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Marilyn Jean poet Looking by Marilyn Jean Bronze Star - 2,474 Points
I am looking into my old pictures
There comes the last one I took of you
0.00 0
Oilibheir Alain Christie poet Memoirs of An Amnesic (6) - Intelligence and Musicalit.. by Oilibheir Alain Christie Veteran Poet - 1,286 Points
The intelligence of animals is above all denial.
But what does Man do to improve the mental state of those resigned fellow-citizens?
0.00 0
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet World one family. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 21,595 Points
The world we live, a great family home
A heritage property every one have rights
10.00 1
Deb Panda poet Oh Muse! Come with the Shower of Bliss by Deb Panda Rookie - 180 Points
Oh Muse!
When this heart is heavy
10.00 1
Cigeng Zhang poet Lantern Festival by Cigeng Zhang Veteran Poet - 1,218 Points
Red lanterns
Shine in the sky
0.00 0
Bijay Kant Dubey poet In the Earphone and the Headphone, the Panelist Judge by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 7,145 Points
With the earphone wired into
The ear drums
0.00 1
Joseph James Breunig 3rd poet Poem: Greater Things by Joseph James Breunig 3rd Rookie - 273 Points
With assistance of the Holy Spirit,
compelling achievements will be seen;
0.00 0
Khoby Vang poet I Remember But Now You're Gone by Khoby Vang Rookie - 0 Points
I remember those lovely eyes
I remember your cheerful smile
0.00 0
Naveed Akram poet Shepherd And You by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 3,464 Points
An echoing blue will enlighten you,
So the shepherd arrives to greet his sheep;
8.00 1
Amita Nowal poet Here I Sit by Amita Nowal Rookie - 3 Points
Here I sit, cold and wet
this breeze, drops of rain I look at.
0.00 0
bri mar poet '' A More Dangerous Animal We Cannot Recall '' by bri mar Rookie - 376 Points
Humans contrived weapons to help them survive,
Their spears and arrows kept them alive,
0.00 0
Satish Verma poet NOT A SMILE by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,061 Points
Let me write a signature
theme, without cubic
10.00 0
Akanksha Vatsa poet परदेसी by Akanksha Vatsa Rookie - 1 Points
ज़िन्दगी का समन्दर
ठहरा-ठहरा सा है
0.00 1
herbert guitang poet Truth Of Gray by herbert guitang Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
Indifferent and insensible to the people around us
Finding comfort to our friends and to some perilous vices
0.00 0
Chenou Liu poet Border Haiku by Chenou Liu Freshman - 837 Points
written in response to the 'Made-in-America' Immigration Crisis
El Paso at twilight
0.00 0
Abhishek Kumar Singh poet HARK! by Abhishek Kumar Singh Rookie - 306 Points
Where wild sedges with prickly bushes entangle;
High over the eucalyptus woods the sun spangles—
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet Happen or forgo by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 26,677 Points
There is no proper way
To run away
0.00 2
herbert guitang poet Gaining Nothing by herbert guitang Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
Gaining material things fulfill my happiness
Depending only on my self-interest and my emotions
0.00 0
Hans Raj Sharma poet Truth by Hans Raj Sharma Rookie - 292 Points
Cosmos seems
To be beautiful
0.00 0
herbert guitang poet Unstable Cycles by herbert guitang Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
Unstable on this unhealthy turmoil world
Full of confusions with no answers
0.00 0
Akanksha Vatsa poet Untitled by Akanksha Vatsa Rookie - 1 Points
I haven't decided the Title yet. If you have any suggestion then comment down. :)
हर दिन गुज़र रहा है
0.00 0
Colina Fu Yang poet Life by Colina Fu Yang Rookie - 286 Points
I forgot what it's like to feel happy, to smile and actually feel it from the inside out. Can't help but question the changes taking place in my life,
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet watching Dogs by Phil Soar Silver Star - 3,395 Points
Where dogs walk, I follow
I watch them as they race from side to side
0.00 0
Hans Raj Sharma poet Learning by Hans Raj Sharma Rookie - 292 Points
Polished words
Don’t have impact
0.00 0
W.F.D. BLCK poet Tribute by W.F.D. BLCK Rookie - 220 Points
Tell a man's story the trials and tribulations.
Remember guts. sacrifices, desire and greatness.
0.00 0
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