Another Country' by Andy Brookes Bronze Star - 2,800 Points
I walked down a haunted street today.
Don't laugh I said
Todd Mcduffie poet Destination Unknown by Todd Mcduffie Rookie - 4 Points
Driving to an unknown destination
Don't know where this road leads to
Todd Mcduffie poet Carnival Music by Todd Mcduffie Rookie - 4 Points
The clowns, those painted jesters
All rode in on Thursday
Mantsebo Motlhatlhedi (Gaojewe) poet I Am Loosing A Friend by Mantsebo Motlhatlhedi (Gaojewe) Rookie - 147 Points
You came and I am loosing a friend or rather a friend, me
Reluctant I was, took a chance and followed a heart
Aminath Neena poet Just A Flower by Aminath Neena Freshman - 540 Points
My love, be docile; for I am only a flower
Buried in the ground for ages incognito
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Northern Star by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 8,505 Points
Oh my sweetheart you are a full cup of wine
Being up from the heaven you are purely divine
Tony Adah poet A Witness To Rain. by Tony Adah Gold Star - 8,977 Points
Fierce lightning strike
In a ceremony of storms
Melvina Germain poet Reality by Melvina Germain Bronze Star - 2,789 Points
I held an egg, then realized,
how fragile life must be.
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