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Prageeta Sharma poet Underpants by Prageeta Sharma
My sweetie's underpants have argyles on them and grip his
Prageeta Sharma poet Poorly Matched by Prageeta Sharma
Poorly matched the world and she
or so her best self would say (knowing her well
Prageeta Sharma poet Release Me from the Paying Passenger by Prageeta Sharma
There is nothing to really note in this world
you might say. But since crescent moons
Prageeta Sharma poet Family by Prageeta Sharma
There are silverfish bugs across the window sill
in the white house. He says: my name is Jug Dish,
Prageeta Sharma poet Potter's Field by Prageeta Sharma
Some formula for sacred council as not to weep
into the meadow grass. And a man that frequents
Prageeta Sharma poet Poetry Anonymous by Prageeta Sharma
Do not fall in love with a poet
they are no more honest than a stockbroker.
Prageeta Sharma poet What Happened at the Service? by Prageeta Sharma
The forest service team came to my house to give me a thin-leafed tree,
and to say you can have something, if you wish.
Prageeta Sharma poet A Situation for Mrs. Biswas by Prageeta Sharma
When I received the call I was in a store in Missoula, Montana.
A store stocked with sparkling ephemera: glass fauna, tiny belfry bulbs,
Prageeta Sharma poet Poem for Leigh Hunt by Prageeta Sharma
I find ways to keep a sense of peace
but it is not always easy; for example,
Prageeta Sharma poet Folly Stamp by Prageeta Sharma
Clatter into the window this late night.
We were flabbergasted, tired
Prageeta Sharma poet A Legacy by Prageeta Sharma
All this noisy commotion isolated a fairly
small universe of nothing special.
Prageeta Sharma poet We Have Trees Now by Prageeta Sharma
more so than we did before, but now we know what to do with them.
We hang our troubles on them and wipe our shoes against them.
Prageeta Sharma poet On Rebellion by Prageeta Sharma
It was not a romantic sentiment, nor self-determined; rather, it was embarrassing.
My love of spearheading, from introvert to extrovert,
Prageeta Sharma poet On Immigration by Prageeta Sharma
After being humiliated one continues the manuscript of identity.
Activities, diseases, doldrums, the crony affair after the situation,
Prageeta Sharma poet I Didn't See It by Prageeta Sharma
for Adam
And I didn't see that now you were here on the page
Prageeta Sharma poet Contemporaries and Snobs by Prageeta Sharma
after Laura Riding Jackson
There's a structure for idiocy—lamplight—
Peter S. Quinn poet We Know Very Little 2 by Peter S. Quinn Bronze Star - 2,416 Points
We know very little
Just our own kind of song
Prageeta Sharma poet Belonging as Consequence: On Poetry by Prageeta Sharma
It was just a momentary untruth in my way,
bodies of the crowd blocked the big blue outside.
Donal Mahoney poet Drunk Driver Kills Young Lady's Dog by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 13,565 Points
Melanie cried for hours the day
a drunk driver ran over her dog
Peter S. Quinn poet We Know Very Little by Peter S. Quinn Bronze Star - 2,416 Points
We know very little
Just our own kind of song
Ramin Chaman poet Mona Lisa by Ramin Chaman Rookie - 9 Points
Mona Lisa
Show me
Edward Kofi Louis poet Freed, Reed! by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 172,263 Points
Freed, reed!
Ankur Mazumder poet ঝিনুকের আংটি by Ankur Mazumder Silver Star - 3,080 Points
সেদিন সাগরের তীর ধরে একা একাই হাঁটছিলাম
তোমার কথা ভাবতে ভাবতে,
Margaret Alice Second poet Amira's Sweet Voice by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Anxious about doing things I can't
do perfectly, a day spent in misery,
Frank Adie poet The Widow's Fate by Frank Adie Rookie - 79 Points
I toil all day just to make ends meet
And come home tired and weak
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