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SAK Reddy poet On a lonely Shore by SAK Reddy Rookie - 437 Points
As we dissipate with in the shadows of love.
I walked along a lonely shore.
Michael P. McParland poet Please My Dear by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 10,241 Points
Please my dear hear my
plea and come so near.
shubham sutar poet Tell me where and how by shubham sutar Rookie - 60 Points
I'm in love with this dark.
I can hear from my heart.
Joseph Narusiewicz poet See You Soon by Joseph Narusiewicz Veteran Poet - 1,550 Points
If you’re reading this
Thank you!
Robert Peacock poet DARK ANGEL by Robert Peacock Rookie - 62 Points
Dark Angel Your Beauty
Deceives The Light
Sensuelle Briden poet Cosmic Friendship by Sensuelle Briden Rookie - 466 Points
Your hand on my shoulder is a true friendship’s sign.
When I am running astray, it just paints the line
Sandra Feldman poet Great Solitude by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 12,542 Points
We shared so many things,
And now it all is gone,
Gayle Lowe poet Jeremy by Gayle Lowe Rookie - 0 Points
My son
Sees rainbows in the light
Pius Didier poet Midnight Decision by Pius Didier Rookie - 263 Points
Over a delayed tussle it longs
Against the seen and unseen
Khairul Ahsan poet An Unsent Letter by Khairul Ahsan Gold Star - 7,007 Points
To my love I could not send
The letter which I wrote
Robert Peacock poet NO PLACE I'D RATHER BE by Robert Peacock Rookie - 62 Points
When I wake up in the morning
I’m use to laughter and a smile
Royston Allen poet 01 Battle for the eternal destiny of Humankind by Royston Allen Veteran Poet - 1,178 Points
I - The plan was agreed
Before the moments of time had begun
Robert Peacock poet MOTHER'S LOVE by Robert Peacock Rookie - 62 Points
What’s warmer than the sun
On a hot August Day
Bijay Kant Dubey poet The Poets Are Coming, Let Me Hide Behind To Escape Them by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 7,803 Points
The poets are coming,
Let me hide behind
Randy McClave poet The Brown Noser by Randy McClave Veteran Poet - 1,055 Points
They stick their noses so far up management's ass
That they become the laughing stock to the working-class,
Anthony Bianchi poet Thank You by Anthony Bianchi Rookie - 20 Points
Thank You Dear Lord,
For this Beautiful Day!
saki sabre poet **এবরশন? কত বড় অপরাধ? ** by saki sabre Veteran Poet - 1,857 Points
এক ধরণের লম্বা নল জরায়ুতে ঢুকিয়ে
গর্ভের শিশুটিকে প্রথমে ক্ষত-বিক্ষত করা হয়
Robert Peacock poet ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN by Robert Peacock Rookie - 62 Points
Encourage Your Children
To Do Wonderful Things
Naveed Akram poet The Skull by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,027 Points
The skull must be penetrated by the image
In your eye, it is a brain of wonderful facets.
sallam yassin poet Ordinary Is Love by sallam yassin Veteran Poet - 1,818 Points
ordinary is love
Joseph Blitch poet By The Numbers by Joseph Blitch Rookie - 126 Points
Abracadabra, letter to a number, a magical mark,
I create what I speak, it will come to pass, Hark.
Naveed Akram poet If I Should Die by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,027 Points
If you should die before my illness ends,
I shall partake in pilgrimages of love to the only one
george albot poet I could remeber by george albot Veteran Poet - 1,488 Points
I wish I could remember how it felt
When we had our first kiss
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 116 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 10,241 Points
I have said my prayer
for our hearts and peace
Allan James Saywell poet Rhyming Artificially by Allan James Saywell Rookie - 189 Points
Known to all
Paternity admitted by none
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