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Katrina Savvidis poet Metaphor by Katrina Savvidis Freshman - 760 Points
In his dream the Sun
embraced the night ever so
Martins Akhoeneto poet Malaria by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
Malaria struck, malaria crowd Just beneath the moistly sand As you go, you left your noisy sound With sticky eggs on floating strand You small an
Martins Akhoeneto poet A Lover Boy's Song by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
Bang! Is the worst occurrence Though man live upright and gale As stiff two siamese are two We are two so And need no part. O fair rose Thy fair
Olimpia Sarb poet Sadness Is Sometimes Stronger Than Wind by Olimpia Sarb Rookie - 33 Points
Hey, wind, you have no power, have no power,
No matter how long you shout, my children
Martins Akhoeneto poet Raindrops by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
Sprinkling like droplets of olives, Drenching my pain in great desire Croaking thunder with easter choir Resounding fortuity in place of mysteries
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet That Voice by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 18,204 Points
I heard that voice Someday telling me that cloud Will cross
Martins Akhoeneto poet Words On The Mermaid's Chest by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
O’ ye stack and golden toothed barracuda of east-doom Shadow itches of pride in tentacles in dark storm Hundreds of hefty fingerlings at sunset Carr
Geffrey Davis poet What We Set in Motion by Geffrey Davis
Months out from my bout, I return home
Suzanne Hayasaki poet On The Street by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
Here we meet
On the street,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet The Origin Of Sisterhood by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
In the continual process of individual evolution
We sometimes cross paths with a fellow pursuer of truth,
Martins Akhoeneto poet Waterside Ordeal by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
A frosty arid where moss went hay
On sunny winter; be stay
Suzanne Hayasaki poet While You Sleep by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
While you sleep, I watch over you.
Did you know you snore?
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Straw Dogs by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
Are we really merely straw dogs,
Destined to feed the sacrificial fire,
Michael P. McParland poet Morning Note 76 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 14,374 Points
Good morning sweet love
I hope you slept well
Martins Akhoeneto poet A Lily In Winter by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
I heard your voice, piercing the wind Bringing solace to a decayed heart In dosages, bundle of pain anaesthia O’ jewel of divine worth Clothed in y
Kendel Hippolyte poet Creation by Kendel Hippolyte
For days, weeks at a time, i lose whatever it is
which keeps my senses softened to the sentience of the earth,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet In Between by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
Stuck here between what was and what is to be,
I ponder, wandering through the poppy fields of fixation
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Alone In The Crowd by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
Do you see me?
Look closer.
Radhika Karia poet When It Got Over Is When It All Began by Radhika Karia Rookie - 12 Points
The wind are finally changing, its battle on the ground,
Human flesh and meat, being torn piece by piece,
Troy Jollimore poet On the Origins of Things by Troy Jollimore
Everyone knows that the moon started out
as a renegade fragment of the sun, a solar
Martins Akhoeneto poet Doctor My Pain by Martins Akhoeneto Rookie - 188 Points
You so hated him Causing torment In my cold running stream With his sterile busy sting Sting of life horrible pacifist That brings savour to my y
Suzanne Hayasaki poet The Offering by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 174 Points
I am a laurel branch in the hands of a fair maiden.
I am a once-bitten apple in the hands of the first woman.
Chenou Liu poet Zigzag Flight Haiku by Chenou Liu Veteran Poet - 1,476 Points
the zigzag flight
of a red butterfly …
Barbara Jane Reyes poet Again, She Tells the First Story by Barbara Jane Reyes
Once, when there was no light, the wind danced with the sea, whose glassy surface became untame funnels and silver crested waves as she leapt and spun
Margaret Alice Second poet Wisdom Encasing Love by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
I have two beautiful books, delightful in their
pristine state, one formal leather-bound diary
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